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February 21, 1967

Mr. C.O. Emmerich

Administrator, Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
101 Marietta Street, NW.

Atlanta, Georgia 30302

Dear Mr. Emmerich:

At the public hearing held by the new Community Relations Commission

of the City of Atlanta on February 16, Mrs. Henry Toombs, member of

the Georgia Board of Family and Childrens Services, spoke in tavor of the
adoption of the Food Stamp Plan as a means of meeting the basic need of
providing food for eligible persons, and to that extent dealing with
problems of health and delinquency. Mrs. Toombs says that you have a
complete file on the feasibility of this plan for Fulton County, which
serves the major portion of Atlanta, and efforts to implement it.

We will appreciate your advising us about the plan and its present status.

Yours sincerely,

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Cleyt- Hite ha lt [af

(Mrs. ) Eliza Paschall
Executive Director
Community Relations Commission


ec: oe Ivan Allen, Jr.
Hon. Sam Massell, Jr.
Mr. Wellborn Ellis
Mrs. Henry Toombs
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