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Mx. Irving Kaler



rsonnel Policies

fox the Commission to pass a resolution
. bank and cdesicnating those who will ke authorized

The Executive Committee, acting upon the recommendation of the
City Comptroller, Mr. Davis, recommends that the Secretary, lirs.
Patterson, and the Director be authorized to sign checks and
that the books be kept in accordance with the recomendations
of the Comptroller's office,

For the sake of convenience and to demonstrate tha Commission's
interest in lack of discrimination on nate ba asis of sex, I
recommend the Capital Area Citizens & Southern Bank, whose
manager is Mrs. Celeste Dupree.

. te

In view of the fact that it is not yet clear whether the staff

of the Commission will he eligible for certain grour benefits of
city employees, and that we hone to obtain some office ecuipment

on a giit ox Long term loan basis, I recommend that the Commission
adopt the attached tentative budget which lists broad categories
only and that final action on a 1967 budget be taken at she next

mecting. .

Personnel Policies:

We have secured information about personnel policies and practices
from the: U. S&S. Civil Service Commission, the Atlanta Urban Leaque,
the Community Council and the Southern Regional Council. f recommend
that decisions about Leave, pene? Fits, etc., be deferred until next
month, to give Mr. Pileher time to ascertain if the Commission

is eligible for city benefits, and that the policies adopted
in Maxch be retroactive to the time of employment.

Mrs. Minnie Hill Thomas ha 2en emp ag se month

to give us time to work hese Lici ANC te “Fo vow the pro-

cedure of receiving 4 app LAG use j of secretary once these

matters have been finalize Mes. Thomas is a graduate of Morris

Srown College daatatarial 6 snce p: am and was recommended to us
Miss Carrie Clenents, Director oi eaten’ at Morris Brown College

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