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Generel Policy

Section 19 {21 of the Denan.trelion Citi4s and Metropolites Daveloyu
Act of 1666 rerufres the waded cities

é Bs to preside “nsnocdiais ae eer EES
for exploytiz spider ts othe arce Gnoall gicses of the prosiveu and
enladrned OaMor ies for work and trediutoz ' and sco dev stop 'p sYORTaMS whie a
will resvit in “oerked proprecs in reducing mderenployment and enforced


This CbA L ttler a forth WD requirenmecats fn inplenents ‘Lion of this
provision. Tt is a lasic policy osjective toet empleaear opportunitics
gencrated by tue comprehensive eity denonetr ation vrograun be Filled by
model ncishberigod residents Tre reper ais We of this letter apply to
employment gencvated by the ¢esaprehen ive cloy cecenslration progran,
including the

a. Enaployucnt gpencrated by ie

by other types of Federal ssistened,

privately sponsered activ

Eeployocnh sonmovetes by other funds er! veseurees for
activi sites ineludced i > consrehersive city demonstration


Tt is the respousibility of the city (or county) sovernaent submitting
a comprehensive city deaonstration program to implement, or Lo assuve the
implenentation of, these requircnents, Deteiled inforaation on such
impleucntation is required in epplications for Mocel Cities supplemental
funding and such information shall be cousolidated within a single scetion

of the application. This section shall diser’be al! enployment te be eponerates

by the comprchenstive city demenstration propraa ard the hirins end
training systons whith will assure the placeuent cf model neighborhood
residents in those jobs. The section will elso sta the relationship of
resident cnpleyment oregrams to other aspects of the ccaprehensive city
demonstration progras, such as health or othevy suyportive services,
economic developarnt, transportation, ete,

All applications requasting Model Cities supplement funds must show
evidence thet:

e. It is the poticy of the city, as co.cnrrec in by the chief
executive and/or the city council of county geverning body and

by the Model Cities citizen participation unit that preference
will be siven to resicents of the mocel neighborhood in

Filling, all ro es vated throunh (ae ccimperechen:
dewonsration progran, The Full tex. of

included ie the city's epplication,

such pol

Yhe city policy has baen published aa dissening
suffice’ ent time For public respouse crior to eh:
the caorprehonsive city demonstration pronren, and

availa le theresiter for publie ipsp etien,

Public and private agencies which hace the resources,

respor: ibility, and sas lhoveent Gppoe “unities toa implement the
eity's resident eaploynent policy have beer mesninefully
involved in planning and coordinatin,, the rodel city enrloy-
ment ard training plan. Such agenci:s have agreed to set
goals end to establish ‘quankheaetive -oimattnents role

those ports in ters of training and placsiven oapportun
upgrading opportunities, union mnenbecship, cte., as aienncnry
in order lo weet the statutory requi cements quoted above,

The triining and esployaent system ov systems are workable and
enforecable and that they will assur: preference in employment

for mocel neishborhood residents, Sue t a system or systens will
include provisions for the recruftment, selection and placement

of model neighborhood residents in jobs gencrated by the comprehensiv
city deaonstration program, on-the-job training and upgrading oppon bie
nities in both public and privete oeenetus, ineluding the transfer-

ability of quilifications and credits for cxporienes belween such
agencies; the removal of ideatifies ioepedivents te the hiring ane

upgrading of Jisacvantened model nefehtinahcad residents$ and the |
provision of trade unten particiretion and mmbership er alternctive
methods of assuring continued or inproved eaployment epportunity

in construction or other omplovient within or beyond the model
neighborhead area, In isplencnuting these chjeetives, full and
appropriate utilization will be made of existing institutions

to the degree that there is capability ane comaitment to meet

the goals end objectives of the conprehensive city demonstration

There is adeqtate and workebte aduinistvative machinery within
the Cha and/or city goverment to courdinate and implement the
resident employuent and training policies end systems, including
the provision of adequate funds and staff, and to link these
syslene effectively with other prosraw systems. A yorkeble evaluc-
tien and verorting systen wilt be Juclvics in the cdministrativ
sirus bags ‘ an a mk oecdines :
be teplenet tes

G Lacs oF of

far resolving oiievances erising out of

the progres.

The city has tevelan a speeific Hoge i to provide persons
entering subi Seis tone! or other enery evel jos catevories

(z) Mstlieions. ‘eintas and othe; service s to enable thea to
move upvard into increasingly higher level positions enc

(b) assurances that there will be no unnecessary inpedivents ta
such mobility inherent in the applicable merit ar other provuotion



Role of Be


city policy and employeent pragran the

city poiey and program must include srocccures to enable nodod
hood res’dents to (1) review the equity and offectiveness of the
wt has besn developed, cand (2) negotiate

for adjustments “n the policy and -(3) participate in the resolution of


grievances orisiw out of the tmplewutation cf the progran.


roles o” medel neishborhocd residents in monitoring, evaluating,
, oxdeva ces and assisting in the oper ition of the system shall

be clearly celirn ated,

Subsission Requi te

s--Construction and Rehenilitation Enployiwent


In addition to the foregoing requireacnts, each application will

show, in



regard <o construction eanloyuent:

Theat th: city resident caploynent and ‘Lraining policy covers

all craits and positions related to construction and rehabilita- -
tion, ircluding Foresen, superintendcat: and construction truck
drivers, as well as such occunations as erchitects, enginecrs,
draftsman, ete, The policy should ireluce provision for establish
ing sperifie and quantifiable poals end comvitments for hiring
and training residents in each construction craft and other
relevant occupations and provision fer preference for all

building contractors (a) based in, or substantially doing business
in, the model neighborhoad or (b) employing, a sipnificant pro-
portion of model neighborhood residents at all levels in their
work foree. Similar preference sliall bo piven to other area
construction-related firsis such as de signcis, planners, architects anc
surveyers whith come within the above cate: ories,

That a specific recruitnvent, training and hiring program ta

prepare neislborhood residents for work on all projected con-
struction projects in the motic] neishtorhood Fas been developed by the
city in concet with residents and all othur velevant groups. And
agrecaent ertered into pursuant ta the propran must in no way

limit hiring or treining opportunitizs for residents to certain
crafts or categorics of construction, nor be otherwise inconsistent
with the cits prosran,

That the cits resident esployment policy will be reflected in
a ejly Lid specificstions andin r-quirerents for sponsors of
any FIA insured prejects included in the comprehensive city
denenstration prograia, ced that successful sidders must meee. to
cooperate with the city ciployment policy and traintng prozra
and meat sueh quantified mininunm hiring anf training coa Le. in
each craft aud related occupation as are deteriainad by iDEA s Pts
consultation with the city, for eich coocurditv, The city is
expected to omplement the eaployuent polic; dilirently and t
utilise all wwojected constreelion uctivity a5 a basts af a
comprehensive: training and hiving svetem. Failure to meet the


moris esteiliaked cente result in giarsenrton or teriinatton of


HUD so) ype Sth eiry “s Co ote Ser rditee gos: sbrak bow Prenkaty



Ae Where @ citw's analication has beer aupreved for funding or
where the city's eroltcatio: hie boon filed er ia expected to be
Filed by 9 PV69, theedty ghsl suboit te WN in , L979
A supe acntal appli eation shoving mwiderae that its ch ployaent
progr. conformia dn octl vespeets te Chase requircacsents
descr bing the adninistvative machinery that has been es 4
to jmolenem. the procrvena,

b, A ecomorchensive city dei9onstration srogram which is expected to



be fi.ed aficr —__ 31970, must faclude these requirewents os

part of the initial subaission,

aprehensive City Denanstrat} Propreta

The city policy vequired to be acapted puvsuent to section LI of this
Letter must be ineerocorated into the consrebensive city demonstration pros
when jt is appcaved by the soverning body.

a. In th: case of cities poverned by section Va}, Failure of
the city to subvait an avorovable supploneat to ite application
shall be a basis far suspension or termination of the grant


os n th: cese of all other citics failure of the city ta subai

t In th fall ot! t fail c ttl Ex bait
an aporovab.e application which conforns to these requirenents
shall be a basis for disapproval of the comprehensive city


denoustration prograd,

Cc. Failure of any city to cerry out an appreved pl

lan shall be a
basis for suspension er teraination of the prant


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