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Box 7, Folder 19, Document 43

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City Hall
February 22, 1967
Brigadier ~eneral illiam Rogers Woodward, Director
Atlant a Metropolitan Area Civil D€fense Council
30 Courtland St., S. E.
tlant a , Georgia
Dear General Woodwa rd:
At the public hearing held by tho new Community Relations Commission
of the city of Atlant a , the matter of participa tion by legroes in the
Metropolitan Atlant a civil defense program , both as Gtaff members and
as volunteers , as brought b fore the Commission by Mr. Sterrs Johns on.
e will appreciate informa tion as to th present positions held by
fegroes on your s taff and on civil def en e policy bodies in the
metropolitan Atlanta ar a .
·f .
(Ire .) Eliz P s oha ll
Executive Director
Community R l ations Commission
EP : t
cc : · ayor Ivan Allen , Jr.
Hon. r;
s el.l , .Jr .
Mr. Sterra John on
r . William Paga , (Chairman, Committee on Equal Employm nt Opport'1Ility ,
Fed ral Executive Board)

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