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August 7, 1969
673 Capitol Avenue , S.W.
Atlanta , Ga. 30315
Ivan Allen Jr., Mayor
J. C. Johnson , Director
Mr. John Martin
Commissioner of Aging
Department of Health, Education
and Welfare
Washington, D. c.
Dear Commissioner Martin:
The Atlanta Model Cities Program was very honored by your recent
visit, and greatly appreciates your keen interest in our efforts .
We have gathered together some descriptive material about the
programs for senior citizens which we visited or discussed during
your visit, and we are enclosing the same along with this l etter.
The Atlanta Model Cities Program has benefitted tremendous l y f r om
its close working relationship with the Senior Citizens Services
of Metropolitan Atlanta . In the spring of 1968, du r ing o ur ear l y
planning period, Senior Citizens staff provided direct as s istance
to the Model Cit{es social services planner . Their professional
staff drew up and conducted , with the help of Model Cities a i des ,
a survey of about 300 senior citizens, and obtained valuable
information about the needs and services of our olde r popul a t i on.
They also met with groups of senior citizens a n d with the reside nt
s o cial s ervice c ommi t t ees to furthe r e x plo r e the prob l e ms and
unmet need s o f o u r s enior citizens .
Comb i ning t h e mate r ia l ga ined f r om the survey and t h e community
meet ings with th e ir gene r a l expe r tise in the fi eld of aging, they
then d evelope d with o u r s taff a n 6 u ti i ne o f the problems, causes,
goals and program approaches for older persons liv i n g in t he
Model Cities neighborhood . This was a valuable contribution to
Atlanta's Model Cities overall plan.
Senior Citizen Services will receive Model Cities supplemental
funds in two major projects~ one for day care services and a
second for a personal services center (see attached description).
Since the beginning of this year, our respective staffs have
worked closely to finalize plans for these projects. In
addition, Senior Citizens has continued to lend assistance in
our ongoing planning process . A timely e x ample of this . is our
joint efforts, along with Fulton County Department of Family
and Children's Services, to develop a protective services
project for older persons in the Model Cities Area.
This close working relationship between our two agencies has
provided the Model Cities program with valuable e x pertise in
the field of aging and has insured the inclusion of meaningful
projects for senior citizens in our first year plan. Senior
Citizens Services has, in effect, acted as an advocate - and a
most s u ccessful one - for the senior citizens in Model Cities.
Atl a n ta's Model Cities program has planned a wide vari e ty o f
p r ojects which will benefit senior citizens . These p r ojects
a r e described i n gr eater detail in the attached mater ial . Als o
inc luded a re d es c r iptions of several projects which Senior
Ci t izens Serv ices has planned fo r both the Model Cit i e s a rea and
t he city as a whole .
We hope that y ou will find the e n closed mater ial u seful. We will
be h appy to supplement i t with mo r e d etai led information about
any p a r ticular projec t.
Onc e again, thank you for you r in ter e s t i n o u r program .
James R. Shimkus
Social P l a nning Director
cc: Al Horvath

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