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City Hall
February 22, 1967

Mr. Hugh Pierce

1ll Magic-Pae Way, S. ¥.
Box 1278

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Pierce

I wanted to let you know that I have been in touch with residents of the
Gilbert Heights area and of the Lyndhurst area, following our hearing
of February 16.

I attended the meeting at Orchard Knob Recreation Center, which Mr. Leftwich
attended, and I am sure he has given you the details on it. Mrs. Bdge and I
have agreed to stay in touch and she will arrange a meeting of a small group
of Negro and white residents of the neighborhood, who already know each other,
and will make some plans about future activities.

I have talked with Mr. Haver and Mrs. Peters, generally, and about their March
9 meeting, which I plan to attend, and for which I hope to be able to provide
helpful information.

We have not had time yet to move into our office in City Hall, but hope to be
there within the next week. After that, we will be better situated to get

into ongoing programs.

Thank you for your interest in the Commission and for referring these astters
to us. I feel that we have been able to be of sesistance and lool} forward to
developing this kind of service in our community.

Sly React

Executive Director
Community Relations Couneil

EP smt

ec: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Hon. Sem Massell, Jr.
Alderman Rodney HM. Cook
Mr. Irving Kaler
Mre. We G. Bdge
My. R. W. Haver

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