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Mr. Clarence G. Ezzard, Chairman, called the meeting to order.
Members present:
Mr. Al Kuettner
Mr. Joseph Haas
Mrs. Sara Baker
Mrs. Fred W. Patterson
Mrs. Eliza K. Paschall, Executive Director
(League of Women Voters of Atlanta members present to observe)
Mr. Ezzard called the meeting to order, and after the invocation, called on Mr.
Joseph Haas to preside.
Mr. Haas said that he felt at home in the are3; he was born not far away and went
to school in the area.
He described the establishment of the Commission and spoke
of his own interest and belief in it.
Mrs. Paschall reported that she had the following information from Mr. Collier Gladin,
of th e Ci t y Pla nning Department about the Model City Program (of which the 9 e areas are
The meeting held earlier with the Mayor, etc., were to inform the people that
Atlanta would apply for the program and tell what the program would be; the ~p~lication
submitted on March 13, 1967 was for a grant of $500,000 for planning; if this application is approved, the city will receive the $500,000 probably around May 1, 1967, and
it will take about a year for the planni~ to be completed; during the year the resident s of th e a rea will be completely involved in making the pl.Jans for the areas;
no pl a ns ha ve bee n mad e yet but it is e xpected that the final plans will emphasize
r e habil i ta tion of e xis t ing res i de nce and as lit tle tearing down as possible.
neig hb o r hood s should strengthen existing organizations so they will be able to
pa rti ci pat e i n t he planning ph a se.
MRS. OLIVE AN TH ONY, 135 Little .Street:
t o do ?
wanted to know ~hat are they intending
Th e r eport f r om Mr; Gladin elaborated on by Mr. Ez z ard.
MR S. ALICE BURTON, 1 0 43 Hil l St re et :
wa s al so ,co nc e r ned about plans.
Ezzard said If your property needs imp rovemen t, go on and ma ke them.
expect no change s for a year. ·
will decid e what is t o be do ne" .
MR S. NELLIE MALLORY, 136 Little Stree t;
sit steady in the boat."
Mr .
"I unders ta nd you all a r e sayin g to
MR, H. E. PHIPPS, President o f Peoplestown Civic League and Chairman of the
Summerhill-Mechanicsville EDA, CNA C, 179 Haygood Avenue, S. W., 627-4449:,
pointed out many things needed for years, "Don't want another year for Model
City; been asking for some things for ten years:
Resurface Haygood Avenue
from Capitol Avenue to dead e~d; extend Vanira from Connaly to Hill Street;
resurface Vanira Street.
Sidewalks on Vanira; needs complete resurfacing
from Capitol Avenue to Martin Street.
Traffic light at Haygood and Capitol -
need for school children (asked Mr. Karl Bevins three years ago - had childien
killed there.)
Space for play area on Violet Avenue between Vanira and Haygood;
finish park site at Martin and Boykins Street, started five years ago, stopped
when Stadium was finished, dirt dumped from Stadium; Sanitary Department has
left trash on Haygood and Violets Street for two ~eeks; vacant lot at Ma rti~
Vanira could be usec for play lot; signed petition for sidewalks on Martin St.,
need repairing (said he had slipped in mud hole in sidewalk on way to meeting).
No recreation facilities in Peoplestown. 11
Mrs . Ma rtha Weems , 123 Vanira Street, S. E.:
owners .
"People in Peoplestown are home
City can resurface streets around Stadium but not around homes".
"Complete Connelly Street to Vanira Street; open Primrose all the way from
Littl e Street to Tuskegee Ave.
MR. STEPHEN MELSH, 979 Violet Avenue, Vista Work er :
"St ant on Par k voted in
1963 Bond Issue; $17,000 appropriate d to finish development, $100,000 to
rehabilitate communit y center; · why hasn't any work been done"?
MRS . PEAR L J" HARRIS, 101 Love Street, S. E.:
"I f I've got to get out, say so.
Repairs cost a l o t, understand they don't give much f or hou s es•
Re v ere nd Ro y Williams ,
" Bad if p eople have to invest in loans for
repairs and then have to move".
Th e Honorable John Hood, Repre sen tativ e from 124 District:
"N eed to clarify-
people not so worried abo ut Mocel City Program; worried about Stadium Parking,
wh ere will it g o"?
Mr. Ezzard suggested another meeging just on Housing and Model City.
concensus that this wo uld be helpful.
Mrs. Paschall and Commission Team urg ed
to do t h is.
Mr. Kuettner:
" Ho w do t h e y g e t s p ace for Sta dium Parking"?
Mr. Hood 8aid Stadium Authority has power of eminent do~ain and can condemn property.
~i R.
,JOH NSON', 21 Ormond Street, said houses aroung his had been demolished,
his still standing, he is puz zled.
Mr, A. L, Be nton, 162 Lamar Street, S. E.:
"Get back to Summerhill, needs
street lights, sidewalks, needs to open up Primrose Street, open Bass to
Cudzo so Sad you ca~'t get throughf Glen Street (Martin to Colony)
emban kme nt with no sign or barricade.
Dang.e rous".
Mrs . LARRI E PARKS, 196 Connolly St., S. E., 622-4874:
Her house was inspected,
and she signed contract for $2000 worth of repairs, then thought house might be
torn down, doesn't want to keep contract.
Referred to Lawyer at EDA.

"Mayor Allen said we are not going to force people out of their

home - who would set price for homes"?
Mrs. SARA BAK ER, 938 Park Ave., S. E. (Commission Member):
"So much confusion,
would be good if inspectors wouldlay off".
Mr. Kuettner:
Mr, Hood:
Stadium Authority must compensate for pioperty, inclusing improvements".
"Stadium Authority has contract for four to five thousand (4 to 5DOD)more
spaces within ten (10) years.
MR. BENNY T. SMITH, 209 Archcrest Drive, Hapeville,(From Poole Creek Area; one
of members of Ad Hoc Aldermat ic Committee which recommended Commission to
"Co mmission was created for people to have confidence:
Atlanta has
opportunit y to receiv e money for planning, so many public officials, people are
told different things."
Revere nd Orin BENTON, 795 Martin Street, S. E. 524-3341:
area, ought to think ab out people.
"Always been neglected
So many on e-way streets, sometimes have t o
go fi ve (5 ) blocks out of t he way; people are "stirred-up" out here, not going
to improve area if don't know.what's going to happen; when whites s t arted l~aving
area, they started teari ng do wn one e nd of Was hington Street, what about the
other end?
Peopie out here are concerne d an~ want to know .
are willing to fight to kee p our propert y ."
Tell people we
Sigh on 101 Love Street:
(" Kee p it up or we'll tear it down" ) make s people anxious.
Mr. Smi th:
Mr. Ha a s:
"City Inspectors should identify themselves."
"Are there legal services at EDA?"
Officer Lyons from Summerhill-Mechanics vill e Center:
week days , 9- 12 on Saturdays."
" Attorney at center 4-6 p.m.
· 16.
Mr. JESSE PORTER, 139 Little Street, S. E. 525-6939:
"Fix Little Street
be tween Elmira a nd Nartin; fix Ma rtin Street do~n to Stadium, Dangerous,
no street lights, much traff ic. 11
Mr. Phioos:
\·Jhat lights there are, over here are dim. 11


305 Kil so Drive, 758-9161:
Get inspectors out for a
I f the City will fix up streets and sidewalks, we'll fix up houses
Need storm sewers; water sometimes 10 feet deep at Elmira, Little,
Ami and Kennet Streets.
Mr, Hood:
Three (3) recommendations to the Commission:
That Commission recommend thar representatives from area be appointed on City-County
policy body for Model City; that it recommend to Mayor and Board of Aldermen that
Stadium Parking expand up rather than out; that Commission Recommend to Board of
Education that something be done about Capitol Avenue School - snakes and rats in
basement. 11
MR. COLQUITT, 381 Atlanta Avenue,
E., 627-6973:
"Has business near Stadium;
worried about expansion. 11
Mrs. \,i/eems , 123 Vanira Avenue, S. E., 627-4211; 672-4744:
"Need information
on $1500 grants, are people there eligible for these rehabilitation grants;
wpuld it be fair to keep inspectors out - maybe need to know what is wrong;
need Polic e pro tection (gambling in streets); high rents in area a pioblem. 11
Mr, Ezzard:
No s wimmi ng pool betweer, Memorial Avenue and Boy's Club at Lakewood;
Pittman Park is small; swimming pool at Grant Park filled up when desegregated.
Mr . Barnes of Highp oint Civic League; Officer Lyons of Police Department were
Need traffic light at Atlanta Avenue and Martin Street.
Mee ting was adjour ned at 10:30.
Lijter meeting on Hous i ng and Model City in
three ( 3) or four (4) weeks asked for.

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