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City Hall
February 22, 1967
~r. Ray A. Nixon, Chief of Cons truction
Community Improvement Progr am
City Hail
Atlant a , Georgia
Dear Mr. Nixon:
I have written to you about one of the matter s brought befo re the Comml.ll1-ity
Rela tions Commi ssion at the February 16 meeting,
Another matt er which as f ar as we can t ell should be r eferred to you i s th
condition reported by Mrs . Nannie McCormick of 1843 Oalanont Dr., N. W.
McCormick, who i s a public s chool t eacher , s t a t ed tha t the drainage in the
area is so bad that it is often i .mpossible for r esidents to use their
ba thtubs or washing machines and the odor from the sewer s becomes almost
unbearable .
Mrs . McCormick al so expressed the concern of the neighborhood over an open
cree , where l ast summer a child drowned , and 1hieh i s a cons t ant s our 0 o of
anxi ty to the parents in the area. They would welcome assi s t ance in
l essening the danger.
le have had also
reque::;t from ~omeone who
meeting but who telephoned t he fol l owing :
as not able to a ttend the
I would liko to see t he bl ock paved b tween Whit ehall Terrace nd Ira
St reet on Crumbley St ree t. There ha been five generations in t his spot
of land on Crumbley Street and the str0et has never ever been paved. I
would like very much if we could get it pavod . I . ark at night and on
the hot summer nights it io just terriblc--tho dust i s horriblo . I t'
worse in th aumm r than in t he winter, but tho arune probleI:1 xist in
the wint er , with the dus t ~nd all . In the you can not sit on thv
front porch because the dust drives you inside . The sanitary conditions
ar also b
in this are . In the tear of Cruobley Street there i s a
regular co po3t pil with odds and nds And food . You can aee this
scene on 11 three street . There have be n n w apartments built in
this area , but th dwell ers do not care about t e look of the plao evidently. Thy foel if it look
ood on the inside for e t the re t of
the s t r et. Th ae place would be much cleaner i f t hey had a oaretak r.
I understand you have to have a p rcont
of re ident~ to complain
bout this typ of condition, but aino th oe ap rtmente h v b~ n built,
I do not st nd a chance in gettin anything done about this slum condition.
My queation is, wh t can be done?
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(Mr s. ) Eliza Pas chall
Executive Director
Communi ty Rel a tions Commission
cc: Mayor Ivan Allen , Jr.
Hon . Sam Massel l, Jr.
Mr . J a ck Summers
Mr . G. Everett ill icen

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