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Box 7, Folder 19, Document 41

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City Hall
February 22, 1967
Manager, Hillhaven Nursing Home
265 Boulevard Dr., No E.
Atlanta , Georgi a 30312
Dear Sir:
At the public hearing held by the new Community Rel a tions Commission of
the city of Atlant a , the matter of admittance of Negroes to Nurs ing Homes
in the ar ea was brought before the Commission. Mr s . A. J. Dempsey, 1495
ozley Dr., S . W., r eported t~
loning :
Request for admi ssion f fil ~ng ~
tion in writing , going to the
f acility, bei ng shown around courteously with the notation t hat I
would be notified of an opening, as s oon as the next floor was made
available the following week; aft er repeat ed re~uest s be t el ephone
{not having heard from the Director as promi sed) I was informed
tha t nobody seemed to have known anyt hi ng about the initia l
applica tion fo rm made i n writing .
e 1111 appreciat e information f r om you about t he number of Negroes who hav
appli ed to t he Hillhaven Nursi ng Home , t he number who have been ad.mitt d ,
t he a verage t ime bet ueen bei ng pl aced on a lis t and bei ng admitted.
Si ncer ely,
(Mra .) Eliza Paschall
Execut ive Di rect or
Community Relat ions Commisaion
cc: ayor Iv n All an , Jr.
Hon. Sam. Maseell , Jr.
Dr. W. S. Jackson, Atlanta School of Social Work
Mr. Wr enn, Equal Health Opportunity Offic r , H alth , Eduction , and
Mrs. A. J . Dempa y
Mr. Duan
ck, Community Council
lf r .

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