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Box 7, Folder 19, Document 42

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City Hall
February 22, 1967
Manager , \'lesl ey foods Real th Center
1825 Cli ft on Road, N. E.
Atlant a , Georgi a
Dear Sir:
At t he public heari ng hel d by t he new Communi t y Rel a tions Commi ssi on of
t he eity of Atlanta , t he matter of admi t tance of Negroes t o Nuroi ng Homes
i n t he area was brought before the Commi ssi on. Mrs . A. J. Dempsey , 1495
Mozley Dr., s. W., r epor t ed t he follo ting :
I c alled t o iesley i ood 1h r e I undora t and ishop Harri s was
admi tted bef ore hi s dea th . I did not pursu admi ssion a t
Wes l ey Woods where t hey , too, indica t ed a long wai ting l i s t.
We wi ll appreciate information from you about the number of Negroes who
have applied t o the esley Woods Heal t h Center , the number who have been
admitt ed , t he average t ime bet ~een bei ng placed on a list and being
admitted .
Sincerely ,
(Mr . ) Eliza Pa chall
xecutive Director
Community Re l a tions Commi osion
EP :mt
cc: Mayor Iv n All en, Jr.
Ron. Sam Masseli, Jr .
Dr . W. s. Jackson , tlanta School of Social Wor
r . Wrenn, ,qual Oppo~tunity Offic ~r ,
a lth, ducation, and W lfar
Mrs . A. J. Dempsey
r. Duane Beck , Co uni ty Council

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