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City Hall

February 22, 1967

Mr. Ray A. Nixon, Chief of Construction
Community Improvement Program

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Nixon:

I have written to you about one of the matters brought before the Community
Relations Commission at the February 16 meeting,

Another matter which as far as we can tell should be referred to you is the
condition reported by Mrs. Nannie McCormick of 1843 Oakmont Dr., N. W. Mrs.
McCormick, who is a public school teacher, stated that the drainage in the
area is so bad that it is often impossible for residents to use their
bathtubs or washing machines and the odor from the sewers becomes almost

Mrs. McCormick also expressed the concern of the neighborhood over an open
creek, where last summer a child drowned, and which is a constant sour%e of

anxiety to the parents in the area. They would welcome assistance in
lessening the danger.

We have had also a request from someone who was not able to attend the
meeting but who telephoned the following:

I would like to see the block paved between Whitehall Terrace and Ira
Street on Crumbley Street. There has been five generations in this spot
of land on Crumbley Street and the street has never ever been paved. I
would like very much if we could get it paved. I work at night and o n
the hot summer nights it is just terrible-~-the dust is horrible. It's
worse in the summer than in the winter, but the same problem exists in
the winter, with the dust and all. In the summer you can not sit on the
front porch because the dust drives you inside. The sanitary conditions
are also Wad in this area. In the rear of Crumbley Street there is a
regular compost pile with odds and ends &nd food. You can see this
scene on all three streets. There have been new apartments built in

this area, but the dwellers do not care about the looks of the place--
evidently. They feel if it looks good on the inside forget the rest of

the street. These places would be much cleaner if they had a caretaker.

I understand you have to have a percentage of residents to complain

about this type of condition, but since these apartments have been built,

I do not stand a chance in getting anything done about this slum condition.
My question is, what can be done?



(Mrs.) Eliza Paschall
Executive Director
Community Relations Commission


ec: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Hon. Sam Massell, Jr.
Mr. Jack Summers
Mr. G. Everett Millicen

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