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Box 7, Folder 19, Document 20

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~r . I _viug Kale r
TO :


l;> iza Pusc:1ctl l

,':;}:e c ;...·;__ive Di r2ctor

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Ac count , BLd ge t, P ersc,ne l Po l i ~ie ~
~ s r:.s<?essn~y ro ::- i:i1e Co:::n-..i:.~sio:1 ·i:o p as s a z-c :::mlu·::io21
a .0an:, u nc1 c'.0. sis-:;.1at i n g ·t h ose ·who r.,r· - 1 bo au'i:.horizcd
c. -•3 · sn2t 2 1:.g
t o s i qn ch2 ~(s .
'l'he :C}~ccu-"ivo Cot1.mi.t t t"=~c 1 2c·t .::1g up ?l t he recor,,r,,cnc~a n of t he
City, r,::r . D.:.1vis , reco::-.1.mend "' t! a t t h e Se c r c·::a ry, :-' .
P.:..-;:. ... crson, an ·. tl10 Dir"~ctor i::>e au"cho-i zed to s ig·,i c _1eck s an:::
cpi.. · n c1 ccorclance w.:.t. -t.h c rccor;nnead w.·::.ions
t hai: -t:lw }:.oaks :t2
o f ti1e Cor:i~)t -oi _c r I s o f ficc .
Por ·c:').G s.J.~<:.e o f c o nv:.....nience and to -.ernons t ·-a t e t r:c Cm,:~ i s sion vs
in . -c:!:...c::t i n lack of disc.,_i~ninat.·· on o n t.· c ·, as .:.s o f s 2 : {,, _
·,·eco:\-..:--:,31. d t ne Ca9ital .Area c~ ·i:.:.. ze;. s l:; So -:.1 thc r11 "";:i.n ~; ,1~1ose
is Mr s . Ce le s-c. c D.1p:;.:ee .
f.ud.:re t . :
vie~ of t he fact that it is n o t yet clear w.~the r the sta ff
o f tl1e Co:-.r,n:ission will he el i,J.° ble :Eor cert c. in '::f-01XC b8n2.fits o f
city CE'.:C-:,lcyces , and that r,::<2 hOj?e . t o o:!.:>ta in nome o ff i ce e c_-:· i _ men t
gii:t. o:c long terr:i lo,m ba s is, I r3 c 0rr1IT'.c .1d t :::at th.~ Cor.1r:.1 i osio n
ac.opt. t.'1e at-i:ac.hed tentuti~,e bu ~9et wh:LcJ1 lists broac~ c at::.go ries
only aud th at fin~l action on a 196 7 bu qe t be t aken a~ 1~e ncx ~
mcctiri.g .
PcrsoLnG l
~c h~ve oecured infornation abott per s onne ~olicics a nJ practices
f~c~ ~h6 -·. S . Civil Servic0 Co~~ ission, t he Atla~~a 'r~an League,
t.hc C0:.::;-,unity Co~ncil anc-:. the ~ o u thcrn Rcgi01 a l Cm .ncil . I r co,nme;id
tl:a~ dcc(.sions alJout lcave 1 benefits 1 etc . , b8 CJ•" f ,_ r:,:- ,~l un·cil ne:<t
r.-:o:r_ t::-L. to cd v e I-x . P ile:;:1cr time t.o a;:;icert.ain ii tnc Co:--·. .issio:i.1
at2~f . is ciigible for city bcne· ·its, a na tha t ~he ~olici~s adopted
i a 1<arch be r et:ro&ctivG to the ti. ~o o:E er:,i_::>loy1~1ent.

rs . r:inr ic !Ii l 'I'hornas ha.:3 bco- 1. ~mploy,;d a s ...;ccret:;:u. ·17 f or a rr.o.:1th

to c.ivc us tine to worJ: o,:-.t th(_,sc p olicies i:i.r..d to foll ;;r.v ·1..~:i.e proccclu:;:: J of roce::.v .,;.nr.r a:::i;:) lica-t.ic; ..s ior th job o.c ::,:!CI:'·'? i~2.ry o : ,c2 th.aB~:1
~.::.t',;;:-;:.:-,:: have been £ina-. iz e1...'L
l:L::- :, . 'i:i: orc:as is a g_:-a(iu2..·::.2 of Morr is
~.2:-0·,.-m. Colleg3 Secretarial S cic.;;nc-r~, ..,ro:,ro.m e.:nc1 was rcco:·;.r,e:.1dcc~ · o us

J..;:.:- ;,'.iir.:,s Car .... ie CleHGmts, Di rG.::tor o :i:: Place:1ent: at ~·:orzis Drown Colleqi:~

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