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Some Facts About Admission To
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Highview Nursing Home
2800 Springdale Raed S. W.
At lanta, Georgia 30315
· Highview Nursing Home is a privately operated, non profit philanthropy,
governed by a self-perpetuating board of directors. (It is not under the
direction of county officers ) . Service is limited to bona-fide re s idents
of Fulton County and, to a le sser degree , DeKa lb County. Application
for admission is made direc t ly to the administrator's office at the home.
It is not necessary to have the endorsement of recommendation of friends
or public officials. Acceptance of a patient is determined entirely on
the basis of eligibility, need and ava ilability of space.
Application is made on forms provided by Highview, one of which is a
me<lical report and diagnosis to be made by the applicant's physicia n.
Medical examination and judgement is required in order to determihe
whether Highview can pr operly serve the patient.
Because this community doe s not ha~e adequate nursing home facilities,
there is a considerable waiting list for a dmission to Highview, and
acceptance is usually slow. Critical circums tances surrounding a patient
are considered. Often it i s best a patient be placed in any nursi ng ho~e
where space is availab le, pending a vacancy a t Highview; and thi~ wil l
not lose the patient' s priority for Highview admiss ion.
Ot h er f actors a ffec ti ng admis s ion: Some patie nts floors are restri c ted
to WQme p , § Orne tQ men; and a va ca ncy on t he men ' s wa r g wi l l not prov i de
a bed for a woman on the waiting li st . Some spa ce i ~ appropriate onl y
for the care of amaulatory patients. About two-thirds of th e space at
Highview is devo~s to patients whose financia l circumstances require as si s tanc e from public welfare sources ; and t his rati o is mai ntained in
considering all applications. Also the r atio between DeKalb and Fulton
r e sident s is maintained .
The officers of Highview are concerned that the service s of t he Home be
made available to the community in equitable fashi on . Our sole object is
to serve those who need this ca re. However , our maximum capacity is only
.a fraction of the total need, a nd it is impossib le to admit many who wish
to enter here. Our most unhapp y task is to de ny those for whom we ca nnot find space.
./ / ·1 --J_, I', /7
, irfl.~,.t~·
I L-Lf#-1!.4<
7 / 1/fA
Harold T. Ward
Administra tor
l cor,y
Yt' no
r (•I'

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