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3 a 2/24/67

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Pesidential Stability. The safority of the home cwners have moved out of
the prosessd model neicnt box tea Leavin inexeasingly large percentage
of Jow incema rental resides his ty ef this Group results in
residential instability. sidence is not conducive t
a eet iaterest : 2 sy Zor the improvement ef the con
tentitics in hey live evect and ange of responsibility are kcal
2% icipation. Absence cf thes :
adifficult, There is : erent
#nd ether physical inpr ovenents
ble eiticens will remtin tn
attracted to it. -

There 19 a lack of acceptance on the : of the “old settlers" of the -highly
mobile newcenucys. ‘There needs to be developed a willingnces to relate to the
neveomers and assure ¢t & place in the life of the coaunity so they wht
hava a seuse of beling a

save incomes of less than

$1,053! All of


eople in 7

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waitments ecnforce theix sens :

Nes OOP AIRTEL oe efforks re bie lpond hea
by the City to impreve service mie Opportunity Atlanta, Commmity Gonnakh
uvd other public and private 18 a5 they are working with sitleeas in the
areca to help them help Crags Av These need to be greatly extended and ace
celerated to restore the confidence of the citizens in thamselves and ethers,
and to provide the motivation they need,

Vevy signtileanat. evidence of the potential of xespontible citizenship has
been demonstrated by residents of the ares, Exomplesa of thair efforts axe ree
ported elsawhere-in this 2 The number of eitizens participating in
these efforts needs to b

Ring nature, vole, and preces $es
eation and gpportuni ties
sed. These sould help
she te ninee in on setivities
leg aud the quality ef their lives.

eeeky sone level in the model neichboxhood area ia less than
| j ccording to the 1960 Cansus.

for more than 60% of the eé c
reining aud experience pose spaeial prohlienas in unters tanding S and

e ‘Limtted e 2
Se aS of enfaniliary conecpts and mathods, Verbsl commmicatioan wanda


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s 451 ne #> - , r
tively simple language and

- .
limitation also greatly underscores the-

learning and participation.

tasidants of the model neighborhos
mal Life experiences of perr!s in po.
dibfatarian of people occasioned by urb
the area heve in the fear of bei

+Oa rear
"naw" programs being precipitated upon


he need is for information, interpreta
‘assurance to the people.


aece elton. Physical

people in poverty strick ¥
exception, Exporience reveal



Ls social and cultur
en areas, and t
that the

as a bnale or even the total immediate
Sion of the perspective of residents of
1ife in relation to others in thelt om

greatly needed. Efforts te.increase in

tion have begun and need to be gréatly

at their level of experience. This
need for citizen involvement as a

ol a

rea have been subjected to the

vty including eviction. Additional
an renaowal end expressway clearance in
ng moved. Citizens are-suspect of



tion and: paxticipation to giva re-

al isolation are characteristic of-
he model neighborhesod proposed is no

residents do not relate to the city

community in which ae live. Expan-

their om problems and conditions of
munity and the’ city at large is
vidual citizen“and group participa-

strengthened and increased.

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