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(30° Se eee Gommunity Council

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A Recruit’“and train’ residents todo a a survey on social problems in Summerhill,

Mechanicsville, Peoples Town, Pittsburgh, and Grant Park

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(2 Organize’ meetings of residents of theCtarget ae cities)for the purpose

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of obtaining information for the CIP Report and the. Rte Commissions. Report.

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By \ Citizens aiso- “participated in the development of the Legal Aide Program and the

proposal to curb absenteeism from school.

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hoe eeehnteal assistance .and registration and peeteutebosveke laud ones
and how to obtain services.
k5< In_the-process-of veloping a directory of neighborhood organizations, their

purposes and.their programs.

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a 5 of +\ a+ WH <_Organized-Neighborhood-¢roups—

a\ aR PTA Jias Gwen, Oe ai 2 eto + Ait Cave QU Acttuc Weds has

oF Cex. {. ea Ss Sa. ‘e wks atta heae eur \

hest, Cancer Drive, March of Dimes. Sponsor

welfare fund to benefit less fortunate children.
b. Aid in sponsoring boy scout and girl scout troops not present in every school.
& Mite eal enrichment program for anilaved.
d. Support a city-wide PTA council.
= oat acc VN aidh botureel CGreaue5
~II-- ~S0ckal- and- ‘Welfare-Groups ;

» Orta, a een) Speech, OR woheas ‘Oust Led sho Cin Ci.
as Do , gehend ly visiting to the aged, sick, and shut-ine Ay or On Socal at

b. Support community projects \ehhor ck wibi cs ir
i rg long i Shae ee re yw
he athe todd nor letid

‘c. Entertainment /
d. Support the Summerhill YMCA
e. Donate flowers at desk and comfort neighbors in bereavement

£. Emergency assistance to less fortunate families


g- Give campships and scholarships
h. Savings sents.

i. Out-of=town trips and outings
je Community Improvement


a. Sponsor~scout troops

b. Support Community projects o 0
c. Aid less Socnate residents/ of /the communi t4y
d. Provide meeting facility for neighborhood groups

e. Spiritual’ and salvation influence ,/

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