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A~~ISTANT SCCRET ARi ES \'lt'iY°li·~ G t- lW llP.

.,\O Dt.. L (
tT ! E:; Pf.?OV KAf,:i

Octo'b,or 15, 1969
Mr. J, D, B rnma n, Assis t a nt !secr eta ry
for Ur b an S ystems ond E nv ironme nt
Departmen t of Tr&n spo rt a tion - Room 8 01
Mr. Robert ,\ Podcste, Ass i s ta nt Secret a r y
E cono mic Deve l opme nt Ad mi n istration
Dep.irt me n t o f Commerce • Room 78008
S to p 330
Stop 206
Mt. D wight In k
A ss istant Direc tor for E xecuti ve Mnn agerac nt
Bu r (;aU of t h e Budget - Rt"Jm 900 1, No rth E O B
Mr. L ew i s Bv tl e r
Assis t a nt Secret a r y fo r P l a nnin g an d E va!u ;ition
De part ment of H e i;; lth, Education 2nd Welfare ·. Ro om 5039
St op 20
Mr. Arno l d \\'cbc r
Ass ist::1nt Sccret a ~y fo r Msnp,;,w c r
Department o f La bo r. Room 31 12
Sto p 36 7
Stop 205
Mr. Frllnk Carlucci
Acting Dire c:t. o r, CAF
Office o f Ec ono mic O pportu nity
1 2 00 - 19t h Strcet, N. W. - Room 548
Stop 27 7
Subje ct for Conc urre nce :
Mr, Chri stophe r DcMu th
Staff Ass i s t ant to the Pr es iden t
Exe cu tive Offic e Buildin g - Room 1 96
Sto p 28
CDA Letter #10 ( Introduction )
Concurre nce or comment req ueste d to reac h me by:
Concurrence or comments :
Floyd H. Hyde
Assistant Secretary for Model Cities
and Governmental R e lations
Return to:
Room 8100, HUD Building - Stop 98

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