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Community Relations Commission, 1203 City Hall, Atlanta, Ga.


‘Name of Neighborhood‘ Lightning
Description of Neighborhood:

Geographic Boundaries - ‘= N +.Simpson St. W - Northside Drive
S92 bBn ErsMarietta St. S - Hunter St.
Developmental Programs - None (Projected - part of Vine City proposed urban

Zoning Classifications - Residential, commercial (factories)
Conditions 9f streets - Poor Hs

' Condition of Housing - Poor - dilapidated

Racial patterns - Negro area

Political Representation:

J City Ward = 3rd County -— Fulton
Aldermen - Williamson, Knight Commissioners - Aldredge, Mitcheil,
State Senate District - 39 State Legislative District - 137
Senator ~ Horace Ward Representative - Grace Hamilton
U. S,. Congressional District - 5th
Congressman - Fletcher Thompson Bd. of Education - Dr. Rufus Clement
Educational Services:
Atlanta Public School Area - 1 Supt. - Dr. Hilliard Bowen
Public Schools in Area - None (one block from area is Craddock & Bethune
Elementary). No high school in area - students

attend several - mostly West Fulton, Washington,
and Central Jr. High

Vocational Schools in Area - None

Nurseries - None

Private schools in area - None

Libraries in area - None

Recreational Services:

Parks in Area - None (2 play lots)
Recreational Centers in Area - None
Parks Serving Area (not located in geographic area) - Washington Park (not
in walking distance)
Recreational Centers Serving Area (not located in geographic area) -
Carver Boy's Club

Social Welfare Services in Area:

None (Vine City Ext, — NASH - WASHINGTON Neighborhood Service Center serves

Health Services in Area:


Business Enterprises in Area:

3 grocery stores, casket-making company, city incinerator

Public Services:

Police Services — Routine patrol

Fire Protections Services - No station in area - served by Simpson St.

Schedule for Senitary Collections - Twice weekly

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Public Services cont!d: gd
Housing Inspection Schedule - Lert “Aiea
Public Transportation - 2 bus ‘lines - down Magnolia St. and,idown Simpson St.

Civic, Political -and Religious: Organizations: sebeauoll aidqerpos
Name: JH = ‘ Chairman: Address: Phone:

Foundation ‘Club “Mrs.” Dorothy Marshall

Churches and Religious Organizations: Se ee ae omg
Mt. Gilead Bpt. Rev. Gilbert, Minister ““lecated on Mayes St.

Resource Persons in Are *

Name: Address: ___., Phone:

Mrs. Dorothy Marshall “a ee a ae eae

Mrs. Mary Nelson

April, 1967

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