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Admini ste ri ng the Demonstrat ion
Ci ties Program i n Atl an ta
Rationale :
The d raft prepar ed b y severa l a.g e nci es in conne ction wi th
the Mayor's Director of Governmen t Liai son outlines the goals
and steps by which Atlanta c an participate in tDe recently
p a ss e d Model Citi es or Demon s tration Cities Act o f 1 966.
What this statemen_t negl e c t s to outli n e is the me thodolo gy
by which these goals and programs are to be acc omp lished.
i mplemen tation of this plan i s p erhapE! its most c ru ci a l c ompone n t .
Pl ans ther e ar e in abundance.
But t _h e skill f ul execution o f such
pl ans r emains the k ey to eff e ctive act i on.
That At l anta po sses th e fund amen tal reso ur c es it n eeds to
meet the r equir eme nt s o f th e pemonstration Cities Plan is without
doubt .
What i s required i s l ess the c reat ion of new me ch anisms
th an the effective h arnessing and , where necessary , the r eor i en ta.t ion
o f tho se whi ch already exist.
i s p a ramount that the essentia l thrust of t he De11onstra.t ion
Ci ties Program s hould be kept in rnind.
It i s essentially d es igned
to make a social i rnpac -t. on a low--i ncome neighborhood, br i nging
to gether the tools of both phys ic a l and s o c i al plann i ng agencies.
As such the coordination and i mp l ementat ion of the pl an should
b e gin with thi s end in mind and, accordingly, build fro m th is
b ase.
As s u ch t he pl an c a l ls fo r an agenc y wh i ch c arr i e s b o t h t he
c apacity and me a n s f or i nte gratin g social and physic a l plan ning
functions.· The only age ncy wh ich is currently ge ar ed to mee t
this n e ed in terms • of a c tion i s the Econ omic Op portuni ty At l anta
Demonstration Cities:
On at le ast t wo· bases, if not all three , the Economic
Oppor tunity Pr ogr am i~ uniquely equippe d t o condu ct the plan o f
attack outlined in the d faft statement.
Th e p l an c a ll s for Neighborhood Orqan i zat i on and Resident
· · participation :
In each of the targe~-~~i~hborh6ods delineat~d
for the Demo ns~~ation Cities Program, EOA has developed we ll organized and function i ng neighborhood groups.
Most of these
have b een active l y i nvolved i n initiating planning act ivities
fo r the Demonstration Cit ies Program .
These n e ighborhood group s h ave made it possible f o r the first
real " grass roots " l eadership to participate in pl anning community
l ife.
Every aspect o f the community is dealt ,~·ith, ·f rom employ-
ment to education , housing to h ealth, recreation and aging.
Secondly , the plan calls for the improvement of Health and
Welfare and the phys ic a l renewa l of the area.
In both in stances
l ocal neighborhood comm i ttees have organized to survey needs and
recommended programs.
These neighborhood cowmittees stand ready
to make their cont r ibution.
F i nal l y , as t h e Act i s d es igne d to br i ng about the
c oor dinat ion of agencies in an all-out attac k on the c ondit i o ns
o f poverty , the fr amework o f the NeighJ?.Efrh o od Serv ice Ce nter
progr am is s uch t h a t
a Te c hn i ca l Adv i sory CoITLm i ttee is o rgan i ze d
to prov ide t his a d de d and much needed res our c e .
In review it can b e shown that the Nei'ghborhood Service
Centers in the targe t Demonstration Cities Ar e a provide a r e ady ·
made we 1 1.:.:. o rgan i ze d forum for "grass ro ots participat ion," a
mechani sm for attack and a b as e on wh ich addition a l program effort
c an b e l a id.
Pl an o f Attac k :
is , howeve r , not
the contention of EOA that its pres e nt
structure i s ent ire l y sufficient to meet this task a lone .
Indee d ,
were it not f o r the fact t h at ma ny agenc i es h ave made their
s erv ices availab l e from the outs e t would i t b e possib l e for EOA
to have reached it s pres e nt stage o f evolution.
far from the d es i red goal.
It rea l izes it i s
But it is on the r i ght road and hopes
t his l atest effort (De mon itration Cities) will reinforce i ts
rol e and future .
There a r e some areas of n ee d wh ich g o b eyo n d the p resent
structure and act i vities of the Ne i ghborhood Service Cent e rs .
r e ma in s o n ly to outline some of the s e to indicate the gap s which
s hould b e clo sed wi t h a dditiona l p r o grams a nd p ersonne l.
Pres e nt activities include :
Emp loyment - j ob p l acement, counse ling
r eferra l s , t rai ning opportunit i es, et c .
Soci al Se rvic e s - multi-purpose n e eds
(health, fami l y coun s e l i n g , day c ar e ,
aging, 'etc. )
Education - comrnunity schools, adult
education , e t c.
Hou s ing_ - relocation assis tance and hou s ing inf ormation
Need Areas :
Economic infra-structures - businesses lend ing in s tituti~ns, commer ical e st ab l ishment , e tc.
·- .
I V.
Social i nf r a - s truc tures -con1-rnun ity clu b s,
r ecre at ion h a l l s , etc.
Phys ic a l
i nfra-structures-roa ds, parks , etc.
Imn l ementat i on:
i s r e c ommended th at these c enter s whi ch a r e loc a t ed in
t h e Demons trat i on Ci t i e s Ar e a s h oul d b e merge d i nto a Demonstr a t i o n
Ci t i es Pl a n n ing Task F o r c e .
As s u ch they woul d b e f u n d e d through
t he i nit i a l p l ann i ng grant wh i l e prov i d ing s erv i ces at t he s ame
time .
'I 'hese c enter s would b e administered b y the Mayor ' s of f i ce
u nder a De mons t rat i on Ci t i es Pr o j e c t Off icer who i s r e s pons i b l e
to the Mayor.
Although o ff ici a l l y responsible to the Mayor,
these c enters wou ld continue t o operate under the administrative
procedur es o f the l ocal CAA .
The l ocal CAA , EOA , wou l d provide at leas t one coordinator
from its office to that o f the Mayor ' s Demonstrat ion Ci ties
Evalu a tion:
Under terms still unwr i tt e n an evaluation o f the
Demonstration Ci ties Program, the Ne ighborhood Center Program
and the coordina t ion of these activities would be undertak en by
a local educationa l ins ti tut ion.
Hope fu l _ly, this negotiation
would le a d to a gre'ater , sustai ne d involve ment o f the academic
c o~ u n h :y in urb an p r ob l e ms .
· I dea ll y, Atl anta Un i versity and ·Georgia State Co l lege
a nd/or Emory Un i ver s i t y c ou l d fu l f ill t h i s n eed.

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