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PEBRUARY24, 1967

Mr. J. S. Buchanan

Chief Housing Code Inspector
City Hail

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Buchanan:

At the February 16 hearing of the Community Relations Commission,
we had persons who brought up the matter of maintenance services
at privately owned apartments. Listed below are two specific
locations that were mentioned.

(We the tenants of the Bankhead Estates Apartments are asking
fhe better maintenance service, we feel that we are not getting
the service for the high rent we pay. We are asking for your help
in getting rid of rats that are about to take over the apartments.
Also we need repair work in the majority of the apartments, windows,
mirrors doors, holes in the wall, no tile on kitchen floor or need
repairing, wall cracking, children need play area, we need com-
plete driveway, we do not want our garbage cans in the ground, and
there is burglarizing day and night. Representing the area are
Mrs. Thelma McClenton 874-6244, and Mrs. Luenell Dunlap 874-6434.
1401 Bankhead Highway, N. W.’

\\ Mes. Shirley Dubose of the Summerhill area complained about the
caretaker at the apartments at 60 and 70 Love street., Gifford
Realty Company. She said he curses the children and grown-ups
in the neighborhood, drinks and sells wine, bring old cars and
water heaters and junk them on property near the apartments.

The neighbors would like to have him removed. They have com-
plained to the Rent Agency but they have not done anything about
it. She does not know his name, but his initials are I. W. and

he lives at #5 Love St. Mrs. Dubose number is 525-6718.”

We would appreciate you advising us as to the city regulations which
private property owners must adhere to. Is there any recourse for
the residengg other than to move,

Sincerely yours,


Mra. Blisa Paschali
Executive Director

ec: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
The Hon. Sam Massell, Jr.
Mrs. Shir Dubose :
Better Housing Commission
Mere, Thelma MeClenton

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