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Northwest Perry Homes Arca
2339 Arno Court, N. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Today there is an ever-increasing desire on-the part of the young people

to be heard, probably moreso in low-income areas,

It goes without saying that in the Northwest Perry Communities there are
hundreds of young people who are without any or have very few meaningful
programs in which to participate. [It has been said that "an idle mind is

the devil's workshop.”

The rising rate of Crime, Delinquency, Truancy and dtop-outs among the
youth in our communities, indicate that city, public and private agencies
are failing to provide young people with the inner controls of behavior

which are basis for a healthy way of life and a clean community,

Due to the many inadequacies in the areas of supervised recreation in the
Worthwest Perry Communities, we the recreation committec, in keeping with
your request, recommend the following services, program and facilitics for

your consideration and evaluation.

Suggested Areas of Concern and Responsibilitics:

1. Keep the communities informed of available resources and opportunities
in the fields of recreation and youth.

2. Allow the community the opportunity to assist in the planning, developing
and running of recreational programs for youth and young adults in the

It generally felt that the communitics in the Northwest Perry areca are faced

with the same types of problems that exist in other communities throughout

the city. In trying to offset some of these problems, we are further re-
commending the hiring of recreation personnel on a permanent basis from the

Northwest communitics through the Neighborhood Youth Corps in-school and

out-of-school programs,

3. Recommendation for the placement of Recreational Leaders.

(a) Pitts Elementary School Perry Boulevard, N. W.

(b) Finch Elementary School Ajax Drive, N. W.
(c) Chattahoochee Elementary School Peyton Road, lI. W.

4. The hiring of recreation personnel on a permanent basis by the Housing
authority to supervise recreation in the Perry Homes projects.

5. The completion of the Gun Club Park.

6. Additional Play Lots for the area.

(a) Possible Location of Play Lots.


Intersection of Hollywood Road and Main Strect, N. W.
Intersection of Marco and Argyle Drive

2000 McCallie Boulevard

Westmoreland Circle (near 1333)

Clarissa Drive (Between Buildings 1602-2215)

Perry Boulevard (near 1395 Drew)

7. The Extension of the "Champ" Program to include other communitics.

&. Swimming Pool for the area.

The committee, along with other members of the Council, will be willing

to meet you and/or other responsible representatives of the City Parks

Department, in trying to make our community a better place in which to


CC: Mayor Ivan Allen
Virginia Carmichacl

John Cox

Bud Stone
J. li, Robinson
Dan Sweat

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