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Box 8, Folder 16, Document 27

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Operation 1 'Expo5urau ,- to be initiated a:r.d t h.:-0°,m i n to action on or
n!)out '1ay 1, 1966 , Hill beo a .1 intense, :!.n-tlep r...l p1·0~-::ara of con,::entt"a-
Washi ngton S t rcet poverty a a a in a <le lil>c1.·ate atte::1pt to ;;.up;:-ove the
standards of 1i ring for these r es idents.
It i$ a n tici pa.ted "t ~ t every de pns.· t :.1ent of center operations ,-Jill
be bl"cu,.,.ht. to bca :t" on eve.;:y hou se 1old in the ·re
wi th a view t o·,1trr<l
of th, neicl-1borl ood ; i np1:ovi ng the fa. :lily uni t s tlt,.cugh coun~e lin3 and
•.,,e n::i;u1~('-..:::-1 ...::nt
.-crvic es , i ~?Z<r'li.
i: d ivicluab by e::po.:; i nn th o t o u
c..:i1>-c;11n2nt o n9ort:m.itie5 t hrou3h o• r r.u.....
o·.1e.r ,J;2.partr.1.cnt,
..:;;;, lo:,~-a:::n t ; no rc._rcation fo.c ilit fo;; , n~cd fo~- cb.y c.:irc .
!, 1:::::3 .
cc:-~ tion
W!.ll then ::""gin to cr2.:mwe b lod.~ cl •bs ~.nd inter-es t: gi-oups , i nc l u d i ng
i:1eighbvrhooo .•i c:J -creuld .,,.130 con u ct en i ntense femily- by- f amtly
Socia l
' c.::rvicc u 11 ser:k to ""C t evecy child
s-e:.~ol aGc i n "c· .ool
J. ..".~ .. ~.~r· s cf t!., .. t . 1<J ol:!--t; • t; C1:1d th
c :~f L:,r ~/~cl
-·---. - ,-·---~--. - _,.._
- .,a _.: will foUc-.., c o<;c:ly
,. ... ~_....--<. ....... ·-· ...... - _ _ ...... ___ .. - - - ..

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