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February 21, 1967

Mr. Ray A. Nixon
Chief of Construction
City Hall :
Atlanta, Georgia

Deer Mr. Nixon:

At the public hearing held by the newly appointed Community Relations
Commission of the City on February 16, the following condition was report=-
ed, which had been reported earlier to me at my office:

Mr. Glenn Gleaton, 1055 Garibaldi Street, stated that
his house, which he purchased in the early 1950's (FHA),
is being damaged by the water which drains into the

area from all sides. Ue has had conversations with
numerous city staff members, but hae gotten no satisfact-
ion. The only response he has had has been notices from
the Inspection Department that the house should be re-
paired, and on February 17 he had a condemnation aotice.
Mr. Gleaton states that this is a probler, not just in
his lot, but in others in the area. He feels that if he
makes the repairs, the same thing will happen. He is
considering legal action as a last resort.

When Mr. Gleaton first contacted me, he mentioned the sewer line. I
asked Mr. Earl Landers to look into the situation and he reported the

“For your information, I am attaching hereto memorandum
dated February 14th from Mr. &.K. Lancaster of the City
Sewer Department pertaining to your iuquiry regarding
sewer problems at 1035 Garibaldi Street.

"'The combination sewer that runs through this property
has been inspected from the inside and found to be in good
condition, indicating that the sewer line is not the cause
of the settling of the house at the above address.'"

Mr. Gleaton's problem was one of the more urgent ones presented at the

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hearing, and I would like very much to make a report on it at the regular
meeting of the Commission on Friday, February 24, 1967, at 1:30 o'clock P.H.

Yours very sincerely,

(Mrs. ) Bliza Paschall
Executive Director
' Community Relations Commission


ce: "Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Hon. Sam Massell, Jr.
Alderman Jack Summers
Alderman G. Everett Milliken
Regional Director, FHA
Mr. Glenn Gleaton

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