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Box 8, Folder 17, Document 18

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November 26, 1969
Mr . . Johnny C . Johnson
Di rector
Model Cities Program
City of Atlanta
Subject: Model Cities Citizens Committee
Structure and Coordination
Dear Johnny :
Thank you for your memo of October 23, with information on the Model
Citie citizens and staff tructure .
In addition, I would lik to receive a description of the respon ibilities
and duties of each citizen committee and how all the e com.mitt es relate
functionally to each other.
One other area which n ed clarification i that of coordination for implem. ntation. The information attached to your m mo doe not indicate
the people on your ataU who are directly re pon ible for coordinating
progr ms nd projects being carried out by the implem ntin ag nci
where and bow thi coordinating function fits into your organi ation.
l would appreci ~te r ceiving thi material at your e rli st convenience.
Dan E. Sw
t, Jr.
Offic: r

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