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December 30 , 1969
Dan Sweat
Charles L. Davis ~
In response to a recent conver sat i on we had, I
am enclosing a tabulation showing the amount of
travel funds that we have advanc ed to employees
of the Model Cities staff.
If you need additional information regarding
this subject, please advise.
CLD :lek
David Caldwell
James B. Culp
11730/ 69
San Diego, Ca l if.
8/20/69 Memphis , Tenn.
11/18/69 Washington, D& C.
10/15 /69
Nat l. League of Cit. $443. 00 $443.00
Natl. Bus ., League
Eco. Div. Manpower
Advi sor s
Pine Mountain, Ga. Psychiatric I nst. on
Gr oup Behavior
Denver, Colo.
COP Pro j. Dev. Wor k .
239 .,00
Eric Harkness
3/ 19/69
Washington, D. C.
Natl. Urban Affa irs
199. 00
Ellen Schoates
11/ 12/69
Savannah, Ga .
Conf. on Ageing
94 . 00
94 . 00
J ame s Hicks
8/ 20/69
11/ 23/ 69
Memphis, Tenn.
Chicago, Ill.
Na tl ., Business Lea gue 156 . 00
Na tl. Con£. on Dev. of
Shopping Center s
233. 00
New York , N.. Y..
Nachville, Tenn.
Washington, D.C.
Miami, Fl aQ
Savannah, Ga.
San Diego, Cal if.
Con£ . on Plura listic
Pl anning
Na tl . Ur ban Affa i rs
199 . 00
184. 00
Nat l . CDA Con£.
CDA Steer ing Conm.
Ghe tto Power in Action
Na t l. Ur ban League
260 . 00
CDA Regi onal Dirs.
119 . 00
Operat i on Breakthr ough 134.00
Reg . Dirs. Meeting
188 . 00
Con£. on Ageing
Na t l . League of Cities458. 00 1986.00
Chicago, Ill .
Soc. Serv. Info. Sys. 159.00
3/ 19/69q Wa shingt on, D., C.
5/26 / 69
8/7 /69
11/ 5/69
11/ 12/69
11/ 30/69
Mitchell A. Mitchell
8/ 29 / 69
Washi ngton, D.c .
Chicago, I 11.
Washington, D.. c.
156. 00
Dewey Gibson
Johnny C. Johnson 1/ 10 / 69
18. 34
19. 70
Alice Nixon
Charlotte, N.C.
Mode l Citie s Con£.
50 . 00
Samuel Russell
Silver Spring, MD Model Cities Con£.
~ames R. Shimkos
New Yor k, N.Y.
11/21/69 Savannah , Ga.,
11/30/69 Mi ami , Fla .
Edu. Parks Con£.
Conf . on Ageing
Southeastern Edu . C.
c. Miles Smith
11/ 12/69
Charlotte, N. C.
George Swerdloff
11/ 12/ 69
James L. Wright
572 .00
Model Ci ties
Charlotte, N.C .
Model Cities
Washington, D.C o
Urban America, Inc.
21 . 00
�November 28, 1969
Ivan Allen Jr .• Mayor
J. C. Johnson, Olrcctor
Mayor Ivan . Allen
Mayor Elect Sam Mas sell
Executive Board Members
Mr. Jack Delius
Mr. Dan Sweat
Mr. Collier Gladin
Johnny C. Johnson
Executive Director
Land Acquisition by the Southern Railroad in Pittsburgh
(S e e attached ma p)
Lester Persells
Henry Bowden
James Pilcher
Horace War d
Thomas Choyce
On Novembe r 10, 1969, the Mode l Cities Program first became aware
of p l ans of the Southern Railroad t o expand their exi sting storage
yard in the Pittsburgh-Mechanicsville Area.
This move affects only
the Pittsbu rgh community where acqui s i t ion o f 15.2 acres of land
is presently in progress; Southern is currently at tempt ing to
negotiate t h e acquisition of 2.8 acres of Pittman Park bel onging
to the City of Atlanta and part of the 15 . 2 acre site.
reuse proposal calls for retention of 11.5 acres to be used for
expansion of their exist ing yard facilities, while the remaining
3 .7 acres would be returned to the city for park use.
The rail-
road proposes to finance the cost of ' constructing the new park,
including the replacement of a gymnasium, swimming pool, and
tennis courts, all of which would be included in the initial 2.8
acre park acquisition.
�- c.Thi s p l an r aises many i ssues and que s tio ns a ll of w~ich will hav e
t o be answe red in the forthcoming we el:.s .
i s t l1e e xpress pur pose
of t memo to prepare a p r oper fo unda t · on for thi"' pe rio d by
s tat i ng, a s accura tely as p o s s i·; le , t he events t hat prec e ded and
fol lowed o ur i nitial di s cove ry of Sout h e rn ' s pl an on No vembe r 10,
a n d the i ss ues that I believe have b een r a ised as a r e sult .
hav e a l so made some .re commendation s regardi n g t h e c ourse of actio n
we s hou l d take.
Agen ts for Southe r n Rai l r oad .
The f irm o f Gree ne , Buc kley , De Ri nex
J ones , located i n the Nat iona l Bank of Ge orgi a Buildi ng i s a c t ing-
a s thei r legal age n t; Tohn Davi d J on es and C. Ri ch ard McQueen hav e
b een invol ve d in past discuss ions.
Land acqui sitio n i s b e ing
handled by Adams-Cate s Realty l o c ated i n the Hu r t Bu ilding ~ He n ry
Rob in son is act i vely i nvo lved in thi s a s pec t
Ex isting and Pro,2o sed La n d Us e .
Compo s i tion o f the 15. 2 <cres of
a c quisitio n is a s fol l ows:
P ark .
B s iness
2.• 8 acres
4 . 4 acres
6 . 0 acre s
....b.Q. ac re s
Hou s ing
Street s
'J.' o t a l
1 5 . 2 ac r es
After acqu'sition t h e land wi ll be used fo r:
l<d:i. J. road .
o f t h e p l an.
3. 7 ac ;:es
1 1.5 acres
1 5.2 acres
Residential Relocation.
1'he nw1tber of buil d ings and clwellirn,J un i ts
to be acqui r ed:
Bu ildings
Singl e Fami l y . .
Fam i ly . ' .
Mul t i ple Family .

N ,te:

The number of c1·.,.1e l ling unit s is not an a ccurate
j ndication- of the number of fami l ies presently
occupyin g them; o verc rowd i ng may i ncre ase this
Public Notifi cation of South ern ' s Plans
'i1hese agencies initially bec ame aware of So uthern ' s acquisition
and expan sion plan on the dat es indicated :
Parks Depa~tment
October 30
Housing Autho rity
Nov ember 5
Planning Department
Nove mber 6
Mode l Cities Program Staff
November 10
Mod e l Citie s
Board of Directors
November 17
Mode l Citi e s
Executiv e Board
Nove mber 18
Chronology of .G.~ent s
August-S~ptemb e r
Acquisition of reside nti a l p r o~crty
began s ometime during thi s period •
.Q_c'tober 30
Southern's agents H. Robinson and
C . Ro McQueen me t wit h Al dE.·rma n
Char l es Leftwich, Jack De lius , and
Stan Mart in to dis cuss the r ail road 's
p l an.
The Pa.rk s Department wa s ask e d
t o determine the feasibility o f a new
park desig n that woul d exc lude 2.8 a cres
Qf t h e existing Pittman Park , but include
the additional 3. 7 a.cres the ra ilroad was
willing t o s wap fo r. t h e excluded po r tion.
November 5
Southern's land ag ents met with the Atlanta
Housing Autho rity to de -e rmine the type of
relocation assi s tance a va ilable to occupants
of homes wi thin the acqui s ition area .
Because of the unique nature of this r e que s ta railroad acqu iring property under the
power of eminent domain in a n urban renewal
area with in t h e Model Cities Program-the
Authority asked the regiona l offic e of the
Renewa l Ass i stance.Admini strat i on (RRA )
for an opinion.
RRA tentatively determined
that .!2Q. financial assistance was available
under existing regulations and contacted
their home office in Washington, D. C. for
further determina ion.
Novembi:..r 6
Planning Department became aware of
~3outh ern' s plan for the Pittman Park
acquisition only.
At this time the Depart-
ment a.rranged a meeting for Monday,
ber 10, at the Parks Department Conference
Room and reques ed Model Cities repre-
sentatives to attend .
November 10
Mode l Cities became aware of Southern ' s
plans for the entire yard exp ansion at a
meeting in the offic es of the Parks Departmen t.
(See memo of November 11, 1969 -
Exhibit No. 1).
In addition to the
· nformation in the Nov<~mber 11 memo,
Southern 1 s agents expressed a strong desire
to acquir e all the property in the shortest
t ime pos s ible and also sugges t ed that
Alderman Leftwich, Cha irman of the Parks
Committ ee, gave te ntative approval to swap
pa rk l and fo r railroad land.
In a ddition,
they u r ged a ll in attendance t o k eep t h eir
plan as secret or qu i et as poss i ble.
reason for this insistance was, according
to them, to prevent the apprec i ation of
l and values within their acq u isition ar ea .
Nove111ber 1 7
Legal agents of Southern Railroad, J. D.
Jones and
R. McQueen met with J.C.
Johnson, J im Wright, and Lou Orosz, of the
Model Cities Program in their offices.
meeting was arranged by Stan Martin of the
Parks Department.
This represented the
first direct attempt of Southern to involve
the Model Cities Program in its plans.
D£scussion initially centered about the
�- 6-
Pittrnan Park sit uat ion but expanded to
t he r e loc a tion and invo l vement of Pit tsb u rgh resi de n ts .
Mr. J·o n es reiterat e d
the Railroad ' s p o sit i on as expresse d on e
week ear l ier on Novembe r 10; the a cqui s ition
of l a nd, includin g a po rtion of Pitt man Park ,
mus t be comp le t ed as soon as p o ss ibl e ; t h e
relocation o f p eople was not a ra ilroad
p r oble m; t he r a ilroad would pay t h e fa i r
marke t v a l ue f o r a ll property acqu ired ; a nd
that any att empts to i nvc}.u e residents and
other public a gencieswas urdesira.b l e b e cause
it wo u l d slow down the acquis i t ion p roc e s s .
The Rai l r o ad c l early wanted t h e property
acquired and faciliti es construct ed without
d J.ay.
Mode l Cities ma int ained an opposi t e position:
resident invo lvement in all phases of commun i ty development js the c ore of the Mode l
Cities Program and must be maintained.
form u lation of p l ans affecting residents of
the Model Cities Area , without the ir involvement , is contrary to guidelines set up by
the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
(HUD). Suggestions we re also made that
,\1ould get the Railroad involved in formula-
ting and financing a portion of the cost of
relocating people from the propos e d acquis ition area into new housing within the Model
Cit i es Area.
I t was additionally recommended
that this would be an excellent opportunity
for Southern to become involved in the develop ment of the Pittsburgh com.,.'llunity by devising
ways t h nt would assist in impeding the further
det erioration of res idential structures in the
i1runediate vicinity of the railroad.
the railroad is responsible for this deteri-
oration b y creating- an undesirable residential
neighbo r hood to live i n, they should bea r the
respons ibj. lity, rather than the public at
l arge , for prev enting this deter iorat ion.)
Mr. Jones said he would conv ey this portion
to official s of the rai l road.
November 17
Mr. J.C . Johnson presented Southern ' s plan
to the Mode l Cit i es Board of Directors .
minutes - Exhibit No. 2).
(S ee
The Board denounce d
the plans and attitude of the railroad,
particu larly the secretive manner by which
it planned and execu ·ed its prograrn, and
additionally, their total disregard for involving residents and the Program staff.
Finally the Board passed a resolution urging
the Model Cities Executive Board to request
the Southern Railroad to cease buying
�-8properties tmtil. thei·. actual intentions
are known .
November 18
Model Cities Executive Board met and
listened to a presentation o f Southern ' s
plan by Jim Wright.
Exhibit No. 3).
(See newspape r article -
They resolved to ask
Sout hern to delay its program until the
full impact of their plan on Pittsburgh and
the Mode l Cities Program Plan was known.
Novenber 19
A tentative legal o p inion regarding the
utilization of eminent in making the
ark a cquisit i on was rece ived b y
c. Johnson from the At lanta Department
o f Law .
(S ee l e tter of No!Jerober 17, 1969 -
Exhibit No. 4) .
The opinion said in effect,
-hat the City's ownership and u se of Pit t-
ma.n Park was a superior governmental use
which could not be acquired by the rail road
through its eminent domain power.
Resident Involvement.
Lack of any attempt to solicit the involve-
ment of residents i n the planning phase of development.
represents a flagrant violation of the requirements and intentions
of the Model Cities Program as e:apressed by congress, the Department
of Housing and Urban Development, and the City of Atlanta.
If this
is allo-wed to continue it will result in destruction of th~ trust
residents now have for the program as a means for improving
�-9the ir own n 8 ighborhood s.
The re can be n.o . e x ceptions f o r e x -
cluding resident involvement.
Acqui s ition of a Portion of Pi ttman Pa rk .
The Model Citie s
Plan identifies the Pa ~ t a s presently b e i ng below sta ndards
s e t up b y the .P rogram and by the City o f Atlant a in it s
Parks and Re cre ation Plan.
This deficiency is in t e rms of
acre s , and in f a cilities by which people can e n j oy t h e p a rk
such a s b a s eb a ll diamonds , rec reation c e nt er, e t c .
'11 he
Pl an
~l s o anticipat e d acquiring the entire Fo y Brick Company i n
later stages o f t he Program; i-he u s e, o f course , wo uld have
b een a p ark additi n.
The reason f o r not p r opo s ing the
acqu i s i t ion of a djacen t
resident i a l p r operty f o r even tua l
p ark u s e was bec a u s e the P itt s bu rgh c ommuni ty , i n s ~vera l
meet i ngs , was again s t
s uch a move.
The re l at i ve l y good
struct u ral conditions of these homes and the preservation
of soc i a l ties between neighbo rs was more importr.tnt to tha se
Th e railroad, on the o the r hand , h as not considered these
After acquisition, which i ncludes 30 dwel l ing units
to be removed expressly for park expansion and the Foy
Brick Company, park acreage will increas e about one acre.
This i s one more acre than the park now c<..-ir1tains, meaning
that it will continue to be s ubstandard.
But more important,
it means that a ny plan to bring it up to standards by increas ing
its 21.c.r:eage i:n the future will mean that additional homes will
have to be acquired.
Consequently, the Railroad has everything to gain and the
Pittsburgh community has everyth i ng to los e-- its people,
its homes , a nd the anticipation of enj oying a larger park
in t h e future.
Disreqard for the Future Development o f Pittsburgh .
Southern Railroad has compl ete ly disreg a rde d existing plans
for Pittsburgh.
This include s the City's 198 3 Land Us e
Plan , the City ' s Parks ad Recreation Plan, and Model Cities
Program Plan:- for the area.
·rhe se p lans represent a s ub-
stantial number of hours on the part of the agencies involved
and the residents affected.
The c ost of pre paring these
docume nts which refl.,.ct s , in thi s case , the desires and
aspirations of Model Citi e s resident s is not a light
con sid e r at ' on.
It cannot be disregarded.
The Railroad claims it s acquisit ion of heroes to provide itself
with more ya r d facilities is jus tified for two reasons.
Firs t,
that the space is needed to accommodate the output of General
Motors; the ~ntention is t h at more business (i f this is
actually t h e case) will bene fit the city a s a whole in t h e
long run.
Thi s kind of think 'ng-egotistica l, one-sided,
narrow minded , and with the dollar i n mind as the ul timate
ob j ect ive -is respon sibl e for destroying central city neighborhoods throughout
he country«
is one of the reasons
why Congress has found the need for a M.oc1eJ Cities Program.
And natura, it is completely opposite t he short run,
coordinated, and comprehensive approach of this Program
�-LL -
towards improving the life of people livin9 in the area and
part icipating in t he Prog rarn.
I think that this reason ing is i nvaldd within the boundaries
of thi s Program.
The short nm time period is unquestionably
mor e critica l to Pitt sbu r gh residents than it i s to the
ques tionable long run needs of the City , t he Southe rn Rail r oad,
and General Motors-in this in stance.
On the ~econd reason , Southern believes it is doing a servic e
to t h e City b y removing substandard structures in the path of
i ts proposed yard facilitie s .
If the structures are s ub -
stand ard to the degree Southe r n claims ,
(and this is que s t ionable} ,
then it is because of their nearness to the railroad.
to live near a railroad yard?
Who wants
The people who can afford to
live on this resident.' al ly margina.l land h ave extreme diff iculty
in maintaining their homes because o f their low income and the
high cost of materials and labor u sed in home repairs.
the homes are marginal doesn't mean the people are marginal
or undesirable).
It can be predicted with reasonable certainty that once the
yar.d is constructed as presently planned , the adjacent buildings
will deteriorate over the years.
In a similar manner to the
pres e nt situation, Southern is laying the groundvo rk for another
claim when the need for additional yard facilities arises, that
they are doing a service to the City by removing them.
�-1 2-
Res ident Relocation.
'l'he Mod e l Ci t i e s Pr.ogr aJTI h a s cont i nually
maint aine d t hat residen ts will be given t h e oppor tunity t o
remain in t he ir ne i ghborhood i n t h e e vent t hey had to be
re located .
With oppo r t un i ty th ere must be cho i c e.
'1,h e lac k
o f s tanda r d dwe l ling unit s within the area h as p l a ced this
b u rden of p r ov i d ing choice on the provi s ion o f tempo rc r y
ho using un i t s .
Occupa nc y o f tempo rary un its wo u ld b e unt i l
such t as pe r manent s truc t ure s were built .
'I'his me thod
rep r esents t h e fou ndat ion of the Mode l ~i t i es Relocation Plan
and without it the r e wil l be no pub lic relocation of fami li es
to provide lund for any faci l ity .
Furthermore , fi nan c ial assistance from the Mode l Cities Program
and the Neighbor:hooq. Development Pr ogram (NDP) wil l make t h e
d ' fficulties of moving easier for all peo ple wh o must be re located.
This includes tenants and h omeowners.
The former receive moving
expenses and t h e l atter rece i ve moving expen ses and up to $5,0 00
in diff erential pa.yments: t h ey are paid the d ifference in co st
($5,000 maximum ) from the price received for \..he i r acquired
property and the cost of buying a similar sized home~
Th e approximately 100 families to be relocated by Southern's
acquisitior will receive none of this assistance.
The use
of eminent domain, or the threat of it, will not benefit t he se
They will not be eligible for t emporary housing
because none is available at this time.
And they will not
receive moving expenses and differential payments since they
are not pa.rt of the NDP or part of an acquisition by a public
�-1 3-
agency work i ng wi th the
Mode l Cities Program .
Again , the people do not benef i.t a nd b e come the recipients
o f inequitable t r eatme nt as a r esult o f Southern 's non -part i c ipatio n in the Model Cities Program.
Ac quiring Pi ttman Park by t he P9wer of Emine n t Domain .
Southern Railroa d-a p ublic uti li ty- exerc ise i ts delegated power
o f emin ent domain in the acqu islt i on o f 2 .8 a c res of Pi ttman·
'rhe qu e stion i s importa nt b ecau se i ts answer may determine
t h e s uccess or fai l u r e of Southern ' s venture.
If the answer is
"yes", the n there is probably not hing construc t ive that Pittsburgh
residents can do to preven t the plans 1 s complet i on.
If "no 11 ,
then i t !nay be poss ible t.o negotiate with the railroad on the
i ssues al r eady rai sed.
A te1tat ive finding from t11e City Atto r ney ' s o ffice indicates
the railroad does n o t have the power in this case.
No. 4) •
(See Exhibit
conclusions and Recommendations
It is clearl y evident tha t the~ souther n Railroad is det ermined to
fu l fill its p l a 1s i n the most expedien t manner.
'J~he secrecy a t
which they a cquired property and the conc eal ment of information
regarding their intentions unti l the last possible mome n t leaves
considerable doubt i n my mind as to what publ i c they represent .
is obviously not t h e 45,00 0 res i dents of Model Cities or the
8,000 in Pittsburgh.
As with repres e ntation, the quest i on of benefic i aries is raised.
Who b en e fit s dire ctly from expansion of t h e existing facilities?
Obviously the management and stock holders of Southern Railroad
a nd Gener a l Motors enjoy the fru i ts of this particul a r v enture.
The Pittsburgh community suffers for this plan will be to the i r
detrime nt ~
Thi s negative e f fect is the v e ry sought of situation Congress had
in mind when it e nacted Model Cit ies l e gislation in 1966.
objec tive of which was to s ubst antia lly impr ove t h e e nvi r onment
i n slum an d b l i ghted areas o f cities .
Here we h av e a goo d example
of h ow !l2.:!:. t o i mprove the e nvironment; the placement o f a rai l r oad
yard in a res identia l neighbo r hood is une quivocally c ontrary to
e very known principle o f envir onme nt a l healt h and s afe ty, and social
s tabil ity.
Southern's arguments of bus ine ss need a nd c i ty service
do not j ustify the predictabl e destruct i on o f a nei ghborh oode
t h ese reasons take priority over the - ob j ectives of the Model ·cities
Do they justify Sou t h ern's disregard for involving residents
and public agencies who di l igent ly worked to establish plans
�-15f o r creating a bet ter p l a ce to live in ?
Do th0y justi fy s i de
st epping a h o st o f soc ial, econom i c , · .nd phys i ca l problems- and
creat i ng mor e in the pro cess - - t hat thi · ':ro gra..m is committe d t o
sol ving·?
Maybe these qu est i ons point to the real reas o n
f o r So u thern' s sec retive approac h !
But t h e plans are now p ub l ic a nd we find ourse lve s with a s e t o f
f a ct s-- an d a chal l e ng e : Revers ing the h i s toric a l pro cess .
the ra 'l:r.oad aware o f the problems it i s c re ating,
and a sk them
to j oin u s in find i ng a n a cc e p table solution, f or t h em and f o r
the r esident s of Pittsburgh.
Th is appr o ach mus t b e t hrough nego t i atio n .
which i s res i dent invo l v eme nt.
Th e p r erequi site o f
The r a ng e to n e got i ating is
between no expansion of yard facilities , to expansion of the
facilities with an i mprovement to t h e s urrounding area.
improvements would consist of h.~gh qua l ity b uffering between
the yards and .residential property; a park that is up to city
standards in terms of Jand and facilities; an underpass at
McDaniel Street; an adequate relocation program for the people
to be displaced including the opportunity to remain in this area;
and an adequately designed street system to serve the unusual
pattern that would result if the yard were built.
This endeavor would have to be highly coordinated and thoroughly
Resident involvement must be solicited and channeled
into the direction that would insure maximum impact on negotiations.
Public re lations must be mobiliz e d and p repa r e d for the c on fronta tions that will occur.
An image of a united front will have t o be
maintained in orde r t o inc rease the chance s o f receiving the most
b e n e fit s from negot iation.
In short, t hi s approa ch must be
thoroughly planned and managed.
As a firs t
step, I wou l d re comrnend a h alt to the railroad's
acqu is ition program.
'rhis may b e vo lunt ary or be an i nj unct i on
which sho ld b e initia.ted 1Jy a r es i dent c ommittee-poss ibly one
s e t· up b., cope with the r a ilr o ad problem-an adhoc group.
Simultaneously, suppo r t from other public agencies mus t be
sol i cited.
The Parks Department and Planning Department,
a n d perhaps othersr must agree in p r i nciple at l east , to pre vent
the railroad from inva lidating t h eir p l ans for the area.
al l, that 's what they main- ~ain when we present p l ans diffe ent
from theirs) .
In summary, we must {1) detenuine what position and action the
Program will take;
( 2) appo i nt a coordinator;
approva l for intervention; and fin ally,
( 3) solicit resident
(4 ) insure support from
appropriate public agencies.
�T o:
Colli er Gladin, George_Aldridge, Pierce Mahony, Don Swea t
· (·
Subj ect :
D.'\ T E
Eri c , Bob
~ -/
Southern Railway' s Planned Ex pans ion of Storage Faciliti:?s in the
Pittsburgh Neighborhood
Di s tribu te
[ .J
FIi o
Info. 011/ y
Nove mber 18, I969
On Tuesday, N ovembe r 4 , St·an Martin of the Porks & Recreation Department
informed Eric that Southern Roi lway was plonning to acquire a portion of Pittman· Park
in_ord~r to expand their storage faciliti es which ore now located ju st to the e ost of
Mc Dan ie l S1·reet·.
Previous to this da te, repre se ntatives of Southern Railway met with Mr .
Charl es Leftvv ich to ex plai n th e ir expansion plans. They told Mr. Leftwich that they
wa nted to acquire a pproximate ly 4 . 2 acres of t·he nort·hern section of Pittman Park
for th e stora ge of railroad ca rs. In return th ey will purch ase o pprox imo tely -4 . 8 ocres
to the southeast of t·he park and give it to the Parks De partme nt a nd buil d new
fa c il ities for any fa ciliti es whi ch th ey acquire . In oddil'ion to th e par k, Southern
Ro ilway a lso pla ns to exp0nd southwesterly into the Pittsburgh Ne ighborh ood a nd
wi ll a cqu ire 50 stru cture s betwee n McDani e l Stree t and Pittman Park.
On Wednesday, Novembe r 5, th e day after Stem Martin informed Eric ,
Re ina ld Dersc h of the Parks Deportment brought o map c f th e park and showed Eric
and Bob Southe rn Roi lway 1s plans w.ith regard to the park (but not Southern 1s comp le te
plons). At this t ime , Er ic telephoned J im Wright to in for m him of what the Planning
Deportme nt hod learned, Eric req uested that a meet ing be he ld as soon as possib le
with representatives of Southe rn Rai lway, Mode l Cities, Parks and Recreal'ion
Deportment, Housi ng Authori ty and th e Planning Deportment. Th is meeting wos
set by the Parks Department for the fo l low lng Monday.
On tv'1ondo 1 , November 10, a meeting wos he ld in the conferer,ce room of
the City Hal I Annex to discuss Southern Railway's plans . Peop le attending the
meeting included:
Howard Grigsby - Housing Authority
Lou Orosz & Jim Wright ... Mode l Cities
Jimmy Mimms, Virginia Carmichael, Betty Yarborough, Molly Waggoner Recreation Staff
A. P. Brindley, Reinald Dersch - Porks Staff
Stan Martin - Parks & Recreation Department
November 18, 1969
Page Two
Horace Wo rd - City Attorney 1s Office
Bob Heiget - Planni ng Department
C. Richard McQuee n - (attorney from Gren ne, Buckl ey, DeRi e nx & Jones)
representing Southern Railway
J. R. Oglesby - Southern Ra il way
At this meeting Reinald Dersch of l·he Parks and Recreation Department discussed
the Roilway's plan, the effect on Pittmon Park, and some solut'ions t-o this problem. The
lend that Southern Roi lwoy ..wishes to give the Parks Department in rel·urn fo r wha!· they
purchase includes a porl'ion of the brick yard eas t of t-he presen t Park and the block
bounded by De levon Street, Fortress Avenue, Fletcher Street and West Avenue. ih is
bl"'ock c;onl·ains 30 structures (residentiol).
The greotest concern of the Porks and Recreation Department is that the po.rk
proposed by Southern Railway would be long ond fairly narrow. The bloc k with 30
structures is quii"e iso lated from the majority of Pittsbu rgh resid ents and th erefore,
the resulting pork would not well serve the residents. These problems were discussed
and t-h en the Recreation Staff members le ft.
Mr. Mc Queen, represent in g the Roi Iway, then presented Southern Roi lway•s
entire plan to th e remai_ning membe rs. The tota l plan extends from /vkDaniel Stree t
on the west to Fortre ss Stree t on th e easl'. Fifty structure s would be acquired west
of th e park cmd thirty structures would be acquired for the new Pittman Park, for a
totol of 80 structures (oll resident ial). Approximate ly ten stru ctures have a lready
been acquired west of th e park qn sca ttered sites.
Lou Orosz told Mr. McQ ueen what Model Cities is trying to accomp li sh
and stressed th e importonce of c itizen involvem e nt. Mr . McQueen stated that
Sou thern Railwoy needs thi s storage yard immediately. They do not wi sh to ge t
involved with court sui ts nor are they fond of mee ting w ith the cil'izens.
Bob Helget stated that maps ·.-vould be needed by the Planning Deportment
c:md Model Ci ties showing th e planned acquis iti on so that the full impa ct of the
proposed cou Id be studied .
The above mentioned mops were rece ived on Thursday, November 14. We
are now proceeding to pu t 1'11is information on Mode l Cities mops. Model Cities
end the Planni ng De partment will obtain information on the condition of structures
involved, number of families to be local'ed, and oth er pertinent information .
�Memora ndum
November 18 1 1969
Poge Three
On Monday, No bembe r 17, Johnny Johnson is meeting with the le ga l
representat ive s of Sou the rn Ra i !way to get firsthand inform::i tion. At th is time
no additional meetings are schedu led.
r_T T ~"- ""
·· ' " 11~ , --
r:0 · tl?~ 1, ,~-J " p',
~"IT ,-,-r-r-"r--"'
_ ,A ,...(~
" '~
,. 7 _;-
Atteni'anae ;
r'rs. r-o ea i. nut'ne11 ,, r. r.riZZ1:am Cox .. Pr . Joe
m?itZey , ' 1r. Cf1.Zvin Craio. , ' 'rs. ~t . I,. r!eems , r,-'z, ,
flo b e1•t Do7,urnn
_i -•r .
,v 1'B.
I,ezn>~ Petel'S ;
! :' r!;.
B~ · wr1:qht .. ~1rs . .rda~!r>icrht
atti~ · Ansley _, r-1'!'. ,To11.n ·-· Hoo d.
The 1, o(.!.r>d of D1:reotor.~ met on t 'J,,.g abo ve 1~ate 1,,ith t1.le 0 11.airman.
~'~a oon ! 1ett3rs p11~si 2i.rir; i'l'i a ~al 'l sessi on -f; (l tn.lh .:111 t •'LP- ;11. n. P.
aativities a'!'e as fo r !970 . Aq4nay rnvoo•i~ati on al9 o Reni o~
Citi;~ens of At 'l a.ntrr. anr? saiary fori Day
f.mnlolfeeR .
The ohairn~n D0aoon PetePR asked that t~e aaen da b e anvro v ed.
~ ~-
Johnny Johng on
t he ~xeautivs Dire ctor o f At lanta ·~a4l Cities
d?:sausa~ d t iie 1'.1• 1;; P.
for l9'10 11.e 971,m;Jer us t '!1.e
oZe.aPenae and l"e 'lo aation si:!;e f or the s i:r: ( P.) ,'~ode 7,. Ci ti es areas.
rfe Mere also given a Zi et 1..Jit 11 ·the rJornnonet vr-lo!'1:tieR 1:1 it1~ a
1Jrog ram
pattern for p1:.,oqre rrn.
He ,:1 tater'I that a~t1: v1:-t1:e'3 that 1,,eren ' t
aaaomp1,iaher fn Z9 GD 1Ji ZZ 1·.r:wa to 'Je ao mnZeter-1 1:n l9?0 . ,,,.,,,_,.n-1 ,,,ere
not 1:nd.iaated on th e r; r1:o:r-ity ZiFJt.
' 4 r . John!3on spok.e about
t~e So uthern PaiZroaJ ~½ieh ~as purahas s~ ~omes & anartment
in the .Pi tts'bu.rgh area anil. ?1.0, q aomp l et a Zt1 ove'11'l.oo1(ec1 t11.e .'J.od~ l.
Ci tie'3 ci tiaens ~ the HDP p Zan fo'!' t11 irr in t:-i e T'i. tt~burg'"- community.
He also spoke o_f' t he .:1anr,er o_f tti~ ~'0Dan1: et cro.tJqinq :, he sai<1 the

riesidents of F!or.leZ Citi €s ,,; i'l Z not rec(n: v e an1-1 a~aistance from ·

Southern ~ai lPoa2 suah as moving aost. and othe~ t~in1e that the~
woul.d 7zaVG Y'eaeivn .from "4o del Cities.
Re aZRo statea t¾at 0e nee~ Zeaal adviqe on Emient Domain to see
u~ePe hle stan2 in this matter.
.'. i

]eaa on '?e ter9 Peque s tee? that al 'l _si
r: (6) Neiqh.1)or>'l-r. ooc1.s un:i,te

be 1dnt1 • 1oil.e l Ci ties in vo1:cinrr cUt:iarmroval of Southern 'Q(tl Zwa,,1
in r.iul's e o.f tand 1:n r1: tts7, ~rnh _.Pop rai lPoad e~1Jans1.:on.
�He said that we need to oaZZ ait the PQside~te of Pittsburg~ and
~1eahani asvi Zle toqe the r to a tand. up for thei!' r-irih ts because
t 'h e r'odet Cities office reeeived nonotifiaation about 1i1hat lJaB
happening in theiP area.
The report from the Housing
, by Representative John Hood.
the Executive Board.
Relocation committee was presented
It was approved for aation by
(See attached reDo~t)
/11:rao. Bunnie J aokson from EOA die cussed t71e training propo.-s a'l fl'om
nodeZ. Cities r1aas Convention:1 Ina, .: is th~
de tegatr1
agency .foP this proaram.
o. E. 0.
A motion lJaa made & se oondecJ. & approved that a letter be sent to atZ
agenoies f unded by ~~aez Cities requesting the qualifiaations of
their e.mpZoyeee & the numb el" of ztesicl.ents an their st a.ff.
It was motioned t seaonded & approved that thlo (2) oitiaens 3
Dokson J a ~!P . Scott attend a Hou.sing conferenae · i.n fi1ashington
on necember 8.
Deaoon LetJi s Peters, Chairman
�Ii \1 , --- ri ,--..
I . ' . .Iil, ,;-_ ),'
.,,.- no.,


1! \
·,-'I·, i n,, ,r,··-J
·- •

, :

r·: •.

j ,' ',·

! :.?' (..'__, !j t l.:) i ·-~./ lJ
i ':-yi,/
' \.,.
r \,
d lJ
!,i, \:,, rr_- :1, ,rj, !. ,
r ,.r·.,,.• ""
\..,. ,.11 ·
r ·1 ·.~'-)
r-, 1t

, · ... ••·.,,:, r .-,~
~ ~ t_'. '/
• . ./_/ I·. , oi
· \\ / ,
'x, \:. .. !

11 r:_!1
I/ r -1 \\ If
• 1 -/
. J ; '
·, , / (
,' \·
{\ , ~ .
l ly Hi\LEiGll BHYM;s
I i/C.:;
So:tl iicrn lhdli·:~y 's pb 1s to cxpai;cl ![~ South Yard, c1mi
thcrc!iy lo di~pli: cc from 100 lv 150 fa1nil ic:-;, caui;cd .-\tianla 's
Mode: Cit ic:s Exccutirc Do:ird lo rc.-icl Y:i(h co11cc;·11 T11 }su:,y.
- --------The i\fotlc l C'li c:-; boa rd voled
to ask Southern lo tk l.iy it s c:,pansicm prcgram unlil il has discus cd it s plans and altcrn alin.?s
wit h c-i ty offi cials.
The bo,;rd 's concern , in large
part , was tl wt Soulh c·rn will !.Jc
ttprcoli n6 .o man~· fa milies al.
lhe sanie ti me hw:dreds of
. -
others ar<: bcinF! di~ 1)l,1cccl hv
the city.
Bu t the board a! · o \'O ie:c-d cli spl l'asurc tha t c~pnn.-;i'.Jn of
's yard wi ll take a
fl if Soulhern
fom-:ic rc bi le out of c:; ty-o,•:n::d
f l'ill nian Park and v:i!i mci n
certain streets will be clcad-
. j'1L.j\il/:).,~
v- ~--- {tI '.tJ..-.tvi

_:_----5 entlc cl .


{v ·( rf.c, { ;'
ll[r!J U/
1v .
Officl;tl:; compl ained tlwl !h·y
li ad llo t k ~!rncd of Southe rn':;
g c}:pansion ~:ct ivilin,; until JO
cl ays at:o, a'. lhoutli nl 1-2;;:; t one
c city ofiic:i:d--J\ ld<.: nn:, n Char;ic
e Left\'.'ieh · - J;new of l ilc1a f r
som e ti me.
OFFI Cl.-'l LS said Soul11crn had
~t discus eel wit h L ft wic:h the p:is:dbil ity of wo l'i:ing a trade in
n whi ch tile city wou!<l s1•::1 p the
?r ·pi[ tm ,i n P a r k acre;ige for
,. Sou ll wrn-oil'll'·d land at n11o l11 u
·s loca ti on.
·Offici c1 ts of lhe railw~y h:1d
not imm ediate rcnc lion to the
l\l odd Ci tic:; boa rd reques t tha~
.s C'xpansion of th'.! South Yat d lie
.s dclavcd.
I. · spoke!;man for Southern ~c
General Mrinnger IL H. ?\!00rc 1·· (
sai d there wou; d be no re- c>
t sponse by the railr0zid t1 nlil
ll Moore returns from an out-t1f- 1
town trip 'l'lwrsday .
According to ci ty orficiu1s,
the Sout h Ya;cl e:..pansio:1 is lv
provide sic1il'~'.s for slr;ra:;e of
the huge · rci !way ears whi::h

arc used lo tr<111s fcr newly manufactured au lomobilt·;; ,
Sou:hern po.·,sc-.,sc;: illc po\'.'c r
of emim·ut Jon11l n whicli m-:-ans
Uwt, !'kc tltr. cily or olha gov- r
ernmclil :,, it can i,cqL:ire prnp- n
crtics it w,,nts through condcm11at iou.
The coi,rx rn of 1\in(kl C:it\~s
offitids · ,ll'i ~0:.. from tit ~ f;i c:-t
the cxprn1~ivn is ccrli!'ri t:~ within the city's 3,C0O u: rc ~.;u,! ~11
Cities .irca al a ti t, 1.:: wkn n
major p,;:llic pruu,.n1 to iin-provc th ::t :trca h u;dc r v,:n·,
�..... .
Mr •. Jack
General l!,an.~ger
Department of Parks
City Urill Annex
Atl nt _• G orgia
Mr . vOllie Be
Gladin ,
of Planning
Dapartmen t
City Hall
Atlanta , G orgia
Mr .. Johnny
John on ,
Mod l Cities Program
673 Capitol
At ntJJ. ,

Pittman Park
T11e writ r , after eonferring with es rs . James B. Pilcher and
Hor ce T. W rd* ha cane to th conclu ion that the u~a to which
property in Pittman Park is fiQW being put is~ s~-,, rior governmental
la.mi use and , therefore , cannot be the subject of emin~nt
by a r ilroad , ev-n though that r ilroad is authorized to ~xercise
that pow r of emin nt domain .,
Also, I hav
ccme to the conclusion th~ t the land wh.ich the Southern
Railway Company wanta w s acquired t;n such a manner that any dill ...
continuation of. its u e s p rka property would 1ot creata a reverter
�Mr o Jack C. Delius ,
Mr Q Collier B. Gladin , and
Mr Q Johnny c. Johnson
P€.lge 2
11, 1969
to the gr~ntor.s of the prope rty .
Therfore , I am
of Atlanta ~1ish
dose , p~ovidad
City of Atl nta
of the t ntative opinion that should the City
to di~po e of the propert y in que~tion , i .. may
that the chart r ~nd related ordinances of t he
are followed in thie reapece .
The primary purpose of this l tt~r is to r~qu st that you three
g~ntl3'm~n ait dawn and att:ampt to bring about a unified position.
of ~he City of Atlanta with reepeet to this matter .
Once you have made soma sort of a resolution, if you would kindly
appriae th~ writQr of what that ia, we sh 11 then procQ d with
your wishes. For purposes of I legal economy' , Mes~ra Pilcher
and ward and myself fee l thac we would batter serve a unified
position rather ~~n ettch of us going off on a separate cour e
at t..~e behest of several clients.
With my kindest rega rd
to you 11, I am ,
Very truly your •
'IJ ~- V V t
F~ Choyce
�.. r-... - .-
..... ,~-.
~ 673 Capitol Avenue, SW
Atlfil?-ta, Georgia 30315
I. :
December 1, 1969
673 Capitol Avenue,
Atlanta, Ga. 30315
(404) 577 - 5200
Ivan Allen Jr., Mayor
J.C. Johnson, Director
____ _
,.:-:' .-:-
Board Of Aldermen Members
Johnny c. Johnson, Director l\CQ__
Model cities Program
O I"
Southern Railroad Plans for Land Acquisition
in Model Cities Area
The Southern Railroad recently started to negotiate the exchange
of a portion of City owned Pittman Park for adjacent residential
and industrial property that they intend to ~cquire. As a result
of their discussions with the Parks Department, the Model Cities
Program eventually became aware of Southern•s plan to enlarge
their yard facilities in the Mechanicsville Neighborhood of
Model Cities. This plan raises many issues all of wh.ich a
deep concern to us at Model Cities and perhaps to the City at
large .
The attache d memorandum to the Mayor and others is offered in
order to br i ng these issues to your attention . In addition, it
outlines the events that prec€rl.ed· our discovery of Southern• s
plan and suggests a course of action to follow. I would greatly
appreciate any r ecommendation.a and comments you h~ve to offer .
�Novembe r 28, 1969
G73 Capitol Av1mue, S.W.
Atlanta, Ga . 30315
(404 ) 577 • 5200
Iva n A lle n Jr., Mayor
J. C. Johnson, Director
Mayor Ivan Allen
Mayor El ect Sam Ma ssell
Executive Board Members
Mr. Jack Delius
Mr . Dan Sweat
Mr. Collie r Gladin
J ohnny c. John s on
Executive Di rec tor
La nd Ac quisition by the Southern Railroad in Pittsburgh
(S e e a t t a che d map)
Lest e r Persells
Henry Bowden
J"ames Pilcher
Horace Ward
Thomas Choyce


On Novembe r 10 , 1969, t h e Mod e l Cities Program fir st became aware
o f plans o f t h e Sout h ern Rail road t o expand their exist ing storage
ya rd in the Pitts bu r gh- Me ch anics ville Area.
This mqve affe cts only
the Pittsburgh c ommunity where acqui s i tion of 15 . 2 acres of l a nd
i s p r esent l y i n p r og r e ss ; Southern is c urren tly attempting to
negotiate t h e acqu is i tion of 2~8 acres. o f Pittman Pa rk belonging
to the Ci ty o f Atlanta an d p art o f the 15.2 acre s ite.
The i r
reuse proposal ca ll s for retent i on of 11.5 acre s to b e used f or
expansion of their existing yard f ac ilitie s, while t h e remain ing
3.7 acres would be returned to the c ity f o r park use.
The rai l -
road proposes to finance t he cost o f ' con structing t h e n ew park,
including the replacement of a gymnas ium, swimming pool, and
tennis courts, all of which would be included in the initial 2.8
acre park acquisition.
�-,t, -
This pl ar raises many i ssu es and que s tion s a l l of ~ hic h will have
to b e an swered in the forthcoming weeks.
It is the e xprecs purpose
o f this memo to prepare a proper foundation for this period by
-tat ing, as accura t e ly as possible , t he events that preceded and
f o llowed our i nitial discovery
f Sonthern's plan on November 10 ,
and t he i ssues that I believe have been raised as a result .
l s o made s ome .re comrn.enda·1• ions regarding t h e course of action
we shou ld take .
The finn of Greene , Buckley , DeRinex
Agents f o r Sou.the r n Rai lroad .
& Jones,
located in the National Bank of Georgia Bu'lding i s acting
a s the ir l e gal age nt; John David Jones a nd
b -en involve~ in past discussions.
Richar d McQue en have
Land acqu isition is being
handled by Adams - Cates Realty l ocated in the Hurt Building; Henry
Robinson i s ac ti vely involved in
Existir!.9 and P ro,eo sed Land Use.
h is asp e c t of t 11e p lan .
Compos i tion of the
acquisition is as follows:
B siness
After acquisi~ion
15.2 acres
he land wil l be used for:
P ilroa.d
3.7 acres
. 11. 5 acres
15.2 acres
.5. 2 acres of
Residential Relocation.
The number of bu i ldings and units
to be acquired:
Single Family .
. .

Multi p le Family.
T\vo Fami J. y
The number o:... dwelling units is not an a ccu rate
indic a ti on of the rn1mber of fami li es present ly
occupying thern; overcrowding may increase this
figure .
Public Notificat·on of South ern ' s Plans
rrhese agencies initially b ecai.11e aware of South ern ' s acqui s ition
and expansion plan on t he da t es indicated:
Parks Depa r _tment
October 30
Hous ing Authority
November .S
Planning Department
November 6
Model Ci.ties Program Staff
November 10
Model Cities
Board of Directors
Novemb er 17
Model Cities
Exec utive Board
November 18
Chronology of Events {196 91
August-Septembe r
Acquisition of resident i a l property
began sometime during this period.
October 30
Southern ' s agents H. Robinson and
C. R o McQueen met with AldE.'rman
Charles Left.wich, Jack Delius, and
Stan Martin to discuss the r ailroad's
The Pa.rks Departme nt was asked
to determine the , feasibility . of a new
park design that would exclude 2.8 acres
of the existing Pittman Park,
but include
the additional 3.7 acres !the railroad was
willing to swap for the excluded portion.
November 5
Southern's land agents met with the Atlanta
Housing Authority to determine the type of
relocation assistance available to occupants
of home s within the acquisition area.
Because of the unique nature of this request-
a railroad a cquiring property under the
powe r o f eminent domain in an urban renewal
area within the Mode l Cities Program-the
Authority a sked the regional office of the
Renewal As s is t ance .Administr ation ( RRA)
f o r a n op in i on.
t h at
RRA tentative ly d etermine d
n.Q fina ncial assistance was available
· under ex isti ng regulation s and contacte d
t heir home office in Washing ton, D.
f u rth er de t e rmination.
November 6
Planning Department became aware of
So uthern ' s plan for the Pittman Park
acquisition onl y.
At this t i me the Depart-
ment arranged a meeting f o r Monday,
ber 10 , at the Parks Department conference
Room and requested Model Cities repre-
• ,• I I~

J ~ •
.. -.-:.
...·.... ..... ., .
' -· ::.., •:t.:
, \,
.. ...
,4- ,
., .' .. e,
·-~. ·.., .....
,, •


- ·'-
' .. (
... ~: -· 1..·..
.. .
.J. · ~


~(:-:·· ::a:~.l rca.6


. L itl. :. "-4
. -...

. .c .. 11.n

.... . .....,.
. "-
, .
" _ ,.::;.,;.,.

·?:rog:c am

}. '!--J ·-
.... ""'~ ......
- .. . - . . . . .
• •~
,. .......
?rog .carf. ....... .
�-6Pittman Park situation but e xpanded to
the r e loca tion and involvement of Pittsburgh r es i dents.
Mr. J o ne s reiterated
t he Railroad ' s position a s expre ssed one
week earl i er on November 10; the acqui sit ion
of l a nd, including a portion of Pittman Park,
mus t be completed as soon as possible ; the
re location of people wa s not a railro ad
p roblem; the rai lroad would pay the fair
market value f c, r a ll p r ope rty a cquired; and
that any att empts to involve r e sidents and
other public agenci e Si-'1aS urdes irable b e cause
it would slow down the acquisi t i.- n p roc es s .
'rhe Rail r o a d c lear ly wa nted the property
acq~i red a nd facili t i es c o ns t r ucte d without
de ay .
Model Cities maintained an opposit e po siti on :
resident involvement in a ll phases of community development is the core of the Mode l
Cities Program and mu st be maintained .
formulation of p l ans affecting residents of
the Model Cities Area, without thei r involvemen t , iS contrary to guidelines set up by
th~ Department of Housing and Urban Development.
(HUD). Suggestions were also made that
would get the Rai l road involved in formula-
tin~ and financing a portion of the cost of
�-7re loca ting people from the propos ed acquisition area i nto new hous i ng within the Model
Cities Area .
It was additional y recommended
that this would be an excellent opportunity
for Southern to b ecome involved in the developme nt. of t h e Pittsburgh community by devi sing
waya t h at wou l d assis t in impeding the further
deterioration of residential s tructures in the
immediate vicinity of the railroa d.
the railroad is responsible for this d eterioration b y creating an undesirable residential
n eighbo r hood to live i n, they should bear the
r e sponsibility, rath er than the public a t
l a rge , for preventing t his de t erioration. )
Mr. Jones said he would convey this portion
to officia l s of t h e railroad.
November 17
Mr. J. c. Johnson presented Southern ' s p l an
to the Model Cities Board of Directors . (See
minutes - Exhib it No. 2).
The Board denounce d
the plans and attitude of the rail road ,
particularly the secretive manner by which
it planned and executed its program, and
addit ional ly, their total disregard for involving residents and the Program staff.
Finally the Board passed a resolution urging
the Model Cities Executive Board to request
the Southern Railroad to cease buying
prope rties until their actun l
int e ntions
a r e known.
Novembl§r 18
Model Cit ies Exe cutive Board met and
lis t ened to a presentation of Southern's
plan by Jim Wright.
Exhibit No. 3).
(See news pap er article -
'l'hey r e solved to
Southern to delay its p rograrn until the
full impact of their plan on Pittsburgh and
t he Mode l Cities Pr ogram Pl an wa s known .
November 1 9
A tentative l ega l opinion reg a rding the
ut i l i zation of GUi.nent domain in making the
Pi ttman Park a c q ui s ition was rec eiv e d b y
J ohnson f rom the At lanta Departme nt
o f Law .
(See l e tter of November 1 7 , 1 9 69 -
E:-chib i t No. 4) .
The opin i on said i n effec t,
that the Ci ty ' .:, ownership and u se of Pit t man Pa rk was a superior governmental use
which could not be acqu ired by the railroad
t h rougl. its eminent domain power .
Resident Involvement.
Lack of a ny to solicit the involve-
ment of residents in t he planning phase of this developm -·nt.
represents a flagrant violation of the requirements and intentions
of the Model Cities P .ogra-m as e:itpres-:::;ed by Congress, the Department
of Housing and Urban Development, and the City of Atlanta.
If this
is allev;ed to continue it will result in de s truct ion of the trust
residents now have for the progr9-m as a means for improving
the ir own neighborhoods .
'I'he re can b e no excepti ons fo r ex-
c luding re ide nt involvement .
Acquis ition of a Portion of P,.t.tman Park.
The Mode l Cities
Plan identifies the Park as presently be ing below standards
set up b y the Prog r am and by the City o f At lanta in it s
Parks and Recreation Plan.
This de ficie ncy is i n terms of
acres, and in fac ilities by which people can en j y the park
such a s basebal l diamonds , r e c r eation center, etc.
'11 h e
a l so anticipate d acquiring th e entire Foy Brick Company in
later stages o f the Program: t he use, of cou r se , would have
b een a pa.rk a ddition.
The r eas on for not propos ing ·1-he
acquisition of a djace nt resident i a l property fo r eventua l
p ark use was bec a us e the Pittsbur gh c ommunity , i n seve r a l
meet i ngs , was again s t s uch a move .
The re l at i ve l y goo d
structu ral condi tions of these homes a n d t h e p r eservation
o f s ocia l ties between n eighbo rs was more i mpo rtant t o th-3se
Th e rai l road , on t h e other hand , has not con sidered these
f acts.
After acquisition, wh i ch includes 30 dwe ll i n g un i ts
to be removed expressly for park expans i on a nd the Foy
Brick Company, park acreage will increase about one acre.
Th~s is one more acre t.han the
ark now contains, meaning
that it will continue to b e substandard.
But more important,
it means that any plan to bring it up to standards by increas ing
its acreage in the future will m0an that additional homes will
have to be acquired.
�-10 conseque ntly, t h e Railroad has e very thing t o g a in and the
Pitts burgh communit y h as ,z verything to los e - its p e opl e ,
it s homes, and the anticipa ion of enjoying a l a r g er p ark
in t h e f ut ure .

Oi sreqa r d f or the Future Developme n t of Pittsburg}~.

'r h e
So u thern Ra ilroa d has compl e t e y disreg a rded e x ist ing p lan s
f o r Pi t tsburgh .
This include s t h e City's 1983 Land Use
Pl a n , t h e City ' "' Park s an d Re cre a tion Plan, and Model Cit i es
Program Pl ans for the are a .
Th ese p lans represent a sub-
stan t i al nu.'11ber of hou r s on the p a rt of the a g enc i es inv olved
and the res i dents affected.
The c o st o f preparing the s e
d ocumen ts whi c h r e fl ects , i n th i s case , the d e sires a nd
aspirat ions o f Mode l Citie s resi ·.ents is not a l i g h t
con s ideration.
It cannot be di s regarded .
'J'he Ra ilro ad claims i t s acquis i t i on of h omes t o provi d e itse lf
with more yard faci l iti es i s j ustified for two reasons.
F -' rs t ,
that the space is needed to accommodate the outpu t of Ge neral
Motors; the intention is tha - more business (if this is
actually the Ci' ) wi 11 benefit the city as a whole in the
long run.
Thi s kind of think.'ng-egotistical, one-sided,
narrow minded , a nd with the doll ar i n mind as the ult imate
objective-is responsible for destroying central city neighborhoods throughout the countryft
It is one of the reasons
why Congress has found the n eed for a Model Cities Program.
And natura11y it is completely oppos·te t h e short run1
coor iinated, and comprehensive approach of this Prograrn
t owa rds i mproving t h e l i f e of peop le l i ving in the a rea and
partic i pating in the Prog rrun .
I think that t his r eas on ing ic: i nv a lid within the boundaries
of this Prog r am .
The short run time period is unquestionably
mo re critical to Pi t t sbu gh -esiden ts th an it i s to t h e
ques tion abl e long run n ee ds of the Ci t-y, t 1,e Sou thern Rail r oad,
and Gener a l Motors -in thi s instan ce.
On th e second r e a s on, Southern believes it is doing- a serv i ce
to · h e Ci ty b y r emoving s ubstandard structure s in the path of
i t s p r opo sed yard facilities.
If the struc ture s are s ub -
standar d t o the d e gre e South ern claims,
(a nd this is que stionable),
t h en it is b ecau se of t h eir nearness t o t h e ra a d.
to l i v e near a rai l r o a d ya r d?
Who want s
Th e people wh o c an affo r d t o
l i ve on this resi d en t ial l y margina
l and h ave extrem . d i ffi cult y
in maintaining their homes beca u se o f t h ei r l ow income and t h e
high cost of materials and labor u sed in home repa i rs.
(B ecau se
the homes are marginal doe s n't mc~an t he people are marginal
o:r undesirable).
It can be predicted with reasonable certainty t h at once the
yar d is constructe d as presently planned , the adjacent buildings
will deteriorate over the years.
In a similar manner to the
present situation, Southern ls laying the groundo10 rk for another
claim when the need for additional yard fa.cili ties arises g that
they are doing a service to the City by removing them.
Res iden t Re locat i o n.
The Mo de l Cities Pr.O:Jram has cont inua l l y
maintai ne d tha t residents will be given the op portunity t o
remain in t hei r ne ighborho od in t h e event t1ey had t o b e
r e loc ated. h opportun i t y there mus t be choice .
'l'h e lack
o f standa rd &vel unit s within the area h a s p l a ced t his
burden of p r ovi d i ng choice on t h e p rovi s ion o f t emporary
hous i ng un i t s .
Occupancy of tempo r ary un it s wou ld be until
s uc h t ime as permanent s t ruc ture s were built.
'rhis me thod
· repres ent s t h e f oundation of t he Mode l Cities Re l o c ation Plan
and without it t h e re wi l l be no publ i c r elocat ion of f ami l i e s
to provide l a nd fo r a ny fa c i lity .
Furthe rmore , fin anc ial assistance from the Mode l Cities Program
a nd t h e Ne ighbo r hooq. Dev elopment Program (NDP ) will mak e t h e
di f f i cult i es o f mov i ng eae: .ie r f or al l pe op l e who must b e rel cated .
This inclu des tenants a nd homeown ers ~
The f o rme r r e c e i ve moving
expe ns e s and t h e latter r ec e i ve moving expenses ~nd up to $5 ,000
in d i f fe r ential pay~1ent s: they are p a id the differe nce in cost
($5 ,000 maximum) f r om the pr ice rec e i ve d f o r the i r a cq•dred
p roperty and the cost of buying a simi l ar s i z<:1d home .
'rhe approximately 1 00 f amiJ. ies t o b e re located by Southe rn ' s
acquisition wi l l receive none of thi s assistance.
The use
of eminent doma i n, or the thr eat o f i t, wi ll not benefit these
re l ocatees.
·rhey wi ll not b e e ligibl e f o r temporary h o u sing
b e caus e none is available at this time .
And they will not
receive moving expenses and differential payments since they
are not part of the NDP or part of an acquisition by a public
agency wor1dng with the
Mode l Cities Program.
Again,. the people do not benefit and actually become the recipients
of inequitable treatment as a r e sult of Southern's
tion in the Model Cities Program.
Acquiring Pittman Park b y the Power of Eminent Domain.
Southern Railroad-a public utility-exercise its delegated power
c:>f eminent domain in the acquisition of 2.8 acres of Pittman
The question is important because its answer may detennine
the ' s uccess or failure of Southern's venture.
If the answer is ;
"yes", then there is probably nothing constructive that Pittsburgh
residents can do to pre vent the plans's completion.
If "no",
t i en it m~y be possible to negotiate with the railroad ori the
i r ues a~ready rais e d-.
11.. \ tentative
finding from the City Attorney's office indicates
t ~ e railroad does not have the power in this case,
(See Exhibit
Nr- ·4),
.i .
Conclusions and Re commenda tion s
It is clearly evident tha t the Southern Railroad is determined to
fulfill its plans in the most expedient manner.
The secrecy at
whic h they acquired property and the concealment o f information
regarding their intent ions until the last possible moment leaves
c onsiderable doubt i n my mi1d a s to what public they rep resent.
It is obviously not the 45,000 residents of Model Cities or the
in Pittsburgh .
As with repre s e ntation, t h e ques tion of beneficiari e s is raised.
Who benE:fits directly from expans ion of the existing facilities?
Obvious ly the manag ement and stockholders of Southern Railroad
and Gen eral Mo t ors enj oy the fru its o f thi s par ticul a r v enture .
'l'he Pitts b urgh c ommunity s u f f e rs for t hi s plan will b e to the ir
d etri ment.
This negative e ffe ct · s t h e ver'y s ought of s i t ua t i on Congre s s had
in mind when i t e n act e d Mo de l Cit ie s l egis lation in 1966.
obj ect i ve of which was to sub st antially i mprove t h e environme n t
i n s l um and blighted areas o f cities.
Here we h Rv e a good exampl e
o f h ow no~ to improve t h e environment ; t h e placement of a rai l r oad
yard in a residential n eighborhood is unequivocally con trary to
every known principle of envi ronmental h eal t h a nd safety; and social
Southern' s argu.i.-uents o f bus i ness need and city service
do not justify the destruct i on of a neigr..borhood.
these reasons take priority over the objectives of the Model Cities
Do they justify Southern's disregard for involving residents
and public agencies who di}igent l y worked to establish plans
�-15for creating a bette r place to live in?
Do they justify side
steppi ng a host of socia ., economic, a nd physical problems-- and
creating more in the process-that this Program is committed to
solving ?
Maybe these questions p o int to the r al reason
for Southern's secretive approach !
But th e plans are no..-1 pu.'blic and we f i nd ourselves with a set of
fact s -and a challenge: ·Reve rsing the hi s torical process .
the ra ' lroad aware of the prob l ems it is creating,
and ask them
to j oin us in findi ng an acceptable s olution, for them a n d for
the resident s of Pitts burgh.
Thi s appr o a ch must be through negotiation.
which is resident involvement.
'11 h e
'I'he: prere quisit e of
rang e to neg o iating is
between no e x pansio n of yard f a cilitie s , to e x pans i o n of the
fa c i l iti es with a n impro v e me nt to the surroun d ing area.
i mprov ements wou l d c on s ist o f high quality buf f e r i ng b etween
t h e yards and r e sidential p r operty;
park that i s up to c ity
standards in tenns o f land and fa cilities ; a n underpass a t
McDaniel Strc~et
an adequate .rel ocat i on p rogra..'1\ for t h e peopl e
to be displ-3.ced ini::::luding the opport un ity t o rema in in th is area ;
and an adequately des igned street system to serve the unu sual
pattern that would result if the yard were b u ilt.
Thi s endeavor would have to be high ly coordinated and thoroughly
Resident involvement must be solicited and channeled
into the direction that would insure ma,"{imum impact on negotiations.
�-16 -
Pub:L i c re l a t i ons mu s t b e mobi l ized and p r epa red f or t he c onfront a tions t hat wi ll occur.
An image o f a unite d f r o nt will h a v e t o be
main~a i ned in o rder to i nc rea s
b e ne fi ts f rom negot i ation.
t h e chances o f r e c eiving t he mo s t
In sho rt,
t h i s a pproa c.1, mu"' t b e
thoroughly planned a nd manag e d.
As a fir s t s t e p, I wou l d r e commend a h t o t h e r ail r oad ' s
acquisi tion p rograrn.
Thi s may b e volunt ary or b e a n injunct, ion
which shou ld be i n i ti ated b y a r es ident c ommitte ,;-pos sibly one
s et ' u p to c op e with the r ail r oad p rob l em- an adh oc group.
Si mult ne ously, support from othe r pub l ic a.g e ncies must b e
sol ic it e d.
The Parks Department and Pl a nning De par tme nt,
a n d p e rhaps othe r s ,. must ag r e e in p rinc i p l e at leas t, t o pre ve nt
t h e ra ilr o ad f r om inva l i d ating t h eir p l a ns fo r ~he a r ea .
(Afte r
a ll, that ' s what they ma i n-a ·n when we prese nt p l a n s di ff eren t
from theirs ) .
In summary , we must (1) d etermine what po sition a nd action the
Program will take ; (2) a ppoint a coo r din a to r ; ( 3 ) s o lic i t res ident
approva l for interv ention; ctnd fina lly ,
appropriate public agencies.
(4) i nsure s upport from
Collier Gladin, George_Aldridge, Pierce Mahony, Dan Sweat
From :
Eric, Bob
·<'/'""'{J// ~
Sollthern Railway's Planned Expansion of Storage Faciliti -?s in the 1
Pittsburgh Neighborhood
· O,\TE
_Info. Only
November 18, 1969
On Tuesd_(;!y,..,~November 4, Stan Martin of the Parks & Recreation Department
informed Eric that Southern Railway was planning to acquire a portion of Pittman Park
in_order to expand their storage facilities which are now located just to the east of
McDaniel Srreet.
Previous to this date, representatives of Southern Railway met with Mr. Charles Leftwich to explain their expansion plans. They told Mr. Leftwich that they
wanted to acquire approximately 4.2 acres of l·he northern section of Pittman Pc1rk
for the storage of railroad cars. In return they will purchase approximately 4.8 acres
to the southeast of t·he park and give it to the Parks Department and build new
facilities for any facilities which -they acquire. In addition to the park, Southern
Railwo)' also plans to exptmd southwesterly into the Pittsburgh Neighborhood and
will acquire 50 structures between McDaniel Street and Pittman Park.
On Wednesday, November 5, the day after Ston Martin informed Eric,
Reinold Dersch of the Parks Departh1ent brought a map of the park and showed Eric
and Bob Southern Railway's plans with regard to the park (but not Southern's complete
plons). At this tim_e , Eric te!ephoned Jim Wright to inform him of what the Planning
Department had learned. Eric requested that a meeting be held as soon as possible
with representatives of Southern Railway, Model Cities, Parks and Recreation
Department, Housing Authority and the Planning Deportment. This meeting was
set by the Parks Deportment for the fol lowing Monday.
On Mondo1 , November 10, a tneeting was held in the confercr,ce room of
~1e City Hal I Annex to discuss Southern Railway's plans. People attending the
meeting included:
Howard Grigsby ., Housing Authority
Lou Orosz & Jim Wright - Model Cities
Jimmy Mimms, Virginia Carmichael, Betty Yarborough, Molly Waggoner ,
Recreation Stoff
A. P. Brindley, Reinald Dersch - Parks Staff
Stan Martin - Parks & Recreation Deportment
I ';<1\11 \ I I t.U
' ,.· ·
, I
November 18, 1969
Page Two
Hora ce Word - City Attorney's Office
Bob He lget - Planning Department
C. Richard McQueen - (attorney from Grenne, Buckl ey, DeRie nx & Jones)
re presenting Southern Ra ilway
J . R. Oglesby - Sout·hern Railwoy
At this meeting Reinold Dersch of the Parks and Re creation De partment discussed
the Roi !way's plan, the e ffect on Pittman Pork, and some solutions to th is problem. The
lond that Southern Railway wishe s to give the Parks De partment in rel·urn for what they
purchase incl udes a porl·ion of t·he bri ck yord east of the present Perk and the block
bounded by De levoti Street , Fortress Ave nue , Fle tcher Street and West Avenue . Th is
bfock coni·a ins 30 structu res (resi dentiol).
The greate st concern of the Parks and Recreation De partme nt is that the pork
proposed by Southe rn Railway would be long ond fai rly narrow. ihe block w ith 30
structures is qu ite isolated from the majority o f Pittsburgh res idents and th ere fore,
the resulting park wou ld not well serve the residents. These probl ems we re discussed
and then the Re crea tion Sta ff membe rs left.
Mr. McQuee n, re presen ting the Ra ilway , then presented Southern Ra ilway 's
enHre p lan to th e remal ning membe rs . The tota l pi on ex tends from M cDanie l Stree t
on th e west to Fortress Street on the eas1·. Fifty structures woul d be acq uired west
o f the park and thirty structures wou ld be acquired for the new Pittman Park, for a
tota l of 80 structures (a ll res ide nti a l) . Approx imate ly te n struc tures have olre ady
bee n a cquired west of th e park q n scattered si tes .
Lou O rosz to ld Mr. McQueen wh at Mode l Cit ies is try ing to accomplish
and stressed th e importonce of c it ize n .invo lvement . Mr. McQ1.1ee n sta ted that
Southern Roilwoy needs th is storage yard immedia te ly . They do not wi sh to get
invo lved with court su its nor ore the y fond of meeting with the c it ize ns.
Bob Helget stated 1'11ot maps wou ld be needed by the Pl an ning Deportment
and Mode l Ci ties showing the planned acq uisition ~o th at the fu l l impact of the
proposed cou Id be studied.
The above me nt ioned maps were rece ived on Thursday, November 14. We
are now proceeding to put th is information o n Mode l Cities mops . Mode l Cities
and the Planning Depari'ment wil l obta in information on the condi tion of structures
involved, number of fami li es to be located, and other pert inent information.
November 18, 1969
Page Three
. '
On Monday, Nobember 17, Johnny Johnson is meeting ~ith the legal
representatives of Southern Railway to get firsthand inforrrotion ! At this time
no additional meetings are scheduled.
I •
) .
. ,....

I ' . '•
.' '·
• I
�rfT~ ·-"" ·
,..."·t,,r-: ~,.... .,".·'

1". .... , ,
·, ,r\f\~ \ -,
('\ ··-
' "",;· .....
l 7I
.• ,..... , ,r-· ··-- 1 :--;..-·.
~ . -,,:-,
I' . ~ , • : ; -,, - .. , ~
if. -;; varu!anoe:
.• Jrs • .nos

' ' r. WilZiam r.o .1! _. ul". Joe

mi·ttley, "r. 0'a1.,1.1"!:-,.,. r:raia, ~·:rs. ·,~~. I, . r!eems, ;.~:-t-.
i7obert Do7u;on. Y:ra.s. C. B~ · W'1'iqht .. ~fris • .rda ~!:!'iaht .
.~·r. Le:,,i~ Pete!'-'3 . ?:'rG. attie · Ans Zey ·' ra. (roim Hood.
n1:Y>eotor.q met o ;-i ·f;"f-i. .~ above r.7.ate ,,,1.:th t~ie o¼air-r11c '!
~eaaon ~eters p'1'asi2in~ in a ~aZZ sesaion to talk ~n t,R ~. n. P.
~at ivities areas foP %9?0 . Agenoy rnvo~•l~ation . aZ9o Senio~
·1:·H:rnns of Atlanta and Sa'l,ary for Day Ca1.'~,Zot1efHJ.

t h e h O(.!'l'd o.f

The ohairn~n
PeterR askad that t~e aaenda be apD ~oved.
! ~- Johnny Johnson the ~~e nutiva Director of Atlanta 1
program d 1:sausser.Z the :'.1. D'. P.
.for 7.9'10 . he 9h01i1el' us t 7te
r, Ze arance and 1"eloaation si .t e ,for- the si::c (~) ode'l Citie s ax•eas.
f/e WlLr•e aZso given a tis t 1Jit 11 the rJorn:-1on11t Drioritie11 1,,1:-tr? a
pattern .for proqre .c;s.
He .r1 tatei1 tho.t aativitieg that Mer-en ·t
accomp Zishe~ i n Z9GD ~iZl ~ave to ~e aomnletel in lR?O . ~ ~~ij MePe
-~ot in d:i a(lte d on the 1:)';."iO'l'ity Ur:Jt.
'ur. John!lon spoke about
t ~e S out~ern Rail~oaJ ~hiah ~as purahase~ homes & apa~tment
in ti·1e .Pi tt ~ih ~~(!h araa ani? ?ia.<1 aompl~tf'-ll/ ove1loo7(e<l the .•1.odrd.
Citie aitiae n,<: t the PnT' plan fo'l' t11i!l in t~1e T'itteburgi.. community.
saii! the

·c ~i dents c.f ' '0<.fo Z Ci t ie8 ,J i ZZ not rece1:ve ant/ a•rn if3 tanae from · . '·'

Rout~ ern naiZ~oa~ such a , moving co at. and other t,ln1$ that thoy
ou ·, .: have. reoe1:vn .from 11o r:le Z c ,l tie$.
Re a l no e tated t~ . t u s nee ~ ZeaaZ adviqe on Emient Domai" to se e
0he re ~e stan~ i n t his mat t eP .
ffo aZs o spoke
t J-,e : 1anqrn• of the ~~oDani'3l (H'o .1 ~in(J ~ i-.e
Z:ea oor. ?e ters 'N tQ ues t ee tha t
a Z l , s,z:.r. ( fi ) Neiqh1>or>'1oods un_ite
behind ' ~~e l Cities in voi ain n di~approvat of Southern ~ail~a1/
in vurshase o.f 7,an d 1: n P1:tts-,,i.t:rrr1i for rai Z:r-oad e~pansion.
•., .
�Je said that we need to oaZZ alt the ~asid6~ts of Pittsburs~ and
.'-!eahaniasvi lZe toaether to etand up .for theixr rights because
the r- 1odet Cities offiee received nonotifiaation about 11,hat tJaB
happening in theiP area .
. T1i e report from tlie Housing f. Re Zocation committee 1.i1as presented
, by Representative John Hood.
It was approved for action by
the Emeoutive Board.
(See attached revort)
Mro. Bunnie Jaokson from EOA discussed the training propo9at from
O. E. O.
!.fode1, Cities rtaas Convention_, Ino, .: is the
agency foP this program.
A motion was made & seconded & approved that a letter be sent to att
agenoies funded btJ ,Poa.ei Cities requesting the qualifications of
their empZ.oyeea & the numbe:ri of resic1.ents an thei:rt staff.
It ti7as motione d f: seaonded & approved that t~,, o (2) aitiaan8 :,
Doke on , 13 ~1r. Scott attend a Housin g con.ferenee in Pashington
on Dece mber 8.
De acon Lewi s Pst e :rs , Chairman
lr1C,·;·,' \'· • /Ii

~? \:.::.1 ' j j ( ·;i 1'·I.

. 11
I -

. (


0 ·1
~ ;' !:; •;1., . ,!!,
. . ·,.,:1 • l'•
Southern Hai lw<!y's pb ns to expEl.r. cl i(s Sout h Ya rd, ami ·
lhcrc!Jy lo clispl::'rc from JOG to 150 fa111i lics, cau:icd .·\ tla nla's
Model Cities E:,ceutirc Do::ircl to rea ct v:ilh concern Tuesci3y .
.....-- - The Model Citic:; boa rd voled
to ask Sou thern Lu tkilay ils e:,pansion prog ram unti l il has discussed its plans c1 ncl ,tltcrnalin.:s
wilh ci ty offi cic1ls.
The bo,; rd's cei11ccrn, in large
part, was tlwt Soulil t·rn will be
uprooli n6 so families at
the same tim e hu;1drcds of
others arc being di:,plncccl by
fi the city.
But the board also ro lc:c<l di ,-: .
pk·.isurc tha t c:-; of
s Sou lh!:rn's yard will lake a
Y fou r-:icrc bile oul of c:: ty-ownd
f Pittnwn Park and v:i!i me;i n
cert ain slrcels wii l be c!ca,t. ·
5 ended.
Offic!nls com plained llw t lht'y
had llu l k arnccl of SnuU1c rn '!:i
g m:pansion acliv ilic.; until JO
cl ays H[;O, a '. thout;!i nl ka sl one
e city ofiici~d--1\!dern,;1n Cll ar;ic
.c Left wich ·__ knew of !hem for
some ti me.
OFFI CL\ LS snicl Southe rn had
3t disc ussed v,it h Left wich lhc p:.issibility of ,1•orl:ing a tr.ide in
n \l'hic:h the city would s1.-ap tile
!r P ittm an P a r k acrer1ge fo r
,. Sou tl1ern-oil'nccl la nd at .inothe:r
·s loca ti on.
·Offic ial · of the raillv2.y hnd
d 11ot imm ediate react ion lo the
1- 11odd Cities board request (h3t
.s cxpan ·ion of th'.! South Ya1 d be
A spokesman fo r S'Julhcrn S
General ilrn nager It. H. ;\loorcl,. 1
said there wou;d be no re- e>
sponse by the railn,::cl until
i Moore return s fro !1 an 0~1l-o[- l
town trip 'l'lwrsday .
Acco rd ing lo city officluls,
the Solllh Yard expan sion i3 tu
provide sicl ii:~:s fo r 1-;lr:ra3e of
the huge mi!w~1y cars wlikh
are used lo trc1 11sfer newly manufac tu red au lomobllc:;.
Southern possc.,sc~ lhc po\':2r
or emitH.'ll t Jo11din
whicli m -:nns
that, li ke li1,~ ci ly or oth 2r gov- r
ernmcn l:,, it can acqL:irc prop - r,
crtics · il w,:nls th ro ugh con·
dcm na!iua.
Th::! co11.-:t' rn of ~Todd Cities
offid~ls arise:; from th:? fo c-t ·
the cxpnn~ion is occurri ng -.;·ith-
in lht> c:it{s 3,0QO .ic: rc ~.;0,!.~l
Cilics ::trca at a tir11u wk· n a
major pu:)lic prog1'<1tll to improve lh,!t :1rc,1 h unJ-: r \·,:w .
EXHIBI _T N0 . 3
ATt ANTA, GEO RC,: ,:_ 3 .: ,3 03
November 17, 1969
Mr •. Jack Cs Delius
Gener a l Manager
Del'Ulrtment of Parlr..s
City a~ll Anne11:
nd Recreation
Atlant:11 1 G orgia
lI l•
_j I
- --"-~-
Mr . Collier B. Gladin, Director(~ ) 1
Department: of Planning
City Hall
Atlant , G$orgi~
/ ~\ \
.' _//
Mr . Johnny C. Johnson , {J1rector
Model Cities Program ~
673 Capitol
At 1.antJJ. , C or
i'itt:a,an Park
Th~ writer , after conferring wit h Me r . James B. Pilcher and
Horace T. Ward, has cane to the conclu ion that the use to which
property in Pittman Park is now being put is~ superior governmental
land u e and 1 therefore , c nnot be the subject of eminent dam in
by & r ilroad , ev n though th8t r ilro dis authorized t o exerci e
that po,:~er of eroinant domain.
Also, I h v
come to th~ conclusion th t the land which the Southern
R~ilway Company want wa acquired ~n uch a manner that any _dt•~
eontinuation of its u ea par!C.8 property would not c~eata a reverter
�Mr. Jack c. Deliue,
Mr. Colliar B. Gladin, and
Mr. John·ny C. John5on
Page 2
November 17, 1969
to tho grantor.a of the property.
Tru,refore, I am of the tentative opinion that should the City
of Atlanta wish to dispose of t:he property in question, it may
do so. provided that the charter and related ordinances of the
Cit:y of Atl'2nta are---followed in thia respect.
Th~, primary piu-pose of th1a letter is to request that you ~"lree
get1tlomon sit ,down and attempt 1:0 bring about a unified position
of the City of Atlanta ~ith respect to this matter.
One~ you have made soma sort of a resolution, if you would kindly
appri1e the wTiter of what that ia, we shall then proceed with
your wishes. Por purposes of •· laga l economy' , Mes ors, Pilcher
antl !ward and myself feel that wa would batter serve a unified
position rath~r than ~ch of us going off on a separate cour&e
at the behest of several clie..~ta.

Wit ' my kindest regards to you all, I am,
Very truly yours,
? lfov
Thomas F. Choyce
., : :
... -,
• •.
1' •
�. ··-- ~,....- -·-~t...:..,:_· ... -
.· -
- ·.---~-
- :....:...•
- --
. . - ------,-.-·--·-··· ·-·
•, ' •
-- --·- -- -·-- -- -·----
. ..


 :·· .

J ,,,,•
, - .

.. ,...

Housine Consullnnta
I .
.,__ i.::

u..l {'._
·tJodcl•CIUea•Howinl( Conwr
v c'-- t(..J't.-rl vL · L D 6 {,d \ n ,.vf--Jrcr'1.,
·673 Ct.pllol Avenue, S . W,
AU;uila, GcorrJn 30316
·Phooo 404 o2o·B !l22'-' f
4 04 87&-078 1
2.:, -
I .
c ~. 2-2.-:;,
I ,
'· .
j . •'
Mr. Lya 11 Scott
Lowell F. Dickerson
SUBJECT: Churches in the Model Cit.ies Area
. I
tvergreen Baptist Church
1069 Washington Street, S. W.
Rev. Johnny Tucker
Adair Park Baptist Church
719 Pearce Street, S. W.
Rev. Royce I. Bagley
Antioch Baptist Church
1021 Garibaldi Street, S. W.
Rev. J. Montford
Farrington Avenue Holiness Church
Farrington Avenue .
. 524-8728
Bishop Henry Thomas
Bethany Baptist
118 McDaniel Street, S. W.
Rev. J . A. Hicks
First Pentecostal Holiness Church
948 Ormewood Terrace, S. E.
Bethl ehem Baptist Church
.438 Fraser Street, S. E.
Rev. W. M. Jackson and Son
t· ·

Rev. H. Ray Ste\-1art
First Wesleyan Methodist Church
319 Park Avenue, S. E.
Blessed Martin Church
694 Pryor Street, S. W.
Rev . F. W. Melville
Fortress Avenue Baptist Church
1147 Fortress Avenue
Rev. T. P. Perkins
Calvary Temple Baptist Church
700 Cooper Street, S. W.
Rev. D. C. Morton
Fountain Temple A.M.E. Church
967 Viol et Avenue, S. E.
Rev. C. H. Adams
Ca pitol Ave. Baptist Church
660 Capitol Avenue, S. E.
Rev. Fred Propst
Georgia Avenue Presbyterian Church
645 Grant Street1 S. E.
i .
~- . .
.. .. . .
,. .,~·-:!,I;
. . ~.

·.' 1
._....... ~................_, ..,. ,,..-,r~~.- -,_.. -:- ··:f':~rrtt~-=--.. . .,."""""·"'··--- · ·- ., :' '
. I~:
...~ ,·
. ..
.:. . ~
. I ••

. /· . .. .

. :·1., ....: :.: .
. . \.


~· . ' ~-
. ·....
Mr. Lyall Scott

i :,;,

11 •I·
i ··1


. '




·. i
.· t
·. j
• i



'• II

I •
. I
,· i

. I .•

\ l


! ..~. .

· 1·.

-: ·1
. I
~rant Park Methodist Church
575 Boulevard , S. E.
New Hampton Baptist Church
Farringto n Avenue, S. E.
Rev. J. W. Byrd
Greater Mt. Calvary Bap tist Church
388 Glenn Street, S. W.
Rev. B. Joseph Johnson
New Hope. Baptist Church
236 Rich ardson Street, S. W.
Rev. R. N. Martin
Greater Hopewell C.M.E. Church
604 Coo per Street, S. W.
Oliver Baptist Church
129 Love Street, S. E.
Rev. W. M. Smith
Hemphill Memorial Baptist Church
535 Pryor Stre et, S. vi.
Rev. John Hemphill
Rice Memorial Presbyterian Church
928 Col eman Street
Rev. Calvin Houston
Salem Baptist Church
481 Martin Street, S. E.
Rev. Jasper Williams
Second Bap tist
Tus ke gee Street, S. E.
872- 6909
Rev. P. L. Jones
Second Oliver Baptist Church
947 Violet Avenue, S. W.
794- 7796
Rev. J. H. Dozier
Martin Street Church of God
452 Martin Street , S. E.
688;.. 8545
Elder George Wilson

·-. 1
. ··
, lI
St. John Baptist Church
1158 Col eman Street, S. W.
799- 6761
Rev. W. A. Saunders
Mt . Ca rmel Baptist Church
768 Ma rtin Street, S. E•
Rev. O. C. Woods
St . John C.M. E. Church
518 Fr aser Street , S. E.
Rev . Roy Bla ke
Mt. Ne bo Bapti st Church
1030 Ma rt in Street, S. E.
Rev . E. D. Jackson
St . Paul Methodist Chu r ch
501 Gra nt Stree t , S. E.
688- 7501
Rev , Cha r l es Reaves

.1 .
' :·-.·
. ..
··-- ~·- ··- --- -~ ..


... . ...
·-: . : ·
. ,
... - . ..
-:- ~~ r:- i .. . .
. - • .. . ' ·- ...... •r •.•_. _


Joyland Baptist Church
1166 Windsor Street, S. W.
Rev . O. L. Walls
I. •
! .'
Mt. Welcome Baptist Church
771 Col eman Street, S. E.
Iconiaum Baptist Church
1050 McDaniel Street, S. W.
524- 1443
Rev. M. L. Lindsey
~-1 :.
November 5, 1969
Grant Park Baptist Church
355 Georgia Avenue, S. E.
Dr. Prue H. Kelley
Hinsley Temple Church of God
440 Gardner Stre et, S. W.
Rev. Luther R. Hinsley
.- i
. :.
r ..-,". ~-:-;, ...... ' - ~ : - - ·- /
.,_:., .
. :,
�. ...
3• .
Mr. Lyall Scott
November 5, 1969

·· ,

St. Stephens
181 Georgia Avenue
Rev. B. B. Bowens
Stewart Avenue Methodist Church
·aG? ; Stewart Avenue, S. W.
Rev. G. B. Henderson
. j
Sunny Side Baptist Church
,·1033 Sims Street, S. W.
Rev. W. A. Saunders

The Church of God
6~:9 Pryor Street, S. W.
Bishop William Ford
Welcome Friend Baptist Church
714 Fraser Street, S. E.
Rev. J. B. Hi 11
. i. ~-_:.·> .·
i ' ::::
. i
Triumph Holiness Church
Farrington Avenue
Rev. Alford
Welcome Grove Baptist Church
Crew Street, S. W.
.. . ,.~ ~-.RliV. J. H. Walker
... . .
White Spring Baptist Church
Love Street, S. E.
Rev. Clark
Zion Hill Baptist Church
666 McDaniel Street, S. W.
Rev. L. M. Terrill

_ l


_· 1

r-. • . • • . __ .. . ..
. ,~·'-"~~
• ···:'!·
... . ·..: --~,--~ ;if;\~ ... ":·•:-~-'- --- ."' ..


Rev. Ernes t Orr
Hill Stree t Mission
595 Hill St. , SE
Atlanta, Georgi a
Rev. Lewi s Davi s
Wesley Communi ty Centers
9 McDonough Bl vd ., SE
Atlanta , Geor gia
Mr. Howard J effers on
Economic Opportuni ty of Atl anta
Price Nei ghbor hood Center
1127 Capitol Ave ., SW
Atlanta , Geor gi a
Rev. Austin Ford
Emmaus House
1017 Capi tol Ave ., SW
Atlanta , Georgi a
Mr. Robert Waymer
Model Ne i ghborhood Inc .
673 Capitol Ave ., SW
Atlanta , Georgia
Lyall W. Scott
Model Ci ties Mass Convent i on, I nc .
673 Capitol Ave ., SW
Atlanta , Geor gia
�Novembe r
21, 1969
673 Capitol Ave nue , S.W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30315
(404) 577 -5200
Ivan Alle n Jr., Mayor
c. Johnson, Director
Mr . Leste r Persel l s
Ex e cutive Dir e ctor
Atlan ta Hou sing Authority
824 Hurt Buil ding
Atlanta, Georgia
De ar Mr . Persells:
The Mo del Ci t ies Mass Conven tio n a nd Housing Commi tte e h as
a u tho riz e d appro val for the At l a nta Hou sing Author ity to proc eed wi th t he f o l lowing action :
To purcha se 25 d oub l e wide mobil e home s ( 4 -bedrooms) and
approximat e l y 125 mob i l e h omes (regular s ize uni ts) to
be u s ed f or t e mpo rar y housing for r es ide nt s displ ac e d
· within the Mode l Citie s Area. .
To p l ac e the t hr ee units a lr eady owned b y the Au thority
on Site Tl2 (4 -7 ) .
The Housing a nd Reloc a t i o n Committ ee al so passe d a r esolution
asking the Atl anta Hou sing Authority to:
De ve l op a s yst e m of c ommu n ic a tion to inform r e siden ts on
NDP a ctivity within t h e Mode l Cit i es Area , which wo u ld
. include spe c ific i nformat i on o n loans a nd grants.
Make a vailable to t h e s ix (6 ) communities within t h e Mode l
Citie s Ar e a s l ides , pri nted material , etc., that will k e ep
r eside n ts i n f o rmed on Ho u s ing pro gr e ss within the Mo del
Cit ie s Area a nd throughout the res t of the country .
�Lester Per s el ls
Page 'Two
November 21, 1969
I a m enc l osing a co py of the resolution for your information.
If you have any que stion s, please fee l free to call me.
, Sincer, ,
- - , _ : ~...t--~,~
-- --

, Bn on E~~cutive Directo
Howard Opensha w, Atlanta Housing Authority
Dan E. Sweat , Mayor' s Office
Collier Gladin , Pl anni ng Department
Gregory Griggs , Alderman
Everett Millican, Alderman
�November 26, 1969
Mr . . Johnny C . Johnson
Di rector
Model Cities Program
City of Atlanta
Subject: Model Cities Citizens Committee
Structure and Coordination
Dear Johnny :
Thank you for your memo of October 23, with information on the Model
Citie citizens and staff tructure .
In addition, I would lik to receive a description of the respon ibilities
and duties of each citizen committee and how all the e com.mitt es relate
functionally to each other.
One other area which n ed clarification i that of coordination for implem. ntation. The information attached to your m mo doe not indicate
the people on your ataU who are directly re pon ible for coordinating
progr ms nd projects being carried out by the implem ntin ag nci
where and bow thi coordinating function fits into your organi ation.
l would appreci ~te r ceiving thi material at your e rli st convenience.
Dan E. Sw
t, Jr.
Offic: r
October 28, 1969
673 Capitol Avenue, S.W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30315
(404) 577 - 5200
Ivan Allen Jr., Mayor
J.C. Johnson, Director
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
Being a member of the National Steering Committee of Model
Cities Directors, I often receive advance copies of New
Policy Statements about to be issued from Washington ___
Attached is a copy of several memorandums expected to be
issued soon, which includes major new policy statements
for the Model Cities Program.
After you have had an opportunity to read this material, I
would be happy to discuss with you at your convenience any
concerns you may have.
J CJ : vlc
�HUD -28 H~-_ . 2 -,; 7
o· " ' -.. -, N -I er.,
, S,
r ,·J" i' G /\• lt
' '"
' ·~' 0 . -.-, -D~E.T•---.-O-P
r u .::;,.
..J l.; , . ;:J 1 \ \ 1
, d,_ ,
t: r'h, . 1 111_ 1
r r·.;,
·i1., G
·\ i

H -\

..___ ·: ,_., ,__: ::i.:: <~!:.~,~~:,S,Y
J:r;'~'~.,. ••n ,.,,_____ .1. .. ROO~~--- ,_ 9U ILD1~lG. ·T.
- -·
fi _--~ J -L t ',L'1 }1.
-·-· . --- ·---
.·,-~. L1·~ :;. :_
,2,_ ~-;~__::[~i'T~~J<:1-)-'.'.:; .;:,:1,
I'-.::'1:\. .! _ t_;
·-l~l-.. -----.J
T~Tpr: -rrn ·~:• 'j ,: c~, v~ - =::---"···.·
· '\.,_.. .· - __ ._..__ ,_,,
---·- -··- _____________________.. ___--_
__ ... _..
- -- - - - _____ ___
C l r, cT ,oN
C l A PPf'l Cl',A L
S id.:0
F.:~ T
_____ _
- -,-----
[. j
=1-· ·----_-------[ ] P ER CONV =RS A T I C>~l
REcor..~~ E ND A "r l O~..; s
[ ]
RCT U il:--.i
- ------- - -
FU i,. L Rf:.?() R l
[ -J NO T E A r,::,
! : J C0 N CUf:: fU::-. <:. C
.,_.,,, ··- -- -- --- ---·-·- --- ----------- -
6. - -
> T T ()7.'(
C Ot.1M E NT
'l'OU H !N FQ l-< l,l A1' iO,
At l .V:!c. R OR AC,'.NOVI L !ZOG E Q:•/ OR o :. F C R C - - - · · - - ·-· --··-
- - --- - - -- R C r> ..\ R C R (:: PL Y FO R S' G"I ATU R E-: O F _ _________ _ ______ _ _ __ _ __ __
t, --··--·- - - - - --- - - --- -------- ------ --i. /.\ARKS :
t~ :,y fo· c om~~nts .
' ..,
<: )
'- 1K
f ,·, .o·..·)· •·,· .'.: t ,,_ d:i.. t. of t 'rJ · s

t 1'"?'
·L· 1••°-i.,_ t t¥<,
~ - _...,

�CEPr..l~TMi0: !-~T OF H O LJ SI 1-! G
A l'-l D UR!:-3A N
Vlt, 5t-li i'1GT0t{, D. C . ?.0,1i0
OF'F I CE OF TH E /..,S$ l <; Tt..N T SE CR L TA !.: Y
r,· oR MOD E L C ! T!F.:. S f->. MO GOVL:Rt,-lMENT AL R F~ LA TI O t.J~
R E rLY R L t0 ER
- ----- -·----
October 21 , 1 969
J .. J). Br2.1n a 11 , ,~ssi stnnt S e cr e:ta1-:-y, ]JOT
Mr . Ric h o nJ Natha n r As sistant Direct.or , BOB
Arnold R. We ber, Assistant ~ccr~tary , DOL
Frank Carlucci, Act ing Dirc c to r 1 CAP , JEO
Robe r t A. Podest~, Assist a nt Secr0ta ry , Con mer ce
Lewis Butler , As sista n t Secr eta ry, nmv
Chri t opl i i2r DeMuth , Staff Assistant to the Pres ident
Chu r le s H. Rogov in, Adminict r tor, LBJ'I.A , J u st i ce
Fl oyd H. Hy de , Ass ~s tan t
Improving th e Man~gcmcnt o f the Model Citi
P:r.og rum :
Se c·-,ta ry, MCG! .
A Propos al
1 am :_nc los.in9 for y our revim·J a HUD- c ncl.m:-s,-"d
Propos8 l
for I mprov :ci Man ageme nt of th e r,!ocl c 1 Ci.t ics Progru.m.
I t :i,s b ased u po n th ~ ass umption t.)Ht rcc1 s onabJ.c process
and pe?r fon nancc er i tc:t ia ~a n be:: es ished -and corn.municat ed t o the cities so t hRt the l eve l of suppleme nt a l fu nd
o b l ig ations can b e determ .' ned by measu ring a ci t y ' s progres s
a nd effort in re l ation to these criteria.
It is a lso bQsed
on t he proros ition that the Model Cities process i s~ means
o f inc reasi11g the capacity of l ocal governm ~nt to deal with
its urba n problem. , a n d th~t the effect ive appli c a tion of
1 imited resour.-ces by the Federal Gciv er:rune nt ca n b e h e lpful
in dcmon ~trati1g that fac t .
In th is connection , the HOD propo sc:il should be b e n eficia l
to tlic Mod0 l Cit Los-connected effort s of other departmen ts
and aqcncics .
·.rhe Model Ci t j cs approac h h os the po t e n t i .J. l
of increasing the effcc t ivnn ess of nny i nC i vidual categoric a l c3rant } roj c ct 1.)y l .y ing it in t o a coordi natQd,
r a tion,..lJ. l oca l effor t to so lv e related probl e ms .
determinr1t5 on of the mor(! prom i sing lo .a l .Model · Cities
programs s l1ould be hel. Iul in appl11 ing other ava ilc::iblc
Federal re sourc ~s as WQl l.
The jnl'lqrncn t proc(:Sf-; conLemplntcd b y HUD wo1.1 l d main" a i n a
role Ser th<2 r;,~J inn21 l and \\1a s}1i1 ·s1 Lo n intcr.::iy 12ncy rov iew
COF!nli ti·r ··c..5:'; .
U- \S , 1 lso '. ,uqq,~.,,tr:::d L.!1 ;:l·i th(i j:.,:;sistant
ro :
Se cr eta ries Work ing Group tak e o n t h e major responsibility
for determinino those ci ti es in which to concentra te
suppl -, ment al fund s over a nd abov e wh a t: a ci t y would norma lly
rec ei ve, as we ll a s o t her priority assis t a nce.
I would like to sc h edule a m_ eti ng o f the Ass is tant Sec r e tari e s Worki ng Group to di scuss th i s pr o posa l on Fr i daj ,
October 31, 1969 at 4 :00 p . m., Room 8 202.
It is Secre t ary
Romney ' s i nte ntion to take th e proposalr togeth er wit h th e
com1nents b y the ASWG , t o the Under Se c r cta r ies Group and
the n ~o the Urban Affairs Council . If the approach appears
to be appropr i ate , HUD wo ul d l ike to p u t it into op e ration
as quickly as possi bl •
I loo k forward to your comme nts on t h e proposal u.t the
Oc ober 31 meet ing.
I f yo u r o wn Depar tme nt has had any
exper ienc c yo u could share \-Jith HUD v.1i t h respe ct to this
t ype of appro<'1c h to fund i11g r this in f orma tion would be
great ly appreciateci.
As s ist ~nt Secretary
,l ,
Or-' ·r11,_c· ,rrir
,\UtDrl c1·r1r:5
[\ ... )J[\f,1\.1
�--- --
___ _____ _
MO :)EL CI'rJ.LS P l~OGR.A tvl
-, ;,.,., ;...+-; v n •Pol ·'#.; C
- 0·
. J ......


1':0' r 11,··
.... ,:=i 1.;:;
Use of " vo..rj_al 1. e fund~_ng 1'
o f suppl emen t ~l
s m~ans
f c;;:i_rry ·ng on t
ef f r-;ct.i VC::, program mo;;; n-_gcme n-t:.
Critor ~a f o~ daterrninati0 ~ of supplem _n tal fund
alloc a tio n
Str atr-gy f:o -- hand. J i ng nwGak " cities,
Cc·nclusion a nd. Reco,nmendation
l\lth01..19h the basic intent e xpressed in the Model Ci ties
statute app0zir . to focus prirndri ly upon the fi .:ic~,l pJ.ight o f our ..
cities and the n eed for ad<litjonal financial assis t ance, experi ence in loc c.i l govcrnr:1cn-L compc~ l s ma to looK beyond this o er sirnpl i.f ied concept .
The l1aphazard u se of -he vast array of Federal c ategor ic a l
g rant-in -a i d progrc.J..rr: :., hos 1 ar;rc l y b~ cn ineffectua l in ca lv ing
major urba n p ro bl ems- - so:1~ c of t h G cities most succcs sf uJ. j_n
th 0 gran tsm~-:.n sh ir < h c.1vc c .:p0.r :i. c nced some of the most seriou s
c i vil di scirdcrs .
Succe ss in getting Pca e ra l dollars does no t
in '; ur ~ .... uc:c c=~ss in m,1-king effec t i ve use of such resourc e-=- .
An hon ~st 0vc1. uac1on wou .l.d 11avc to con e u c l. 1a
t:. ..: .. ra l
Gov c n 1,"t1<..•nt rw s n ot general J. y imposed cri t8 r i.<1 v1h \-i0 '1ld ma ke
ef :[ eel i VC! Uf;c of i ts rc~;ources and mc<1ningful local cornrni tmer1t
prerequi:::itcs to con t inued Fcd erc:. l assjstan e.
'l,h:i.<] pol icy h.-:J s not qrca tJ y cmco u :r.1:1g 0.d tho c1 e vclopmr~ nt of
gc. 1 ve~~nr,1cni.: ' '° c a ,_1 .:i.c :i ty OJ: wil l .i.nqnc~;s 1..0 d ea l effectively
v.,:i.U1 it:, ,;, ; n pJ: ohl c;~·,::; , ,H,d jnc:. e; ccJ , th e'. F'c dcr :, 1 Govcrnrncnt ' s
eti.gcrn u: s to fund i'mci dC';:J. cli:ccc tly \-., j U 1 cvm:y conceivc1blG ki 1c.l
o f co n st-. i Luency in €Jddj t j on ..i:.0--J+>caJ. s~
, h as been one
- Or t.hc7 i\ ct_ jo1- 1 n.c L03-" :J :i.n r e: ·}ucj nq th e: Ci C. .t C~S
CR} ac ity to act.
J. oca)
If thif.; tre nd j ,, to be r.1 1 tcr·cd and rnc~,rninrJfu1 d c ccntr 0. J.:i ze1.tion i ~; t.o t;;ik~ pl, t .hc~ ro l e of the .F c)c,rul GovcJ~nrnent n1t1 f, t
be chang ed from t.Jwt of al:tcmpting tn d'"'al cli rcctJ y with t he
problcn~~ of our cili . . '. ., to th,lt of b1..1jldin9 t.he cap21cit.y of Stc1t.c
and loc c.l.] govcrnrnc.n ts to clC'al cf f cctive:: 1y with those problems.
'11 hi s is the prirnr.lry obj cc U . vc we have ~stabli fo r the
adm i nistration of the Mod e l Ci.ti es p rogram.
rrh c following c o mme nt
e.nd the resu l t ing conclusions and r ccommcndc.1t:i.ons arc int.crn doc1
to assist in utlaining tb c:1. t ob~jective, and t:o impl:ovc our ability
to effective ly rn il. Hr-.g c th e:: . prograin.
II .
I n enacting the Mode l Cit i es program, the Co ng ress pro vid e d for a new source of , c oITTnonl y known as Mode l
Cities s u pplemen~al fund s .
Th e se f unds are to assist loc alities
in currying out the purpose s o f thG program . . The fo l lowinq
po ]icy objectives have b e en id e nti fied for the u se of supp l e nlc'r!i.:aJ. f u11ds ..
l. To p:comoi::e coordinotion and concen t rat ion of
u tt racti11e1 funds, s taf f , and other services from
tutio •. s and ~gcncies , publ i c and private , and by
gap0 in a c oordina·ed ~pproach with pro jects for
reso u rces by
ex isting inst.i ·fi lling in the
wh i c h f unds
would otherwise be u navai l n bl e.
rJ'o secure cormni tmc.:nt of n ew r esour ce.: and mainte nance o f
effort on th e pa rt of the city , in~luding changes i~ agency
practices and s e rvice levels t o make them more respon sive t o
P u c1c, 1 nr?j g :1b o r hooJ ne e ds .
3. To incre as e loc a J accept a nce of res ponsibili~y for the p r o g r-1m , 10. aa :Ln:,r t o grc~c.1 ter care j n tho s e l c cticn of pr:oj e:: c~- s t1 ,1c.
a ctivit ies 2: n cl in lb e. conduct o f anu the monitoring of s uc h
project.~; .
4. To encom: a ge innovG. tion , maximum coordination of Federa l
assistance, ne w and Additio nal pro j ects a nd a ct ivit i es not
assiste d und e r a Fe d c~r a l grant-in-aid ~rogr ain. , 2,nd secondarily,
to be u sed and c redi te;;d as par t or a ll of the requi red non·Pedcr ~l cont ribut ion for Federally-assisted projects which are
purt. of ·Lhc-> c ornpr ehe nsi vc model cities plan I as the Act provides.
5. To make available additionnl f und s to case "the f ina nci al
plight" of our c ities , as noted by President Nixo n in his spe ech
on revenu e _;lw.r .i. n g.
6. To exper ime n t with the block grant or revenue sharing approach
with a str ess u pon developi ng capabilities for local initiative
and loca l deci s ion-making in order to effectivel y uti l ize
un s tructured Fede ral funding.
·• III.
- -- - ·- - - - - - - -- - - - ·---
As a mean s of improving prog r a m ma nag e me nt a t t h e Fede ral
le v e lr a nd e n couraging u s e f u l p ro 9 ranu,; ot tho loca l l e ve l, the
De p a r me nt o f Ho u s i ng and UrJxrn De vc l opm8nt pr o p osr:?s to u til i z e
c o nc en t o f va riable funding . By estab lis hi ng a s e t o f
~ ro cess a nd per forma nce crit er i a a nd u til~ z ing th em to judg e
.. e ovcral p Jg r am :i: r o r ·. )Y a c ity , s upp l em e JYt a l f u ndin g
l ev0 l s c a n be va rj_ c c.1 c1mo 11g citi e s, th os e wi t h the ~t__ 2_oten t ial
f o r n at iona l d e monstratio n p u r o os-,s caJJ bi.c.! c.1 ltctn:Io n a lJ.:.Y _a s_s i s.t..ed ,
cn1.c1 1: b e ci tit-:s i., iI01•.t .tng no I Lkel..' h o od of eve r mo ~ri-:t- { i-ig _4- vi a bl e·
. ....-,,-=c=--r:-i=-:~:::-.:-::-=--:~:::-=- - - -pr o~
gr a m c a n b e o.rc::>pp12d
J: r o rn - e :i; r o g r. a m:
By u s i ng pro ce s s a nd pe rformonce c ri te ria , HUD s e eks to
avo id subs tituting a Federal judg ment for th a t o f the loc a li t y
i n s pecif i c substant i ve ur-a~ o r f u nc tio na l pro gr a ms , t hus
p r es erving l oca l in i ti u t i.v e.
This i s in k ee1i ng wi th bo th t1 e
Demon strat i on ,. , itics Act and th e n ew Adm i nistrat i o n I s con c e p t
o f r eve nue shar i ng .
Eac h cit y wi ll be o n notice wit11 respect t o t he c r i teria .
'fhc city will be?. t o l d i ts 2. ll occ1t :i.o n f.t.qu r c :or t 11c next pl·ai1n inq
y ear, and wiU h on not. ice that its ocl:ur.d. obliqat .i. ori fiq nxe
cou l d ~...1 c l1 l..i.:;; :i.o\·:er ~(.~.peEd in<J upon pcrfu1. .. c:ncc .J.9ai n st the
sta t c~d crit e :i:i 2. .
The c ity wi ll also be i n f o rmed th n t except iona l performa nc e
o r ev j dence of potentia l for nati o na l do~onstra tio n pu rpos e s
c ou l d ea rn i t - xtra suppl emental f u ndinq . F'ai lu r~ to perform ,
on th G o t her h and , cou ld resu lt i n a s evere cutba ck in f u nding
or e l im i nation from t h e p r o gram.
The sugg e sted crite r i a to be app l ied i n eac h c as e, and
t he pr oc ess for handl i ng t he weak c it ies are a t ta c hed . It is
a n t.icipa t co th a t ln maki ng ~j u ]gments , the relat i ve i mp rov emen t
o f p crformQncc wi thin eac h i ndi vidua l city over t h e pre viou s
y e 0r will be ,onsidered , as we ll n s th e u sef u lness o f its overa l l
process a n d performa n ce f o r n a tion a l demonstra t io n purpo se s .
J_ •
. ,.
c xec u i:.:i..v c
·1v n .•j tr,·r:,
n !· •
C ..-i_ ,L. J\/ ~-- c··o- :··'
• . t - - ~.---. ~
r· .
0 :. 1: ic c>r ,
including su pro ~t
fro m the c hief
a l.l. ocv t i, n cu1d r e --a l l o c a. l: i on of city
r eso ur c e s , c ha ng e s i n c i ty a gen c~ po licy , prac t ic e a n d
c::-c rv ic c l e v e l s· to make them 111orC:? r c:: sr o ns i vc to th e mod e l
n oigh b urhoo d and i t s r c~ i.d c nt_ .
privat e :
M~x i mi za ti o n o f a vo j.l ab l P r c s ou r c es ,_ pu bli~ and
incl u di ng th e uti l iz a ti on (o r a tt c npt~ d u t ili za tion)
o f c1.pp r·op1~:i.atc Fc der a .l 9 r prcq r :tm s , state prog r ams , t h s
i nvo lv e me n t of th e p ri v c1 t e s ec t o r , c:.r nd v olu.n t .:1r y acti on.
i. nc l u d i n <J t J..c csL1. bl i s lrn10 nt of e f f e ct.i v"' c oorch n a.t i ng
mec h a n isms , \vOr ]~i nc:; ag rce:.n n t v:i th o t h e r e.genc i e s , im a g i n c1 t i v c
us e of rc:_;CJu rce:~ from ct v,u: i o ty of f.our.cos i n t andem to

oc u s

on p r i or i ty p robh'ms a nc.1 o l j c c t ivcs .
U .: ,y i -nvo
l ve:mcn-t ----·----------·-·-c-. n cl ci 'c i 7. C!l1
n a r t .ici
t io n :


- - . ---------·--·
· - --pa
- --- - ·
i nc ] u d ing U1 (.c c1ch icvcrnc nt o f b :r:oadbasGc: co:nm un ity su ppo1· t ,
v o lr:nU1ry ,:;ct.ion , wi dc::;r,: r ead c i t iz c• n involveme nt i n a nd
max i mum e mployme n t
o f mod e l neighborh ood r es idents pl a n ni ng ,
mo nit ori n g and cv0. lu a t .il g th e: p ros:; rctm. a s u. who l e unc1 indivj J u a l
pn) j c c ts o n a n on -going b as i ~ , r cspons j ve n css of oth e r
cooperati ng agencie~ a nd i11stitut i on s to th e n e ed f o r citi ze n
pa.:r.t ic ipa tio n, and maximurn crn p l o yrnon t o f mode l n eig h b orho o d
r es id e n ts .
.Alrn inis_·:l~utiva com_pot -. ncc c1.nd_c_;,pac ity of tlw CDA :
in cl u d.' nc. pros r ss in achievi ng operat in g res ult s and i n
,1JH1. c"!,1L~1 ~p-,t h c• ;ic U vit.icn p l u s th o ..=m ,, Jysis of tl c cT:i t -· ri?..
listN1 abovc->.
�'J~ . !lill.t;.1',
-5.:.S·_~:__~:.:~-~ tv.i/1-:Fit;;,:- o f qJ.Gi:~r fj_n d !:O:Jr:, 8o n,·J.b J ,_; : ~:i:.-1.a . {; i o n ra! tJe·~;va(rn {-4 ) ;!,ho flf! i a 11J- o :t.· J1(joeJ. > m t ,~~Q }_) J o !rp:::? f
-l-.;.- J,.. r',
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\ .,, f
,-, ' < «,
..II t'.'(• {'· }, '-.7"",;~ . . ~'!'

_, t-=' )-,_"'~- -; · /"' ;,, -i,'.;.i! ~".

n ;;,;
n,:..,a~ r;:..:,·;.•"· ....-;~ ,-,,
-,:,',l l·• i ;-· s:.··

·- ~ • •.. . -- ... •

w1 !
~-!. , , _
l '~.~l r.:,,
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---~C , -~ ,.
r) i ,. ~
~, ,~ .;l
r-.., 11. t.... l
j ~• \
s.t; --1
t:~ ..t\•1r'
' . -.::-: £.Ii
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,,... •
0 _,.tJ\5
,;f ~ - ' . C


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I--, ,_
1 ;.
t . •h-:.___ •1·-,. .. ,,-~,. . .
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c' ,- "•·
~-' :. 1r_ ....,. ~
~ '1"" . I -"' J"
~l ~ . .:4.1. \..:_ J
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f; tr·;~;~rrir:ci ~' 1:.,()J~ i~A!·-1btt!!'{C~ \\1143.215.248.551'..J{ Clt:J::.r f ;~ ·
-..........~.,.,__...,~...,.,---:y,,:-.,-.•"'- --·-~---":--~...,,,.. .............- ,. ~ ~ ~-...-----..._.,.=..~-:\,.-.i
i.;J;_oJ:e ~.te
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1._ "l\:'t e"
¥1 .!,\0 ·1,~•._ •.-}'""' -· • ~;_;;.- ;,
· . r-.., '<.":. ~ .r.-• <r.., ,.. 1 ~- .:'\rV. ,. ;>~ J\,_..- "...t,..~ i.
.J ._ ~t r'S.
4::_~.. 1,
. -.. .,;. ~&
c..-.~:..:\.. .->
,.~ (-,,.:
.,.. ..;. :J,,.-:1
-J.. ½_•~
,. , .-'. ,i.; ....... -:-t •::.:. . ...,

, J;·:.:

1 v) r t ~ V c 'I (:,r:i'I"
., :,.,· o- ,--r~


l,,; :,;,c,,


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--, •
":,J ,J...,- .... .> .!c ·- • , - ~~· • .J. · .;..
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...-.Jt •.,,,..
f~(~V;·:S:.~ i, 1. JtC\' ~r.l t1!11~ , !"1t: m to J,~ eg
p~o9~~a :~ il n.d !} \~_qr;t~f1 S
rr-~f.\ 4 to-- 1
t · ~.;,.
_·• ",·_(J,'I
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...f,_ 'I' ~-~!!. \ ~ :J
. .... ~ : ~ . ; ..
J w..l,
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1.t ..,,;r;; CJ:"\tl:t.:~3~~ -

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0 \JJ:"
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c~,: , J. nq \; t~tl J. i ti i1J.. J, · ~1 t- ~ nuni.l1$r e:~ :E ., , j1-=-~e r~., .~. :r en.}~ ~ v ~;.l·'! ~ 1~~ c .t. t:
ft Ct tGf)F; 1·'; 1\! J.. $. y;,1. n:;r in r)f}.O Ox.' f1V') t · (~ r~;f l l1(~·!f; ..
ltiJl?~~n,t~t; r~!, (. ff O:t" t: .·
~i ... :.-:

l1i.J.~0 L1-~ ~n Yr..t1C~'
t.:$ U t;;(~ .i:.-;~ ..~;:-; }1a \ Fc.
h ;-J;

!l ~ J
Ct).t.'~ ~ ( : t
t~.: . :7r:.{, ;_ ct_·f~-{~t:1/ }:; CJ()t1C~.1C Ctn~ ~l"1~l ~::ern~b00. !"1 ~ ri~CJ'.r."df.;d t
l3llt. .. !1 ~":::~() t?ff J( J.. , l , iJ'~-l(~ j__. ~ r~ ~l
r~!t·::::c: b y --~-he-::

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) _~I,,.;? .. (:';·~~.:~::'.! ~ '~ 1. ::J: - =· 1.,;;}: __ 1


0 1. ~-•,-Y ~
) - 1-(J.;. t. d.J,.r. l!J. • gr,...
· ~;t'~,
(;T~l~ _ \'i~i~l: .. ~: '.'. ,
v~n.-~'l,.;,,1.-,:'. -·
-t:r:2 C~)l~tD~Ui1it: (1
f i?\ ! ..~ ,:-~ ~) f Ii \JI}·
EL . ,
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l h tJX"C;;?
J; J , (.>Ll•.2q~
t.fit3 ;;_t~9\' .-.
.i'L1:.~l'.'ia t:~; 1.-: ~, r.J.t. ic;~l flJ!t1 \ r1c1;;~~:,,. td·~i;
_1~· c: ~-:,:µr °} t} r, c~:.; 't(l J l'! ~:?.t! r.:~t'!LI ;4. -~-~ ( -: ~If f ( r t· --1 .j i (i _..:' r-; t_t f: .r r~
!iJ l l G"0 "
wl.ioh c~itcri~ ~.q city if n,t moas~r iug up to,
what ~:tiO~A c~ ~or~0cti0hs ~r0 n~od ea ,
- ; 1v
~-1; J,,~ ; ._.>
l -i
t.;.J, \Q.J
~ v-·
o1~...--,"1' -i~-:-i
,,. ~; ... ,.
\-.: v ~.-


"' t::" ,j 9D;."'
,; " l -! ...
---!:--:t'.. ,-,_ t.'!,,

' +r
...... ~onclty ~~t ton that will
11xe.:l not. rrF:.<l;,.
l \ ~ · , ..... 1 J
r-.,~,..... ~ '~~
1,.0 ,
t..Jlll,J, !
t ekor ~f eo~rc~tions
�Fo l lo"·"L1q .1.s 2; l i::; t of r.1cU 0;1 :j th,:-i-L '-'-'OU l d b e a r,p::-:-op j_-i.c1. t:.c
if .ci tic,~ f:oilccl r dftcx ~-:,~irn jn~;S · 9 i vcn anc1. lcclrnicz::J.
- ~i:-..: <.,Lcl_,,
' · · · ,"'r-r
. -- - -- - 'l'" .',.·f
. ....
---~ . . ·. 1_1. ,. C- tlj) -!-· o
c· .l.- c
.., .!.,
•., . ~
J_._,.. r._.11
/:,.r ,,!
't. ,
l,, 1
. d,,






.; · c.- ' · - ,
,..,, 1·,l ·uJD
CI. .i. .. t ·, J . J _ <e ,
. . L.
l.-.., d, , . l ·-.l !.Jcl 1. ,··C1 . l, !1-..d.
!I ,d.._, ,, ,. . ., ) J ._, L. ,.d1 C \:.::,
wil l., e. u r;e r ic s c,i j nc 1 ~cas ingJ.y s tr 01i9cr :re sponc.:cs
to :i )'JC111C:0. co r r 'CC.i vc nl2EtSU'C C f:;; .
r ·

ci~ics_ in Pl anning
(a )
·· -·p.1;:cice:
plann ing fundr5 rcc:!_uisit:i.on~.
hole. o n furth(!r
{ HUD·-718 ' [., ),
--- no tify th e· city t h a.t . · cvi cw o f 'the c omprc,b e ns i v e
pl~n wi] l ~e h e l<l u p ,
- ·- noti [y th e city t h ct t
t h e .::irnount of f,;upplcrnentc. l
fund;:; cc1r1r,,.1:c}z0.c1 f o:r. L:ho fix·st uct ion yc!O. r will
he~ rcducC::c1 ,
- --c1 rop the c i.ty frc;n t h·:::: prcgrurn.
(b )
Ci.tic,~~ i n B>'.vcuU.on.
- - p lc1cc a hol d o n fu:c L:h er supp li::-:rno nt c1 l c>'.po.nd i 1·1:1 J. c-:: s
by ~mspcnr] j 11.g tb8 L c 'l.t e::,~ o f: C:c ccH tr
--- hcJJ d: ; on Sl1pp1e,•1e·nto l funds non 1·c :i.1.-tbur sa bl.12 ,
t 1-· \1 ;_; 1--ccJl.t C.: i Jt~{ t:.1!·'"'. ~!1"1':.) f U!t c1.f: t~ . c: cur~rr· 11-L: c_Jr;__-:.;1 -L: ,
- - ) ~C·cJ. Ll.C: CJ tJ 1(~ z.--~1 !1C.H l n i:. 0 [
~; ll.}l~Jl t:'; 118:n i.~Cl l
.f U j "J( } S C.:d ):--ftlCl )_- }~C. (l
for t h e J. ·~:t act .i_oi1 y e:,t:c··-···c'!ror, lh•:' c::! ly f:i:om th e, p:cog:r.0.rn .
P :r_ ()(,('(hll 'C for IilJi"l r'Ci'i.:l l ty l'c ·:.-j _(J,1
·--------- ---- _.......__________ ·--- ---------···----
In l:10!:~ t-. Cr ,.:. •:' ::' i ·L .i.s .:-rntic :i pill:.c1 t 12 [-. 0 cit , ,~; [ d :i. 1-U .l~C L:O
s,1t. :i r;f;.-cLo:1-·:i. l y rnc:c t t11c b~-;.:.-=;:i.c crii. 2 :ci a ?.' :i 11 b e idc; 1t ~ f:i cd
by uu :c nc:c::rioni:l :I SL:,1f f or th e: R0'CJ:i0. 1d l Intc·cas c-,nc y CoCJJ'.·i ing Co:r,m it tc<:-: .
In th c~:c c a~;cs th r'. l , ~;~·istrrnl. l'.c~r:i.c.1c1.J
Ad rn:i. 1, :i ::; t.ra b. ,r for L'io,::1_,,J Ci t .:i -.fc- v::i. ll prc;x,rc a rn:-,m-::>:v-a11c1 i..,::l
for tl 1c l:.r.;s is tcmi..: Sc :rcU1.1-· y , U ·: ro;1q;1 th e n c-sl: O:Lf :i.ccj_- encl
Dir cc L or of: Progi: v.m Of ' ·ra-L i cms .
'l'h j :J rncEK ·rc1nd urn shon ld
-~ \·1 hc1~r_· <rnc.7 hO\·J t h e: city fu:i li; to s z, tisfy one or r,1o r~ of
t}1 c J.,~l~;i c
r·:r j t(•r) U

- - \·,it.:it prcvic1u;-; ,tction ( :i . c . Lc.:H.l.nwn talk \·. i th CDA Dirccto1~
or J'·l-:lyoJ:- r )_,rc v·iou~., \lu.rnin ~J J. ct cc,r t o the::! c:i.ty ), if a11y,
h c:is b ee n t a i'..c1 1 1. n t..: h · s rn:~_-L: Lc:i~ ,
-···Hh ,::-L: .:"~ t .::.on .i s rc·cOJr!'Y;c:nc'l r,_:(J, .:md
--\,;ho ( 7\1<.i\ 1 Hcg j Oil c., 1 Ad,n :t.i~i::: -.r ~,tor , Des k Of f ic cr, D.ircci_o -~
of )}:re t i :r- ;:'.. OJ 1c :,· ,· -t-.5 011 ,; , A~;;; 1 ::, l". .:1. !1t. f;c,c.rc t a.ry o r Sec).·ct,1ry )
s liu u l c1 no.:.:icc to the cjt.y "11d iJ:-> a l-. fon1 ( lcl~tcr ,
phon. . cal l, 111c_;ct :i n0 ) it. sho-c:.ld bike.
r_r ]) ('
) • (' - ( l
, t
r1 (1
/·.~: ';-,; ~) ~

1 ••
,~~n t

, ( 1 , '

~~! ;
'· t l
11,". :_
.L· (
~ ;~;"""",·(·!-,
'l r
. ).
. . . ,c-
J t.
\,,:! ] ]
, , . . :! 1. ,;. \ !
L. 1... 1
Lf :/ t. ~ ~ c! 1,, . r .t ( ~ · , (~ r
~ ;·>:·ij"( 'I . "("
.. .; - •
..._; J , ! _t ( 1 1..
. _,·. '· .. I, 1·.
· c; L -1 c
I •
-1.. o
~ •
r,-:i :·c· t 01..- r--:..:c.1 :i. -r y the
.c, sc·~- ·l:<1 i.i1 c: ~;t '\.;rf··\:c: t
'l < i . ( n.
In a few Cilscs ,
c i ~y 1 ~
to s a t i sfy bas ic crit e ri a

i c" o n"c: f:i. nr1 ]"V

Tn thr• S"' c-:-.r-r.,i:-,
J..,.,. l~.·Jcic--,]
•'- • , ·i;~ (, L·on <': ·f--d ',::1.._
th e D2 :·J~ O:U ic1e~r ~;houlC, b "" i n fo ::·nwd and he shou l d d i ~.; c u ss
\·.1 i l ·] .Jv :,
- ·
..- \,;,..-
• •
.t L
\,_, \,

t, J ...,L . ,. ..

·· ~ -
(. , l 0 ~ V
the sj_.tu ation with the J\ ss istc:. nt }";cg- ionc1 J. l1dmi 1d. s t r c1 t .0 1·.
/\n y rn.J j or d :i. £ f ercnci2s in h ow a vrob l <-:rn si. tuc1. tio n shou ld
b e h a ,.d l ed sh0ll b e r u is e d to t h C! .Z\ssis t c:in t Secret ary .
W;:1shingto,, Sta ff , \·Ji t h f:.E~r i o nc, 1 Of ,_ice a dv ic e , wi l l a lf'O
r ~,-;oon s:i. ..:1 C::' f C>J' d -:-, tr::, n ,,in j 11 0 :i. f i"i.ncl wh Gn the cclpp roor i a t G
0 · s ·' cc• l 1ou ] a
r. o i,cr
•A o.,:: t"° ;(• y, •, l '1)
. J U J.1., _,_, J .·.. J .. t ....
. , C:)"')
. ' -'(
- ~:,' (,_' )) 'l?
. t.-...
..::., ...
. "
b l'~.:,
1 o f•• t ~l1e'
'.:>c,. -..
r l ' \;TJO.. .:.:>
C'•-'•("" ~
prob l em and the pos sibl e a c t i o n.
Th e AR~ w1 11 be responsib l e f or no tify i ng ~ a nd wh ere
a ppro:i:,:c i c1 t e, c.1:i.scu s~3 ing \·.rit·.h th e: 1UC C , the probl ems anc.1
t h e n o tice ,.m d p ena lty fic tion proposed f or t he c i t.y.
Proq rc .,s Re por t
--·- -- - -----'l'h c 71.,:;::.; i stant Regi ona l Aclm i n i st r ator i·. :i.1 1 p repare o. sub sequen t report to t he Assistant Secretary , th r ough t h e
DcsJ~ O:Cf i c cr u.n d Di r ec tor of I?rOCJrarn Op,.; r.ations , (l) no t i ng
whc~t h 2:c the city h a s rn the n ecC!ssc1 :cy c on:ect:i..o n s o r
7 i J-i
'1 )
, .• OJ!
· ·1-r"
-, ("[r_t...
n·'u..l C.,\
· · ··t .·' 0/l
' OJ_
._ p e 1.1 a lt .U
~ .:-._ "'..:, ~-l.0 b-c.
( ,_
l - ( , \..!..d ~. ,J(:1 :]._r ,<J (...
L _ _ O J.
~£' hj~: rc1 •o't· l: 1 \:h :ich C D.i ~ be~ v c::i·y brici i { U v:~
cit y b;:}, )'."C G~)onc1c d S8.t :i sfo. c t orily , shon l c1. come ab out , .th e
t : r,1~-= o ~ the 6cuc J s c i.~ f o:c th e! city I s 1,w kins cor:c cctions .
Th e, l,1'.i. ;:;n(~ De:::.): (Jf"ficc~j_- shcn.1J<.', kee p , 1. b:r:- c ~1:=-_; L o.f th. P- city ' s
pro gress ,rnc'i r !}Y'J: L 0.ny u rn.1:..;u ci.l dcvclo p;m,,n·cs ( e .g. need ·to
in 1_; t i. tut-c i,t..1·on·.:::0 r ri ,cj c1st1ro r: 1 n eed to e:-1:1. Lcm"i dEiadl .i. n2 ,
prv yrc.~s ~.; \·,r:, r.-ronl :i.iw cz:i.:rl :i. <:::r r c in:::;tu.t eme:nt of [unuing ) to
tho Ass i st a nt S cc r c t~ry .
Conclu s ion

It i s v ery i mport nt that w . do e v erything po cs e to
h e lp our wca J~ cit.· es imp r ove.
If th ey arc: un o b1 0 l o
s a t:i.s fy onr lx 1s .· c c:ci. t c ria \,'e ·h oulcJ t c- .kc ~ppropr:i.atc ,
propo:i'.' t i o 1'1a l step:_; t.o r ed uce, anc.1 in ex ·-rcme e aser· end ,
our conun i_t :-::()n t ,:o th e m.
The pur pose of tl1is 11 1·JGak Cit i e s S ·rc:1.tegy" thGn is to
ensu re thc:it ( l} HU D foll o,\:s a. co n s ::.stcn appr<.>Rch :i_ n
d eu l :i.n9 \-.' i th prob] c-:;n c :i.-Lic s anc~ ( 2. ) tha t u so l id }:ecord
is cstRb li shcd f o r any pcnDlty a ction t hat may be come
neccssctry .
Concl usions:
The bu.s ic obj ec tive of tl1e Mod e l Cities program
i s to b u ild the capacity o f citie s {and state
go vernment } to d ea l with their own u r ba n probl ems.
Traditiona l Federal appr oc;1ches ha ve not contributed
to this obj e c t i ve.
A different appro a c h is ne e d e d in order to assure
the n e c e ssa ry commi t.rn e n t o f local governmC?. n t to
the obj e ctive s o f t h e prog r a m so th a t i t
viewed as II just. a nothe r F' e der a l grant. 11
is not
Better manageme n t a nd st ro nger city commitment can
b e ac hieved if the citie s ' l e vel of funding is
d epe ndent u p o n pcr f orma n :e criteria and not upon a
fi x e d for:n la.
El imination o f we a k citie s f -om t he program after
f a i l ure to res ~oi d to i~dic~tcd a ofi ci c n ci es wiJ.l
increase t he cre<libility o f the prog ram.
Re commend Rt ion s :
Tha t HUD ado pt and communic a te to the cities, a
po licy which would clearl y i n d ic a te to cit i e s t h at
thei r l eve l of fun d i ng E.~::tc h yea r would de pe nd upon
t heir per f orman c e in a ccordance wi th the cl e a r ly
sta t ed crite ria.
That eac h c i ty b e given a "p l a nning figure " in
a dv a nce , bu t wi th a cl ea r unders t andi ng tha t it
is not 11 guara ntecd 11 but d epciiden t upon (1) above.
Tha t ex c eptio na l cit ie s be refe rred to the Assistant
Se cretar i es Work j ng Gr oup f or d s t erm i na t i on o f
pr i ority s u ppo rt .
That " weak 11 ,-:i tie s be h and led as susg es t e d in
paragraph V a n d be dropped fr om t h e ~r og ram i f
t heir respo n s e is unsa ti sfactory.
RGqpectfu l ly .,nbm i.tted,
l ,
Floyd Ho IIyde
Ass i stant Secretary (MCGR )
�A~~ISTANT SCCRET ARi ES \'lt'iY°li·~ G t- lW llP.

.,\O Dt.. L (
tT ! E:; Pf.?OV KAf,:i

Octo'b,or 15, 1969
Mr. J, D, B rnma n, Assis t a nt !secr eta ry
for Ur b an S ystems ond E nv ironme nt
Departmen t of Tr&n spo rt a tion - Room 8 01
Mr. Robert ,\ Podcste, Ass i s ta nt Secret a r y
E cono mic Deve l opme nt Ad mi n istration
Dep.irt me n t o f Commerce • Room 78008
S to p 330
Stop 206
Mt. D wight In k
A ss istant Direc tor for E xecuti ve Mnn agerac nt
Bu r (;aU of t h e Budget - Rt"Jm 900 1, No rth E O B
Mr. L ew i s Bv tl e r
Assis t a nt Secret a r y fo r P l a nnin g an d E va!u ;ition
De part ment of H e i;; lth, Education 2nd Welfare ·. Ro om 5039
St op 20
Mr. Arno l d \\'cbc r
Ass ist::1nt Sccret a ~y fo r Msnp,;,w c r
Department o f La bo r. Room 31 12
Sto p 36 7
Stop 205
Mr. Frllnk Carlucci
Acting Dire c:t. o r, CAF
Office o f Ec ono mic O pportu nity
1 2 00 - 19t h Strcet, N. W. - Room 548
Stop 27 7
Subje ct for Conc urre nce :
Mr, Chri stophe r DcMu th
Staff Ass i s t ant to the Pr es iden t
Exe cu tive Offic e Buildin g - Room 1 96
Sto p 28
CDA Letter #10 ( Introduction )
Concurre nce or comment req ueste d to reac h me by:
Concurrence or comments :
Floyd H. Hyde
Assistant Secretary for Model Cities
and Governmental R e lations
Return to:
Room 8100, HUD Building - Stop 98
�r----~~. . ----·. --:--·. ··---·-. ..:-~--.. .
rir. r,..,, I_;;
r-- rJ -:> ·1r.r} Fl
{\ -- .J •. U\... ·· '- ~, = ..•·..J·~-- --a.'u.:",; _ ::,,,,.~~-...... ,
Moel el Cities A.drni ni straUon
Policy StcJlements·
(CDA l.0Her #10)
l - fl! ~·
1 II ,l·J;;z,..'
11 ll '·· :1 I '.: ,,'
U, S. [;(PJ,F:T/\::,H OF t:O:J$!1iG tND 'JP.8.1>.N CE"YEI. C f'W'N T
-=--""" -:::- ~- -- - l"'~- lo-. ...
�l tji_. f'->f}U ( · L1.0!1.
-··-- - ·
CI)J\ r;c·tt cY Nt.:.




p -:.:J:Lc·l ::··s
,:,f ~.J }ic Dcp8,J~tn1~11t of'
(~ rit ical tSS'\J CS~! rrc
th e t:;Xt ..... r.:.t th :~·.rr.:' 0i~J.Y b~ G conC ~t -E
_(; ~·, 'bct·~-;~f: i"! n. }JC1J.j t y ~;t0,t £;TT't{:" J (!
CIJ]\ No . 10 a.nd .';:. rlf:~li c ;;-- Gt(,t.C:'!Ji~nt, j· 7. r:.r;r_;ti1 ,:- I' C!J/\. J.r:=t t cr or is;:;1.)a,n ~ c :
}fOiJ.Si!;p; ~~ nd 1)r lJ .:~_n I1s·;.


j ll.i.i":-L· ~·;-
the mo s t r 0~en~ will gcvern .
ad.:.1.i t. i c~H::.l ri(/!_ :Li...; y Qp f :Lni_t j_on b r::: f~rJl!iC $ arr-;:.~rC! ~i t .
tl1!:°!(:"; J·:1 t~rt1:.}. fi,:; t.t. i en
o f i nG.i--.,- i_ duaJ.. polic~- s t s.te·r~ j~ nt8 C(.:V":::1'."~d by CT)/-t ri o ; }.(....\\:ill 11,:; by ·
consecuti v~ l cttc~ inc : CDA No
lO~A , CDA No . 10-B , ate .
In dcYt:,J <):p:i ng o.!d c :;1,r r yi nt oi1t it~-3 -, jc1 :;3J. Ctt'es 1-)---o t!;, f;.W >, o.
city mu:~t fcl . 1.01\' tJ·~c -:--=oJ ic:l c3 :l ~, th sc ::jt a:t cir.en-t.s; , De e. cit.y i~: i n !... Om.pllrin "' C:- \.fit.h thcnr.:.: and ctbGr ~'i.ppJi.c ,J,bl r y.Jo1J.c 2es
v1:i.J.J b6 ~.n j~n1~o!·i. . .:.,~nt }Jc.rt cf t.i e r12:\;ir-.;,.t c f corn·p1\ 111 n~1 v t! F::..:c_1.3r·.__1ns ,
and. of-~ p1·ojc._ Ls ~!.t!(l n.ct i .1r j,tj_{?~~ hin c:omprf--11 ('1~:;Jvc t-·rcgi:·fun...;
F~.:i11..~ c to co:-tpl:; ,..; j .!~h poJ. jcy ::t r.tr1n.:.-nts w1ll ~ 11:~ ::1, e:(·r,e,:' tJJ.
rul e, r0,·uli., :i.n ,,:, :Lthh.o J.d ~.n& ,:) f' fi.,Ji!d~ f1\0: 1 pr\.\\cc:1::; o r G.cti·-.,:· t.1.r:~s
1,1}1icrl arE: cnlt of r::c1r1pJ i c-:t nce , Oi' rro~r,. th': i:-.::r:t·! ~£'> cc1nprc h ~1~s j·~-tl . . -Proe J '"Jn .
Vlh -·n \i _, .. -~- c-ity h ~t ,M dc i;bt a :; lo ". .~1~c-t. ic? nn e;{i.$~Jng ·Jl' prr:;90tc~d
prn,jcc·L ot· r!.c~. . t -v i 1.i,'f , err other :Centu1.·c c f .~n cxj_3t in e ":r provosed
~OfiiJ.J.r"\.:' Prr:..~tt';_i.:n ec:?iip1 :Jc;.; \\·Ilh nn t\FJ..!l5~c.1.': "l °;_ -:. EUD pcJ..i~y ? t }1(>
ci·tJ' ~ho\i.1d :i1n.":Jed ·!_.--i,tf.; -~··:l ,::c,nt,~Ul'L Rt:1.__:;:i0n:-.:.J H!Ji) r~·JGd cJ ..1it1.e'"" ~dj .:tff .
1tJi.1cr: r~·.;c-:r a. cii.y teljcvr.·~'f-:i ttat ~.:.b,:· a_r~~:i:!1.c·~1i..jcn 01 .:;i.n:; pol .... cy
wou.Jd, b cr:.:, 1u sc c f ~~}.r?r:~ ial ci~t'JJ·i:-.d:.a-1-'.."" C:':~ iL t:-J~--: , h ave a r r?~ u}t
ccntrnry i...::-; the p1Jr.\~1( sc of' i: 1"1e D~1'u.1 ·t~ ,1<.1 ht iL a.u~;l stine; c1t :i cs t,c;
d.evclo1; cff:;ct:i·v~ f.'r o::;~\a,:!s , it s ·no\ 1. Jd :i.r!i"i?ifdjrlt.~ly cc-:-;s1Jl.t K(:;;;ic11~,1
HUD r-:odr;-1 Citi.t·S s-s·!1.i'f . Th.:s C01)~-;iJ]'L·it...)o!: nr,y~ in ~U1lJS ll_a l c:irc ~J tii.Sirtnccs ~
l ead to -: tri €:Xt=r.i ;.Jl.i()n froir, th e ~'!.Pl J i -.:2.tinn 0; !l rol icy 1)1: :L ng gn,.!:"... r;;'C by
th e Sc c1:·<~t . . i.y· of Hol}.3 j ng a.nd rJrl1~in D 2·,.r~Jop!?1 c. n·:.., .
j I
Bec: 3 ~..:nr""' of" t};~- critical i r:1ft)t·t~:UC ;..:': of thi:.: CDti No . 10 policy
st a.tct:·-: nt~-; j _n aJJ !)l-~o. ses of :)Jr:u1n:ing nDd ce_r~y:!. ,1G . ,_ e om.JYrr~h(:ne :i ·ve
Prot:XDJ:' , th·~ <..; :i,,y slls.11 iQ;m.s:Q.i.r,i,:i...eJy d is,,.~ jbutc· ".:hen, to Jnl.:t_s_y___k93.r_js 1
cjtj_zcn 1--;, r L.:; C 5~r_\,~ ; iCtl r t:q:J re~;(ritri t].,J r-:~ .. t}~c ~.. , t \- i~Q n1c· j j
dr--i n;.,. '"~ ·~·,·
a,z~l'.1£..Lis ,
~- ...
,-i,£~22:_;JE.2.u.t~. ::u1d in'35Y5du,,.ls
in ti·i c cii.:J '. f.1od
1. .. .
C:i."t2.0.s Procren~.
..... . : - ..

~ - ~-~

- " - ~ . : ...,, .
ph,;yi~r~ i i~pc . trtnt r oles
.I :

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�M~~ r{!_.·. t;v;:,, ~ ;\ , 1\ '1,!\
~!:-o j , !). f.:~rv.~~ .! !11 f. ~.~l~ tu:;! $;:-"C t·:--:~i!t~
(~": Ud.H1: :1 ~ ::,- ~ ~~ir:·1:1; L; n:1 l~n ,_, : .. .~nnH:-!'H
D~Jr.H,rtrn~ ~!r -J[ ·/rr~ti:;;~1nrt·rttl!)r• .. 5:.:..:-t~?n ~iJ !
t\ :: ~i e;tcr,~. ~~,:1 !: ~;,:' ~
Dt- . .:r~ t-.:-:p :1~·Fi1 A li~t~} ~t ;-~·H! •::u
f.;~pi.-1;:t n; ~ r,t, r C('j. !"t\ r,a:- r ~ "· ~PtHt~ o/ t{!t) !
E;cer, i'iHi ~e
f"1r, j1w i?h t i~~I~
!'~r,~ ! ~tSni f)~!'-N-~t:-,r-i..:! i. ~ . .-} M:1!lN f!.~~r.\9:'1t t
e1.: r ~tdl .:: t the t1:Jt1~et ~ ~ ~ f.H;i ,~_
H jQ}, t{ c ri ~\ ?~t..)D
r, fr::~~-
r.: ~:N l ~
A tl~ i ~t:iht ~::(·!"•~ ( e r ;' f'~;. P!flr flirt& ~nd ~ l?n tt.\tt ~ i ~ !~
01;,p c itrnQtH. e r.
Ho,1.t~h~ Edu c st
l:' ;~ i'.l Hd W;.~lf;:! f~ -:
r~~r , /\rn"."L:i W~!!c- r
~t:-:.!~tr•i·,t ~1f~t: e: ;: ? ilP; f.,y; M, ni:G\j! ~ :
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!~~.µ ~_..--~:;,er,~~ . .
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t~h. r"'ank C:.,,:hJ!::t:., !.
Mt, Chr 1.a 1.r; ph'1r· Dd,hHl\
St.r.rr t,or:,1 ~~ ..,,.1t t-.t1 "1.; rF~ ·- !dotit
rt~f;r\ -~? vv: Off
., n~·l ~t t ~: ~ ~ R0!3X i~Q
f', ct t;-; ~ fJ !rt;~ ~,11 , f:t...r-1
(H!'i::11 d lt -: :i 1,o,11 i,:, ~.p p nr t1,rn:t )'
l ~go v ~~th ;~t r:-- ~t, N. W. c f-~or.;n: S-t ~
r"~ . . . .
~ r,cro,,.,,; ...2,
(>-,H e .
P!fHl .. {'
,;a :: ~~!1!:~~ttr
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' U . " · ~....~
-1('~....~ . .......... . .. ,
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'.-- ...,. .,_.,,. .,,,.~·r.,-,,.· -·~ · .,.__.,
f'lr1yd 1--L ti yd~~
Alirt)t:t -.,flt ~~err143.215.248.55ry for M f.!,:-,i Cir j p~
3tt~I Ot:.Vt}ftliT1£1nt tl 1 ~~,;~ . i 1:ri1~~
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�ec~ .
7JJQ ~~-h:.i:~f' r;;:,.t;r:-1.rt~i--:c of"ft~c~' ur. (l t}it;: ]_,:,r: ·~l
l ~? ;~ :~r1__ g Qo¢.1.j,~
Ch.1 :y ~ Centj ;.JU•...,: \.l.~ ! t1':1{~ 1_1]. ~. jm,. ..i:t' r:-..~ ?:,:~..c r.~;J.t::~JJ.t,:;
ft);" t}1,; ;:1::--v·r..;10i)t:.\:rl't, i ff.t}-~._;.. t:n1cn.t:;.t idrl ~ 1t:1d pi:;! · :to:rnJi.:.ri~8 .1f1 th~
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f,-""-.f .·J,,.H•,
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!·.-. J.e:t .., ..} ,.L~~
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f:"-...,1 ~,:,;. •
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n r ..
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'1 -t~ ,,.-.1.-4
,..·t 11:;•.
) ~~
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c, ~
,f-,,,.., • .._ ,1, _
\."Y"t :! . -.,a..:·
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Tli~ ~J !i ~~f ~:~t! CU. t,i:,r (~ effic~r ~h.r 11 p~:-i,:,vid(;; t h ~,1 CD;\
d j_r,• t.;t:twr ~ 1t.1'i d~.t'C l"°t, vp(;y.-6.·tjr,1; !1.1 11.r.~nr;J~"1 t o h ~-~,
&...~E·t~~=:t ~:'!.1 ,
. ===::::::-
!J,'11rt U!~hr.11Jt ·t:h .. j., ift.~
th~ J?;;:·o::·rt,., ,! , t : o t~itj,-- :;h?.:t l -teJ:;;: sJJ.
.~f~a ~cr l-~1~1. ;:: :;t ,'\ f !f~ 'be },t:; h ,. f:; ~ 0 th·-· ~~;pprJ !~t, :i.n--vc~l v Gn=t: ~ 3.fJ·i ci:-;r:,rrr!J:,rrp::-~;rt
r; i' r1l l rrubJ.i c -9..ntl p1·iv~tt.~ tl S~~ . . . 1.c:~ 1.-:hns¢ U"'ii3:v· J.~ i ~o c,:;uJ/I ~u ~:·t ~·af l tt
'k"'e.1Jy ,trr::~e ··, t.hc ~, {) ~(~1 1t1 'it31--J -~c--r1ror'5 . s~ ;~~ 1 :-:t~r~, t=hall ·' r.:clt df~;
t:~ct:irJ?: t,r:J d-t°!~ 1 ~~::" ' - tha·L thr: ,..:it~-' c~n c,f-f' t:1 c t}Vt!·l'\:' }Jcrf":':~ it; ~~ pJr,,:-1 . . i J_!'i -Y ,
C¢~,t'(1it1?:1t)r i\ t:..r:.:1 r::,r.r~ i ~tt~i!l f~ r·OlJ.~ \i!1Q·!"" ~fa a Opcl"flt°i~lt Cli:e?l l'i~ C e;.rlrnJ~1J ~ ·t.r
flt'(;Jr.::e·Lc 1..:t1'.' ~ .!,;.) c: 'f't>,_',t~ra.rr, ,
Trs.~ c lty
}11: c~, ,1-:tii1c- oJ.J r: ec(:!Jr.:::~;t>~.; ~-··t': ~~t:"iilr-,. u~= t;nO,

stJ:1 -,:,,~1; ~

t~l1f:?t.1 t' 11 f".30' ~~.-cn ~~ ~l•..,tQr(v.t nr,; t c ~l thcJ).'i l\(~h (')J"';tt1~1~;tn cf l').C;f., 11 !;J.!16
Oft 01tl ;:-:·vnl~.1,s.t j,. ;.n f pGt'fOJ.'"':f;rt_~ n(! _ 1 r: ltl<:-t:t 1!1~ ~;!10 ~ ~ 11;::-~cu~ ~
t· o ~H: ~ha:.l dt,'l!el:;,:p linkris::-R ~-.r.;c,;-15 J,ro,10c .. .:-: eo('>K'o ·'.n..,ti.·":n
or c.1!,,_fH:y
tr.ufurJ.J ly r(!
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cn:t;cr ·l.h:-~t projc:. t !j .. nd a<.:t.1.~.tJt i ~8
i1f, ..r~ c t::tH..:~1
r;.tJ1~r, .3..;.roid wc.~t.s:-.\fuJ a~1pf lcr\t1:t-n of
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prc j r.!~ t~s ."'Gr fm: J{' rn ~1.t;ut:ir:r:


f .. 1_;j).l.•tjpr 1.-::i.t~ t~rtl~ r,t~:t-t.crn J~r1;J.t c:.;rH.t.t<i. r; tht~
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r.!.·oci~ nr, '<1-. . . c •\.it: t.' ,,, '.l("' ,;• .. <)JJ(.H.t.
~ 0:h' 1:\::t$, {" c;;,.1_, rn n ..i ·1, ..J!'r)U ~ uno. c \ ... c .;. '-Hi "f; r:,:'
~chi~vc, r:, ..__txi~iUJ~1 !"(1"~1 1 t.B Jl -::~~,;:'Ci.nn:t .cn1 uf
·. nc.:.c-:~), nn1 11 ~1~!:L:;t)'1
Of !-°tC;j(~(rt.-~ , 1rf1~ (;it:y ~r1;:1,j i h:1.Vi!'; 'Lhc ('"Hpn.~ft,j:- tt (..~;J,1,-iy-y ~ - t,
}.11"~.>.j ('~t~ Gt..) t}} b/t, r ~:;~tJJ~(~;;~ c:.t~d o~v~:nL.:!~-~.11'".:; c:f runtt:J e:rr;- r,1:J.i~i r~tjr:
~l<~t;O~d."~it<:.-:J ~"it.h
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�r,J:fl ~'
C J.t
~ir :::} ,:1. JJ
~-t~ff ,:.; j t}t Q.(1 C(;.1.H-!..'~_:-:; ::t·~r~ib (Jr j t:i -t.iC; e~1,j:x·,y
t;i~~ o:.rllJrit.:(l l~ t.1~.~D polir:y, ~

> ttit ernr·nt .

~ u~ ~J
t !~ ~
t'!:r-!!JGf !fi }
t,{li t 1 i-= B
Dat e :
Octob r

1.5, 1969

TO :
J, D. B rern o n , A s s i s t a nt S e ci ~ t a ry
f o r Urb a n S ys t ems a n d En v i r .. nrn e n t
D ep a r t ment of T r a n s p o rt a ti o n . R o o m 8 0 1
D ep a r t ment o f C omme r c e - R o o r., 7 8 0 08
Stop 330
S t o p 20 G

'-,J r . R o be r t A . Pod c s t n , A s s i s t a n t S12-c r c l a ry

Ec o 11 1Jm i c D e . c l o p ir, f:•n t A dm in is t ra t i o n
Mr. D w i gh t Ir.k
Ass i s t ant Di re c t o r fo r E xe c ut i v e Mn r1 <1 ge me nt
Bu r eriu o f th e O u cl g e t · R oo m 9 00 1, No r tl. E O B
Mr. L ew i s Bu t l e r
A !' s i s tan t Secre t a r y for Plan n in g n nci E v a l u a ti o n
De p a rtm e nt o f He a lt h , Educ a tio n a nci We l f,, r c • R oo m S039
Sto p 20
Mr, Arn o l d We ber
A ssi s tant Sec r e t a ry for :\i a n powe r
D ep art me nt o f L nbo r . Room 3 l 1 2
St o p 3 6 7
St o p 2 0 5
Mr . Fra nk C arlu cc i
Actin g Dir ec t o r, C A F
Offi r c o f Ec on om i c O ppo rt u n i t y
1 200 . 19t h St re e t , NW . - R o om 548
St op 27 7
Subj ec t for C o ncu rr e n c e :
Mr. Ch ri s t opher De Mu th
S t a f f A ss i s t a n t t o t h e Pre s id e n t
E xe cut i v e O f f: c e Bu il d i n g - R oo m 19 6
St o p 2 8
Opor ation of Proj a ct s and Activities
C oncur r E> n ce o r c·omm e n t r e qu es ted to r e:1c h me b y :
I- - - -- - --- -- ------ - - ~
Con c u rr en c e o r c o mme nts :
Flo yd H. Hyde
Ass is t a n t Sec re t a r y for '.\l ode ! C i ties
and Gover nm e nt a l R e lati ons
Re t urn to : Roo m 8100, HL' D Buildi n g - Stop 9 8
�POLICY S 'J'i\'l'E r.mNT RJ~ O!"'ER.Nl' ION OF
The CDA s t aff nnd c.i ti ;:; e n aovJ sc; ·-y boards are pl an ni n g
and c oo--d:L n i:1.tin g b o( i es , and a s such a re expe c ted to h ave
the c ap~c ity .a nd r esponsibility to r e commend the assignme nt
of priorities amonq, and monitor and eva lu a te the results
o f, p r ojects a n<l a;tiviti cs . The opGr a t ion o f indivi dual
project s and activities b y (1) CDA staff: ; ( 2 ) its citi ze n
advi sory bo dy ; ( 3 ) an o ~gan izati on th e b oa rd o f dirc cto~s
of wh ich i s compo sed of o ne or more me mbers of th e citi zen
advi sory body; or ( 4 ) an o r s_1cmi z a. ti on in which more· th an
on e -th i r c1 o.c t he rnc:rnbers o f th e bo ar d o f directo rs is
appointed b y th e citi zen ,idvi sory body \v0uld 1 in mos t c ases ,
b e i n b as i c con flict wi th th e fund arnc::: nta l du t i e s of th e
CDA staff o r cj.t i zc n adviso ry body , an d such op e r a tion is
no t a pp ro priatG un l ess it is de monstra cd t h at the proj ect
or activ ity i.s mi nor and t ernpora J:y in natu re o r cle a r ly
incide nta l to th e du'·y to p l a n, coo rdi nate , and a lloc ate
res our ces 1 o .r. tha t e xcepti ona l cir cur,:s la n ce s oth erw i se
warr ilnt su c h operation.
In th e I';o dcJ Citi e s pro ~p~a.m , pro jec U-.; a nd act iv iU. l~s sh ould
b e o pcrc:i.te c1 b y c xpc riencc~c
exi st ing 1rnb lic a n d pri v ;:i t e
or g ~n i z a tions wh s ne -a r possi. h l
New o rg a nizations wi ll
b e fun de d ctS ope- r a ting ag c nd. c s on l y if t h e c i ty c an :j u st:ify

not us ing e xis ting experienc -2 d orga niz a tion s an d demonstra t e s
the adva nt ages to b € served th ereb y.
Th e s ame j ustif i c a t ion
is re~u i r e d i f it i q proposed t o u se an e xist ing o rganiza t ion
wh i ch l ~cks operating experience i n tho f i eld of activity
pro pose d for it .
In this wa. y Mode l Ci ti e s · may be- s t ach i e ve two of i t s p r i nL
o bjf' c t i ve s .- appro pr i c1t.e c h anges j n e x i s ti ng in s ti tution s
a nd th e i mpn1vcmcn t of th e delivery of service s . Exi st ing
public a nd private in sti tu ti on s must b e strengthen e d c:.nd
b c co wc more resp on sib l e fo r a nd more r espons i ve to th e
n e ed s o f th e mode l n e ighborhood. At th e same tirnc , c are
mu s t be t aJ.:en to avoid a mi sinterpretation of this policy
to the oetrirn2nt of effe ctive citi zcn part :i cipat ion o r to
c on cl.Dne m':rc cont i nu a t i on o f unresponr.ivc bu s ine ss- a s-us u a l
p r oj ects and acti.vities by e x i sting org a nization s . Thi s
poJ.j cy , pl acing emphasis upon th e u se o f exist ing or~ran izations, will fu rt h 0r Mode l Ci ties objectives only i f
ci ti ;;;en pa r tic ipcm ts , local go ve r nrnon t , and oth e r exi sli ng
insU t u tions focus on i mproving servi cP.s c'lnd rnc1ki. ng th em
more acc:ept a b:c c1nd r C:: S:) 0 ;1s5-v..:., to nc i c_r hbcn:hood nt2eds.
All n ew or ex isting public a n d priva te orga nizatio s
ope J: a ting pro je cts ancl ,ic ti vi ti_ 0s mus t comply \·Ji th the
s t.atuLory mandate t o pro '.ride opp o r tuni tic~:3 for
emp l oying reside nts o f the modr:,1 ncig. bo J:hood in aJ.l
ph ases of U1e program .
Sl:Cf: El ARi ES WO R;' ! 'G Gl~O U0
Date :
Mr . J. D. B re r.,· n , Ass i s ta n t Sccacluy
for Urb a n Sys :.~ rns 0 11 d Environment
Depa rt ment o f T r nnsportu t lon - Rc,o m 80 1
l\lr, Ro be rt. A. Podcsu, , As s i stant Secrdnr;
Econ 0m ic- De ve l o pme n t i stret i o r.
D ep!l rt me nt of Com me,c-c - Room 7 8000
Stop 330
Stop 20 6
Mr. D w i g h t In k
As s i st an t Direc t o r fo r E x ecu ti ve , 1n n ngemcnt
Bu r e a u o f th e Buciect - Roo m 900 1, No rth EOB
Mr. Le w i s Duller
A s si s t a nt Sc cr e t.1ry for Pl a nning and Ev.:ilu a l ion
St o p 20
De p artm ·· nt of H e a lth, Educa t ion anrl Wc l fo r c - R oon 503()
Mr. Arn..,Jci W<' be r
Stop 367
Ass i s t a n t Secretary fo r ~l n npow e r
D ep artment o f L nbo r - Ro o m 3112
Stoµ 2 0.S
Mr. Fr a :i~ CHrillcci
Ac tin (; Dir e ctor, C A F
Office of E conomic O pportun it y
1200 - 19th Street, N . W. - Room 5'18
Mr, Chri~tophcr De~lulh
Staff A ss i s t ant l o th e Pr e s ident
Executiv e Offi ce Build ing - R oo m 196
Stop 277
Subje ct fo r Conc ur rence:
St o p 28
CDA Letter o 1 Re s ide n t Ernploy1T.ent
C oncurrc>nce o r comme nt requ es t ed to rea ch me by:
Concu r rence o r comm en t s :
Flo yd H. Hyd e
Assi sta nt Sec ret a r v for !\10dcl Cities
and Gov c rn rr.c nlal -Rel<1tions

· ! ' <

P c, )[;" 8 100, nU!I 3ui l d :11f:
- Stop 98
' '
. ., ·,
t l iC' P ~.:.·,i: : :.: l"i"'-1 Lir,11 c:; Li ~.:, , ~1·1,:.~ : ~r.,: L"
!"t. . iJ0 l i.l> !l D::v i:-: 1(.)ri:.,·.;
l h-: ,,:~ .,_'.- .~ c .rt~r::; t c, 11!·c·. j c~~· 111~.' . :'. i.i:,·. !i:1 0~1:;::::" t.uriiLi0 ~;
fen.. (:::1·,1.n:-,·5 ·11( , c::; 'i.d c.: L r; o [ ·.#~, (· ;;~-~ :·: i1 , .:ilJ ~-. 1, : :-. r . :-; ,·)f Lh f.: p 1:o[~ ~:[ ==1 -: .?1d
c~n1 n r ~~.c~r.l r.:,:) '. '-rir u nj t i c ~; f o·:· t-.: r)1·i·. <.nr.: t: 1·,.. j ri .i. i\ ~~ 1 c:~nd ::c, d r~\::2 lc>tJ pr c,~;r ux: s , .i 1!i < .1
,-: ill 1· t~.c;l,}. f. ·i n 11 i:1~r l:< c.1 p1·0~.~rr.~:: f~ j n 1c..:c~ue:) i··0 -1; :J~· r c: :p l c,yi.:-.; nt. fl :lr1 cn:f.01.#c:~c!
S0c~~:i (1j1 ] } ( .--~) o f
1\c t. of J<;(1 r) r :. ·· ~1i ~:l:=
j <1). (: n c ~: :. ..
Th :i.~. CIJ.\ L 1: lt:1· : c ~ ~ f.o :· [·1, lll' i) rc.:q 1.: :i. ;· , ,: ·, ( 1ts i:1 j ,.1;-: J.,-:·H,r, ',:t· U c,n o~ lh i_,;
p 1·(1\':, :., io:~.
Jt: i s e. 1 c: s i c- p, ·1.:'.c::-,; c/ :, j(·ct ~v l·: t 1~: t r::·1_1 J. , ·_;::1 e;1L 0 ppc., r h 1nit .i cs
r;e:11.:..1·~tr.c~ h j· t ,c> cc.:~r:rt ·L t.·i!~ :5.'/ E~ c-1 ~-~, r.i i:..<1,:,:-; r-:t' i l Lj <."'j1 ,~ro:_~r ,,.1.1 b l: f i l J cc! by
rHod c l n ,:J ~·~ 1i: ·n·r 1c~~,d rc ·s ich.·rtt:: t
Ti·, ~ rc ri.1.i.rc-:,~:.. ·:::: o{ t1 l5 ~. l cttt ~:r: o. pp ] y Lo
ei;;p l c,y::1.:.: n:. g c ; ; :1:~~ ,i.:~ (l l,y th .:: C. c~;~~;t'(·h t::i ~ .i\rc. c.:i .y (1f ' . ·r·ilS l r,~~·in n p1:ogrn:n1
i. n·~ l ud jn~~ t l 1·.'. . c,J l o~;i n~·. cc. ~::..· 15:37, 29 December 2017 (EST)-- i 2r-. :
<, '
Fi:1p l oy ~i:,n t· rJ: n ~: 1· 1:-y ;.;,:-1~!r.. J. Ci t i,::-. :; 1.1:)~) 1 :~i1enl~ l f. :.t:;!'"~ ~; 01 ·
by oth !r t.yp , ·s c,f Fe:r!c··.:r, l M;s :i ;, l' i'.!i , , , rc,t h in p,lilicl y 0 1~
pr i Y ~ t ; 1.: s ~·1< 11 s :i :- : ·d (! c t i. . ._,. i. L -j ~ · r;. •
II .
T>:·1) Joy ~c- nt·. f. . ?! L '. ~.-(~t: v;~ by ot!. t. 1: f1. r.r] s : .P ~ r c: ;n i..n·l.cs f or
nc l:i\'j ~i.. L~ i ;,(; ll~(; ,:'.c1 i1 1 t.h r~ cr ,:11 ;·:r(·1-1c rsj \ 'C c i. t y c1c i~~0~st1:c1. t j on
p1.. ()~~)--[:_ , .
s id O?!
~- - -·- - -- - - - ··

~oJ -Ji- ·r- c:.1 (': 1 t :-; - --GC'11 ,' t e 1
- ---
, _ #_ _ _
- ·-
I t j s tl, c r u;p611;ild l ily o f t h ,:, city {o~ coL1 ,,t>· ) r.o ·.·c rn-:11, nl s ub~ iu·in~
t y d c--:10!1::t -rt1 i:5.0 i1 pn1 0 r , .:·,: to L 1p l ::•;wnt > o r LL' e ~; ::: ~--.-~'. t h e
i mp ! c r,1,·n t. nl: i(,n 0:f , t'.1 e~;r• r. c qu; t·c ,, nt: s , P c t·, i. l e el i nfc1 -::,:;.c,;1 on f:l.!Ch

i.mpl er,:~iH'.::tl.:i.on is r c> ,1uir, d i n [ pp lh:[lt:.i.c n~; io,· >fu c: c J. Citie s s;_ p pl c~1r~11 t'i. l.

fu nding [ : !irJ su::h i. n f:,,n·,..·, Lio1i ~l: n ll b e co:, ;;,:,Jiclr-. t·c·c~ 1.-.' i thi.n f'. s i 11 0 lc s cc ~j 011
of t h e .npp l i -::,,tion. Th i s s c c t ~r,n sha ll cl~:~ cr:'bc l' l '. e:np1oy1:,0' ri t to be: p,c n,-:: ,·-.1 '.:->:1
by th e co:,i;wch 2n s.i. ve:: ci. ty cir~:.c:1 '.st.1·e1tion pro~ r1-L1 n r d th· hi r i ng ,:, n~l
trainin,s s ys t. 0.,'l ~ t;ld : h i i i l 1 ns i:qrc th ,:, p l .:: C{, 1,;,:1:. ,f ,noc1 c l n c i~.;bboi"lioorl
resi c:cnts jn t h e:sc j )b ::; , Th ,:: s,·c ti.o n t ·i l l f .lro s h ,•: t h,:- r-:.: l c1. t i ni1sldp of
rc,s icknl cr.ij, loyu,· nt ffO[,l'r'.1 :i' S t:n ol h ,::: r .'.'. f-: p E'c U:; of t h · c c1p1:ch c; r,siv c city
clc1:1o ns l1:,, l.ion p-c c·~;ra :1, su" h ar, l1r;.-:1l i".h o r oth<'.' i: su~portivc· scr v ic c·s ,
ccn110::1 ic cl e vc- t o;1; ~.-· nt, lr 2.ns!'Ol.'l :. t s o[ Ll! i:: r.1 ;r.' e:l 111 i gl-:b01:honc: in
�f i. l Uni ; P.! l
j d 1·] _ ;.~ c.; ·,c·rc1i:e J t1 : i n,1 ; :·, ·· 1c• c, i,! ; ·,·:::h• :n :. iv c,· ,:i.t::
d 0;=. 0 n :-; '~-!..~:-1!:.i c,~·i pru:; r :~:.:.
Tl! c full
i 11 c l. 11(1 t·:J )): t1· c cj t·.y
Lt:·'~.. c,f s u c11 1 0Ji r y ~.l l{t ~ ~ ~>-:'
1 : _:
t· :··p J jc i~ t· j rq·) ,
'l'l1c cj_~y r) o ti c y 1:.:-: S L=~!~ n pu! )15.~.}:. c~ 2
~ uf:"[ic· ei ,:.: Li: '.·:c: fnr µL'.111 l e ·f c: s ;4,c; :::: C' ,r i O J.· t O l th : S L:l·,::·,-j S .:_. .i O ii
th e c: c,;·pr,li ;·· 2- :i'.' •.' city cl (' 1..n ;1 c: lr 2 L i on p r u~;r ,, ,01, ,"\i~c1 ,-: i 11 be
l'N<'1.::_i;,. ). .-~· ,.;~e,·.__<:: :·,~i.· fo1: p,i!iliC' j J".~, 11 C tj C'I!,
Public: 2.nd pri v t'.L '~· €1~;<: nci c s \-; h he, ·c th-:, r1.:~.;ou1:c.:~s ,
rc ·· po ,-,! ibiUty, n11cl c :-:1:-· lc1 y,·..:, nt op;,p r·. L!i,ilic s to i 11i) l<-!i'iC nt th e
city 1 s rc:s id e ;i l: c-::1p l oy;·.1 -::nt prJ l.i c -'· b:1 ' L: h C:!c>i'. r:i,,,:: :iin~fu l ly
invo l ,, cl fr1 p l. £1ni·1in~ c1.n:! coon1i1~: .l'i 11,; t:h ,:: n.och·l c:ity c:r:ip l oynien~'. rn rJ l:r0. i ning i, l a n,
Such c'.g·::;Ki ·: f; h ,·, vc .?.~;,:e,:d to · ~; c t
go a l s ; nd lo cs l..•.i) li sh qu,1r, i.: jt:;: ti\· c: -- o ::·.,,Ji. l :;.en t~; rd::tin 0 to
tl1os,~ l02. l. s i. n l. c n .!s of t1· ,: i n i.11~ t'.",ml pL:c ::·i·• c ;, · O:)i'or::: tn:i t i ," s ,
u p;'.,n=ic.1:' ng Oi)::·0 i·t uni Li. cs , t!ni0-,1 r;c:::bc· ·s 1np, etc . : cts n cc u;s 0xy
in on'. ( 1· to 1!·,:;c t :Jin st·.?. t1~lo;· y r<:!qui ·( r::t-• nLt qu otccl <i.bovc .
1'hc-'. Lr~ i nj ng ..:1n(l 01~p l oy:.:t·nt
syst('.;.1 o .· i~ S ~re ,-.'o r 1:£th 1P o.nd
e n fon~(t.'.) l c c1nci l.k·. L Ll 1c y
i l.l 2. s.r;ui: · ;;rcf(1· c nc c in 0.11:, l oy;:;0. ;1:.-.
for 1:1oce l n c i.z li bo:: :;o c•d r v i; Ic'.r, nl s .
Si:d1 :i rystu ,; o -r·sys t c ~1~; \·:i ll.
inclu(1c 1: :t"c•v i s ion s foe th ,: r cc r u it , •e:: ,L, ~:,·l 0ctir1n c1.m1 pl 0 i:: c:::; c, n~:
of 1:1c, cl c 1 n .-,ig h bod1,:,1c;cl r c'.~ i.cicnt:; jn j()b.s r,c.n :..rr,Lccl hy th e: com;-,1:e: l1c r,::;ive:
cJty c: r• ic,ri:: t 1· 1Uc, n pl."Clf_i. <.rn , on .. t.h c --jcb t. r a i11:. n:·. nn :1 Ui'~;r.:-,.:_1 j112 o ~"J:~O1 ti.:niti.c·~~ i n b o th p:Jl)ljc r,rn1 pri\·~· t c .'.'lgc nd -. :s , jnc l t:c!ing P t,~ lr 0n~fc r·
£1b jJ.ity c, f: q u!ljfi c ct t..ic,n s ,1;1:1 c: "i 1·:1itf f<". c· ;~ p ,• ri r:: ncr· b,_~ t.1-'c· (: n sw.1:
l!G i::nde, ; ll-- ·~· 1·1::1r,-:,-..·:: l of icki~ Ufir_,,: i ,,T~::l i 1<~ nt s to th " hi r i'nr. ",.:'.
U[)['l' <ld i~ ~, ,-1[ 1Jj 5 ; _(~Vi"~UtC'"'.•... Cl 1,,0:; :--_, l r ·~. c·}~! .. ~·i.1 :c0d r r .c:: il~t.·r:t~· ; i"! ~l J t1 tl..,
Pj_"dvir, i ~,;·; ~,f ~ 1"['.d(' u n ic.:1 p :1 r· ~i c- i r~t: j ( ;1 rtn(! n:i.:-:~)v j·~: hjr, cq· ;_·~l t r 1-n:: ~.i'- C
rilcLho:: ~ c,f c\ ::;c:u1: c o :1tin:.ll··J 01· j_: 1p·,-c,v,·c:l ( .-1,-)luyi ,11.::,l oj) r c,1· t.u11i ty
i.n con ~ t rur: U ::-1 1 o r oth r: r 01:1p l "~·1; o nt \Ii thi.11 or b c-yor,cl tl, c: r.:ocic.!l
n dr;hl,.:,rh oocl ;;1·-:' il ,
In i·<1;Jlc,1 c 11U n ~ t. h c c;c· chjr:ct'i.\·t'!;, full <!nd
app 1·o pr iat(· u t il.i z[; Lion \·:i. 11 b l! ::1,~ d c o:C cx i~U.n r, in s tH:ullo ns
to th e c1 c 0 r,-; c Lk:t. th c 1:c i s c ar,a b ·i 1i 1..:y , t11c) cc1!:ni. t" 1nc nl: lo rw c: t
tl1 -2 GO.'.': l s encl obj ec tjv cs of th e c or1p1· d1 (' :1 s i"-1 c c:i.ty d c1r:onst:r,,ti c,i·1
p ro8ran:.
Then! js ric.i t' q cJ t c m ..J t:ol·'.:,~b l c -'1.clu i nist1·~ l.iv c r.1,:-, chi n P-;.· y dth i n
th e: CD ,'. ,, m1 / cr cH:y gov(·l'l'i::c~nt t o c cnrcl i1v t1 -:· and i r,1p J. ,:-,;;,,-,11t lh·:-rc s :iclc-1,t e:::,;) l );,' u c n :: c1nd li: ai nin 0 poJ.ici,:, ~: ;ncl s yst.c,,:f, , incluC:i ng
th e pro ' 1 ~: i P:1 o f u : c'ciu.:: l e f u;1ds r:11d s l c1.ff 1 .:-11; ( '. Lo 1 i.n\ th ese
sys l c r, ~. c·ff c·c li v(']y \d . ll1 c:Ll.,.-i- p1· 0;·. r n·,1 sy s ! ( •f!:~;, !-. 1,:or:-; c'.bl.:, cv~:ltt-'.'. t ic,n .:.r~d 1 c;- oi.·,; :-, yst 0,: i-ii l 1 b 2 L 1cl1 ··. >:· in t1w ~. :J r:iinisL·c,:•. t'i v r·
s tf't1 1_l1 .r .-')') ::r1~ .c:i t) f('·~ ,~c1 1,1i-,·, fnr: r r;:o l v in~.
tl~ t.' ) •· 1l.· l:.. ··:. ~ · ,'.:-, ... .i C i: C .t 01 t!,,... · f • t' ( l~· t·;~ ·: .
[. 1
i r.\ :c. ~:c :-•::: f J" .i ~ir:~.
0 11 t
Th C>. ci.ty h :-,-; :1c v e: l ci:-·f·,'.
spr·cj fj_c p1·,1;:; r. r1 -: to r, r o•1iric· iwi:snn~:
C'nt:c 1: i. ·:.; s ub1 t nf 0s., ion , . l or 0 ::.1,,~r c , ::ry-- l c·\ (·l jc•b c , •. t c~~nr i 0s
( ,-. ) suffiC'i v 11t tr c (n i n ~ e.nc1 o:.-.h :· r s~ ;-vicr·s to Pn0h l<' th · . 1 l<.1
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(r,) [.'. <,(, llT ,S i, (C- S ti1;ii.:. lh , 'l't· \·. 'ill \i p nci l1' 1:i C' C ' S~.;,:W'.,' j, ·,[h- di ·,_, l~tS lo
s t1 c11 ri,,U ] ily in 1: ·.·~: cnt in lh c <':.· pl ·ic-:,1• 1c r,. , 1·:i.t or ot l1r·r p1:n ·.:0 tio;1
�1'iic city po ' icy .::,1 :c: _i~-ro~/<'.l:"I !·:t•s t. 5n c: l uc1 (: , ··u cc~!ur,~~ to c·n.'.'.'"> !L·· ,_1qcJ.-, J.
(]. ) rc ..,\ .·J. (.·'·'
·'· C,r.fc,,,· l·. :·... , l•,,l,(t
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Ci. t: y p oli cy , ti 1c] ··,1 pl0:,Tr:;7:_: rrog1·,.::, tr1 .:"1.l'. h:. S b e ' il cl -:-:v ,, ] op-:<1~ " i) ;_] ( ?. ) llC'[_;O t:"i t: '.: (
f or F- cljusL:,,•.:: nt· s ·n th ,! p ,:.Jj c y E: ;ic: · ( 3 ) p;:,:ct5.di: .t o fn l·hc :r.-cso l uti c n of:
g r- i. e\'~ n-... .··~; rr·Jsj t~. n~tt of t.1 ·, t.~ ir:1p l c·· !(_ !1t :?t:i.c,,1 c f Ll1:~ p ro ~·. i:1 ,. ;1.
Th r~ roles or 1.:,,cicd . 11·· i:--J 1k):· hoc. cl n ·,;icknLc in ;,1p;1i.t" o r.i.n~'. , C-'.1 0. 111.: :-,tir:r. ,
r c·so l v5n~ ~~;:i c\'d :: ,~:s [!.1~r: ~s::; i. ~~tj_n~ in th r; o ;• f~11.t jn: 1 uf the sys l e :--1 r:11:-'tl l
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shCJ'.-.1 ,
Jn ar:cl i. U 0 n to t.h< i for c- 0 oi n,c r.cq 1d .rc,:r 11t: ~ , 0.ach <'.!)r• li c .ct ti o ;1 \·d 1 1
j n r C[; cll."d

C) c:0n ,-t: r uct.:i n, 1 c;:i;, l o :,·. :r· n:: :

Th,:L tl , ! c i. ty r c :·; j_c1 (•nt: c ;~n ln y ;:,c, ;11:
·t rn i.n inv fe> l i c y C-O\' C-1."S
nl l cr c'.1: t s ,u1cl p od U .011s r c lnl. c- (1 l o c· :i n ;-; tn? :: '. .:!0;, .?.n:-1 r ck1bi. l itr, -·
tion, j_ 1c l. ucli; 1~ fnn',-.,,~n, sup e i:i.rit cri°c),: n '.~; nnd c 0ns tr.i1 c ti 0 n t.n,c\
ch·i.v crr; , i.l~; \ -; , i l l as suc h o c c :1 :).::ttic•i·1'"- ns ,rchil:c ci'.s , cn::,,i:, r,c;:·s ,
d r0ftt;!,! .m ~ c l ,.: ,
Th e p o l i cy sh0ulc1 ir c l u,'. (: p,:ovi s ic,;c, f o "i· c:-; Lc":b li:.; h :i. n0 spc: jfjc ,rnd C;ll i'tnti f j_2b l o [;O<".ls ,r,cl cc,:,·, 1H :•1r: ;;l s f or hiri nJ.
rtncl lr;, ini11s 1: ,,sj cJ c nLs :in Cc1.C't1 C Oil::; ~·. ru C' tion cr a ft ancJ oth ~1·
r 0 l cv:rnt o cc u;i .:-t li.on ; c1..r,::1 providon fe r p l"('fc:re nc,:: fo -r (, 1.1
b~1i l di.r, ; c onL·-::c t:nr s ( a ) b2sccl i n, 01 su l)s \ tinti.,.., 11.y ci0ir,G bu s inc:-;s
i n , th e 110ci c, J P. c i g h;-:nrhc,od 01· (b) f:1q--l o y in~, n s i g riifi.c .':n t r ro-po 1·tj_ur- of r.:or:.l e J n;h 1c,, l:nod ,·,,s ic1c-r,t :-; n t n. l l l C' v .-· 1 s i 11 th e ir
t .'orl~ fnrcc .
Si.111i l f!1· p1:c f <·n "' 11 u: f;l, ;1l l b~· g iv c·n Lo ot.h ,:, c11· cr.
c:on stT t•ctio;1-· r l~L:: t cci fjr ,,,,; s u c:11 c>. s c.r -~i 0 nus , ple.rni,':' rs, a n+itc.c l" s t'nt1
SLl1"\l c·yc r s \:1_1i : h cc_i;:;c 1-.'.i tl 1i n t:li c nbov ,· u , Lv: 01: i. c·s .
T h <1 t. c1 speci fic n -cnd. l~ 10 n::, t r .:-dn i n~; .'.Incl U r i.n:; pro 0 n,!l1 t o
p re>pr.1·c· n c> i:·.l. ho·.-h.1or1 r c?s id cnts for 1-:p -,· l~ on nll pr.o j ec: Lc d c onst ru " ti c,:1 p: o j cc. i.s in t.1.,..::: 1~0,1 c. l 11 ·:' i ?,J,lo,: l.00:1 } ,:s b c:e n c1 cv c, l o,, ;~c by ~-l ·r:
cit )' i!l c.c11~C' i.' · :.. v.•i. ·r os iclr~n:.: ~; a :;r c'.\1 l. o t:1 ·.;..I" ,.- c l c-- v~1:1t group :.- , ! ,n::.\
H[;t'<:!r..:1n,·nt ~ ;·- t crr:cl in to r, u 1·s~1.1 11t Lu t '.1c pro 1;,:- 0; 1 ~!lll S l :i. n no i-:~,y
l ii-:il liiri.n.; or Lr.'.' i11in 0 o ppn rtu:15ti ~r. fo1· 1:e:s :i.d c nt s t 0 c 0. rl'.:-d n
crnf t: r: or c .:1 t C';;_o, i cs of con s l nic U . on, n or l >e> othc- n:i ~: e i n co ,1.s is tc.1 ':
wi l"lt Lh c ci t ) pro:•.n:-.;,
Tht: L tl 1(' cit) n~ s icl c il t b :,p l oyr:icn l p:-ilicy , : ·. 11 b 0 rd: l. in
t h e c- iLy l:·icl S i' •:: ci(ic :-.ti o 11 ~; c'\lirl in r -.-iiuin-rr,;-1t~, f c,1· spow,c,1.-s of
nny Flt\ i n s m c•(] 1,rc, j r.-c: t· ~; i.ncl.t,dr~c1 in th e _c -n pn.: h r,nsi ·;t", ci ty
clr-;:,. ,r~~. 1.. n1. tio1 . pro~: ;: ;, 1, ,, -,,~; t 1wt s 1, c. c,--;:;~.fu l

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Ci1c h c:,, .ft: A.i,: r r.l ,: t r.c: occu:1:, U .o il <:\ . · c'.l" '~· cl. 'c( 1_; 1i.11 .:., d b y 1:1.111 , i :·1
<.:o nsu lt..,t: ion •.:ith tl1 c-: c i t y, for c,ch co'. ··1u ·d. ly. Tlv ~ c:ity i s
c·xpo ,.· Li:c' to ,: ;, lt1 •ro1t t11c f'i'.,p l c,y ,::c nt pol.'<.: ,' diH _::. L'.1t·. l y [ :n,:l le>
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f iL !.l t,t ;; p r~,1·~
r t.i : •! c~ ty ' f. ( 'C1 ·:·,1·:· : : ,
~\' :: t' . · - : ,. t~ ~~ ~ t i c,:': r'i.<·~·:·:· ·
�\' .
/•. :~: , l _i c- ,: l, i ) _i _' · y
\.1h c~ ·:·c! <·- c jl.y ' ~; a:-, .'> 15i;:- t: j· o ,·; h- !~.: l :··c r ,.---.: :1 ·; ·:.: ( 1 -.'cci f u1:· ftn ld ·i r1:; or
,- 111r··cc
!: h ,· c:. Ly 1 f: <'(··;·., I i c.'l t i ,·,, 11·· :: h-. ; n fj J -- ,_; or i s c:ct·-.-..c t·(·.(; Lo be
f iir<! by---- ·-·--· ·' 1<; 69 , t l ,; d', y :. 1,,::;1 :~:.! L .: i t: t u l-il'D l >:,' _____ __ __ , 19'/() ,
sup, l c··-~c_: 11!.-:'.. 1 L~ r' p l.i ct: t ic,n r 1?, · ·;r<·, .: v icl ·: nt: C' t.h .:-t t. it s c :.{) lo~· ::1 c nl
pr o ~~1- .ii , c<. 1dfrn ·. ·.., j 1: .<· 1. 1. ·,:r:s ;, c: v t:!- t r . l l 1::s c. rc c!uj rc. 11·.c·n t~; 2.!ld
cJ c:r :c1~· 1 :in ~ th e.! L
.::c::~i n.i.::t ;· ~t t.:_.,. ,._, 1'.~; 1cfd 11(. ·i"y L~1;1 l 1-.c!.s bee n ~t:t t:~")li r. h r·:'
t o j :~ il r:·:,' rt: . t 11 c ::·c c~:;·r, :.1,
c n i,1 JUl!c- 11,.i \· c cit y cl c,. 10n ~; tu!. l:-ion :iro [;r2 n i·:11i c h i s c: :pc::- Lc d l' o
b (~ fi. . ccl ,:,_f , .c r _ ___ __ __ , JCJ?O, :.1u r:: i 1c l.ur:r, th e s e: rcq ui1· c,;p;)ts
po.r t: ·)f th , · i ni.Li rd ~;u l:~ii ssio n .
The city p 1li cy ;·equi r u-l to lie o.~'.0; 1L ·d F n·st!ce n~. Lo r,c ct5 0,, lJ of thi ,;
Lett:,:-, ;- uu ::. t l ,r> in cc>1:_ ,01 ·t: l: ccl inl:o t h e' cc,·i:·,rd ~·,1 s i \' l' city clcr,10:. s tr o. t .i.on r·r ·o~ ~·r..: 1
wh e n j t i s <.lp(·i ·ovccl l ,y th o [;01.'('rni n:; l' oc!y,
ln t h _, c,:':.S f· of l'iU e:·s r, ov cr n c c] by ~: :·c~: ion \'(n) , f c1.i.). u rc· of
th e c:'.. ty lo :s uh .1 5 t ['.il n:1 i:r o-_•,d 1 l c su ~pl. c·1c-:1t t o il: c c'.l\ 1p lic ,;1 ti 0 ,1
E,li e. 11 h e
11 2. s i.s for
s L: r, ) ' C iE- ' . Dn
c, ;_· tt·!· :n in ., t. i.on o f
th : · ~; n , nL
a ;::,n: c, ,c n t.
I n th ) c ,:--::; e of nll o t.:h L·i: citi e s f fl i lt;r c o f t l 1c: city to s u l-.·:ii t
an c1;, n-ov.'t b .. c ,q ,;•l ic .:--.t.:i. 0 11 \.'l1icl ! cn ;-1 ~on 1s to th(·SC'. r c qu ., rc·!.ic nt s
s 11 a ll b a ' )fl ·'i s fo;_· cii sctp : ·rov;·, 1 of- t h e· c: c.:-: r, rc:, i:: n 3 ~V(· cily
cJ ( ·f.i () i I S t. r ~.Li J :l r 1~o z~1· t
1... ,
Foi. luc c of ! 11 '. -' cit'
to c e r r y o ~! ~ rr; c.1~, n·ccv cc! p l n.n s 1, n ll. h0
· c'.'. : i. ~ f n r f'.l Spcr: d . ri r, o r t·. (' , .:,'i n n': of L'. .r p,;-~. n :.: .:C f~ i'. (:-:··w ;1 · .
Personnel Eva I uati on Report
For promotion to _ _..,.p.--;L...,A
Name of employee to be rated
I - Performance on present job
Needs to improve
T a rdy o r a b se nt more
than others .
T a rdy or a bse nc no more
tha n most.
Nee ds to improve
Seldom tardy or absent.
Above min i mum
Needs to improve
II 0
Well a bove minimum
sta nda rds.
Among the ve ry bes t.
Very good
Satis factory
Somew ha t s lower th a n
others .
Low volume of wo rk.
Rap id, productive
Well a bove the average
in production.
Among rhe very best
produc ers.
Consider the amount of s upervision tha t i s required. Does he do what he says he will do?
Needs to improve
Unsatisfac tory
Very good
R equires c lo se s upe rvis i on .
Nee d s con sta nt s upe r·
v i s i on.
L ess tha n average
s upe rvis ion re quire d.
Little s up e r vi s ion
req uire d.
Un satisfactory
Needs to improve
T a kes s o me int e res t in
the wo rk.
More tha n a verage
intere st in wo rk.
Supe rior
Very good
Appears to have no
i nte res t i n wo rk.
II -
No s u p e rvision required.
C onsider the a ttitude with whic h he a pproache s his work , the interest and enthusiasm s hown.
Attitude toward work
Consider speed and general efficiency of his work.
Quantity of work
Almost neve r t a rdy or
a bs e nt.
Very good
Bar~l y meets minimum
sta nda rds.
B e low minimum scanda rds.
R equires clo se check.
Consider neatness, accuracy and general quality of his work . How much follow-up is needed.
Quality of work
Unsa tisfactory
Very good
Frequencly tardy or ab sent
wi thouc good cause.
II 0
High inte res t in th e
Abs o rbe d in th e work.
Promotional Potential - In this rating section keep in mind the demands of the position to which the man
would be promoted. An employee may be above average to outstanding in his present position but lack potential for
Consider h is a bility to ac t on hi s own res ponsihility m the a b sen ce of instructions. Can h e start need e d
work a nd can h e react to deviations from routine?
Needs to improve
Relie s on oth e rs coo
Mus t be pu s h e d ..
Aptitude and obi I it y to learn
R e quires coo much
ins tructio n. L ea rns
s low l y.
Need s to improve
Very a l ert. Has
introduc e d b e tte r me t hods.
Ve ry good
L e arn s qu i c kl y wi th
minimum ins cruccio n.
1 9
Unusua lly qu i ck co
l ea rn.
Supe rior
II 0
Among rh e ve ry bes r in
l ea rning a bility.
V e ry g ood
Poo r sen se of va lues .
Jump s to conclu s io ns .
Personal Qualities
Need s to i mprove
~I I
~o_ __ _
Judg me nt d e p e nda ble
in mos t case s.
Supe rior
II 0
Unus ua lly sound
judgm e nt.
Does th e correc t thing
a lm os t a l ways.
C on side r e mot i ona l sta bility, t empe rament , p e rso na l appe ara n ce, a nd ha bits.
Uns t a b l e.
II 0
Does h e h ave th e a bility to think a nd ac t calmly , logica lly , and rapidl y und e r a ll conditions .
Un satis fa c tory
As s umes l ea d e rs h ip
w he n need e d.
Conside r how quickly h e l earns n ew work, r e t ain s what h e h as l earned , a nd the ease
with which h e follows in s truction.
Ve ry s lo w co l ea rn.
Very good
Will ac t indepe nde ntly
in most ca s es ..
Nee ds to improve
Un s atisfactory
Sa tis factory
Sati s fac tory
Some p e rs o n a l wea knes ses
o f s ignifica nce.
Very g ood
We ll a djus t e d , s t a bl e,
ma k es good impre s s ion.
Unu s u a ll y w e ll a dju s ted
a nd s t a bl e.
We ll l ike d ; ma k e s
o u t s ta nding impress io n.
Supervisory ability
Consider ability to get others to cooperate and produce; ability to plan and assign ; and to
train and lead.
Needs to improve
We a k in s om e a re as .
Needs to improve
Show s reason a bl e
poc e nci a l.
Unusu a lly compecenc.
Highly compe te nc in a ll
area s.
Vety good
Limice d e duc a tion a nd
tra ining.
Poorl y tra ined.
Consider general educational level, special schooling or course work, and self training he
has done.
Training and education
Very good
Generally we ak.
More tha n a de qu a ce
Unu s u a ll y we ll tra in e d.
Among th e bes c qu a lifie d.
Consider the length, variety, quality and appropriateness of the man's work experience.
Needs to improve
Nee d s more ex pe ri e nc e
in s om e a re as .
La ck s expe ri e nc e .
Very good
More ch a n a dequ a t e
ex pe ri e nc e.
V e ry e xp e ri e nc e d in
mo s t a reas .
Among rh e mo s t
e x peri e nced.
Based on the factors which you have evaluated above and on others not necessarily coveted by this form , give your
estimate of the individuals chances for success in the position for which he has applied.
Very Good
Do you recommend that this employee be promoted to the position he seeks?
( ) Highly recommend
( ) R ec omm e nd with
C onfide nce
Signature of Rater - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Title - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Da t e _______________
F O R M 6 • T · 28
R E V . 10/ 65
( ) Recommend
( ) Do not recommend.
�November 3, 1969
Mr. La:rry R . Coons
Assistant to the City AdminFBtrator
105 East Queen Street
Inglewood, California 90301
Dear La:rry:
Thanks for the proposal for coordinating the Intergovernmental coordinators .
I am in full greement with your approach .
you are aware, I have taken a firm positixm ag inst the creation of
anoth r national organization. l feel s you do, that a trong USCM/NLC
committee, recognized by the organization, would be the beet approach.
Some of th feder 1 aid coordinator in the pa t have worked with NLC nd/or
USCM on various committee and h ve had ome voic in the formul tion
of the national policy of the two groups . However. with the tremendou ·
growth in th numb r nd xp rti e of the coordin tore, it ie obviou that
they mu t be given bigge-r rol~
a roup.
upport your p:ropoe 1.
Lookin forward to
ing you · t the end of th
Sincer ly you 1· •
D n .E. Sw t, Jr.
Chief Admini tr tive Offie r
October 29, 1969
Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr.
Director of Governmental Liaison
City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Dan:
In view of our inability to influence the format of the meeting of
Intergovernmental or Federal Aid Coordinators set for November 30
in San Diego and the prospect of a talk session November 13 in
Washington, I feel that it is urgent that a proposal be formulated
that can be discussed with the NLC/USCM staff on November 13 and
presented for discussion and adoption November 30.
I have attached a proposal. I would like to call you in a f ew days
to hear your reaction or discuss any alternate package you may have
already formulated.
I feel some frustration that our initial efforts have apparently become
bogged down within the NLC/USCM staff, but I also conclude that the
potential of a mechanism f or us to speak as one voice to the FEDS, or
NLC/USCM, may be worthy of some additional effort.
Larry R. Coons
Assistant to the Ci ty Administrator
LRC :ma
�Inglewood Proposal
It seems to me that the question to be resolved is whether or not the
NLC/USCM is willing to give staff support to a section or division of
Intergovernmental Coordinators in the field of federal aid for the purpose
of facilitating exchange· of information on a continuing basis and
organizing workshops to assist interested persons to become informed
about new programs and changes in existing programs.
If such is true, it is proposed that the initial format of such a grouping
within the joint NLC/USCM program would be an open roster with efforts
made to identify the individual who is most directly concerned for the
liaison with federal officials in the submission and review of applications.
In addition to the dissemination of information among these people, the
purpose of such workshops and meetings will be to help make existing or
new programs more workable at the level of implementation.
I n order to provide continuity and f acili t a t e r esponse on urgent issue s,
an Intergovernmental Coordinators committee would be formed to provide a
repre sentative and an alternate f rom ea ch of the f ederal regions .
de l egat e and alt e rna t e would be sel e cte d at a duly called meeting or
election of the representatives on the NLC / USCM r oster of fe deral aid
coordinato r s from each region or, i f such repres entati ves are not so
named, to be appointed f r om the region by the committee which is so
A chairman would be elected by the committee to serve as spokesman
�and convener of all meetings.
The committee would advise the staff on
workshop attendance and request interim meetings with pertinent federal
and other representatives to cover topics of concern.
The function of forming such a grouping is not to establish a new
professional organization, but to identify a mechanism by which
intergovernmental or federal aid coordinators can identify within the
framework of the NLC/USCM.
Such mechanism is also hoped to provide a
vehicle for intergovernmental or federal aid coordinators to speak with
a semblance of unity in reacting to staff proposals and making recommendations
on federal programs.
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