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March 16, 1967
Mayor Ivan Allen> Jr.
City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Ivan:
You very kindly agr-eed to talk with the Board of the Commerce
Club at their next m€eting about the Community Council and its role
in the life of the city. You asked me to brief you. Here goes.
The letter attached gives you my general feelings as to past
accomplisru~€ nts anu future purrose of the Council. At a m~eting of
leading foundations yesterday anrJ the Council 's o.m Board of
Directors today, the position taken in this letter was reaffirmed
with one exception. B~th groups felt the Council on its own initiative should not be an im~lementing b~dy in the future. I very mu ch
agree. The im~lemen ting role of the Council was ~ne as sumed in the
past because there was no other place to lodge certain idea s for
action .
The principal i mplementing forces in our COffiilUrlity s hou ld be
local g~vernn1,e nts and the Cow'lll.mity Chest . The War on Poverty
belongs to the local CO!n!!lunity, not to the Federal Government. It
has been working and should c:>ntinue to work through local groups.
Officials of the Corrm.mity Chest, the War on Poverty and some
l oca l goverP.ments have spoken out str~ngly about the need for a
professional fact finding and social planning resourct: f or t he
gr€atc r Atlanta area, one that is auequately staff ed t o do t he j ob
and independent enough to call a spade a spade. This sort of
council not only can help get more federal and state money for the
city but also by good planning can assume tha t ir.oney sp-e n t en programs goes as far as possible.
,· -
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
March 16, 1967
Page Two
To keep planning within t he ·control of t'ie loca l community,
b asi c o pe ra tin g funds for the Corr,muni ty Council s hou ld cof!"c from
10°: al r a t he r t ha n federal sources . Officials of the Commun ity
Chest in genera l c1re L--i agreement with their r espons ibility for
increasing Cb.est st1p p or t and for sha ring the Council's b asic
o pe rating buuget with loca l governments. Loca l governments, which
t wo yf>,n·s ago gave no unrestricted fu nds for the sup port of the
Council, t h is ye ar are contributing $27,500. This bc:se must be
ex.p ar.ded to include othe r c~mnties rind cities in t he metropolitan
Atla nta area .
A service you could d:, the corrmunity and the Council is to
affirr.1 the need for a strong professional plann ing council and the
res pons ibility of public and private bodies f0r s e eing tha t the
Council i s adequa tely fi~anced to do its basi c job. After t he base
budget is funded , the Council rapidly ,,;ril l get in a better posi ti:m
to contract with the ci ty, counties, f~undations and other local
groups to do special prcgrmr.lil ing and other work .
Since I shall be out of town the next couple of weeks, Duane
Be ck can furnish you other data which you ma y want before the
meeting of the COl"rroerce Club Board.
James P. Furniss
P. S. Some of the places where the city of Atlanta and Corrmuni ty
Co>J ncil have worked most closely together a r e listed en the attached
J.P. F.

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