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8:30-9:15 CDA Borrd mestbs Special Area Consultant,

2:5-10:30 MNA and Consultant,


9:)5-10:30 Non-MNA members’ and Gonguteanit..
Sach group will elect leader to act as chairman and momber to cerve
as recorder and/or reporter, Sessions will be taped, both MITA and Non-?itA
eroups “ti11 be discussion seminars with two-fold purpose:
1. To enable participants to participate in some decision making
process in terns of organizabion-election of chairman and recorder,
2. To discuss the implication of the consultant's morning presentation
‘in terms of the "50" and what effect the group could have on the
Greater Chattanooga~"Think Tank" for what could take place throvzh



Coffee Break, i

10:),0411:15 Simulation Exercise based on weekly, a pictorial
representation of a philisophy expressing opposition to the need for a

Nodel Cities Pro;ram in Chattanooga. This will also be structured to serve

as a catalyst for a sensitivity exercise,

13:16-12:30 Five small discussion groups will be formed-leaders and recorders
will be elected by each group, Tapes provided for some--Video Tapes of others.
Discussion will proceed on the basis of attempting to formulate an accestable
decision concerning the nature of the pictorial presentation, Membership

will remain the same for first five session-then random selection 0° five

new groups, Board members will reform as- CDA Board during last 20 minutes

of the program, Brief report from each group chairman or recorder, Remainder


Awmst 9

of period spent in obtaining the consensus of the "50"

aceeptable Lo the ;roupe



ters of decision(s)



August 1¢
8:30-9:15 CDA Board and Consultant.
9:),5-10:30 NA Board and Consultant,
93!):6-10:30 Non-NMA Board aha Consultant,
Two groups meel. independently, clect chairmen and pecordeses discuss
their unique role as individuals in the total dedision-making structure
of the CDA Board. Reports of chairmen of the two groups, Discussion and
critiqve of the reports in terms of total interaction of the participants,
10:30-10:l15 Coffee Break,
10:45-11:15 Simulation Exercise.
Role llaying--Uxercise designed to enhance the authoritorive structure of
an orsanization in terms of decision-making.

11:15+12:30 Five Reports--CDA Board structures a model for interaction

based on principles acceptable to the total Board. -


8330-9:)5 CDA Board meets Special Consultant.

19:30 MBNA and Consultant,
9:45-10:30 Non-MNA members,
Election of chairman and vacordene Discussion seminars for toth groups.
_Two-fold purpose:

1. To participate in decision making process by electiny .chairman,
2. To discuss an issue as unique to the sroups,i.e.; the MNA members
and the effort of non-participation in decision-making in the
Chattanooga City Government--the Non-MNA members and the desirability
of beins in a position to effect a decision with the city governnens.
10:30-10:15 Coffee Break.
10:l5-11:15 Simulation Exercise. Role playing by selected group.
"}iilitant Citizens"--a confrontation between a group of citizens and
inadequate police protection or an inadequate schodl curriculum, eeheh:
based on Sconomics--How to cope with securing employment,

-11:15-12:30 Five discussion groups--elect leader and recorder, Discuss
Recentabie solution to the problem presented, Sjnulavers available for
question period. Report of the recorders to the full CDA Board. dn atbempt
will be made to obtain a consensus of opinion as to the better solution, Use
Video Tape Recorder to record the decision-making process. Use last 15

“minutes for self-evaluation of problem,


August 30
8:30-9:)5 CDA Board.meets Special Area Consultant,
9:)5-10:30 MNA and Consultant.
9:15-10:30 Non-Members NMA,
Ray Sebub dieots enatonen and recorder, Gasniona tepede Senne discussion
concerning each groups! uniqueness in terms of the consultant's presentation.
Two-fold purpose:
1. To strenghten total participation of all members of the group,
2. To discuss the decision-making process as related to NMA and
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break,
10:5-11:15 Simulation Exercise. 35 mm pictorial presentation of a
"Citizen's Participation Structure" which does not reflect the goals
of the Nodel City Program, Problem of making acceptable decision by
the group is presented to the CDA Board,
11:15-12:30 .Small group discussion of simulation exercise=s5 leaders and
recorders are elected, Diadicaten will proceed a the basis of:
1. How could the structure of the board be changed to make the board
more effective?
2. what alternatives are available to the group in terms of making
an acceptable decision as posed by the problem,

Brief report from Chairman--Remainder of time spent by CDA Board making

a decision based on data presented in problem.


September 6
8:30-9:45 CDA Board mects Special Consultant,
0:);5-10:30 MNA and Gonsuleaites
9:h5~10:30 Non-MNA and Consultant.

- Each group-elect leader and recorder, Each group will decide the ‘most
serious problem confronting the CDA Board in terms of the consultant's

10:30-10:):5 Coffee Break.
10:))5-11:15 Simulation Exercise "Conflicting Priorities" a pictorial
representation of priorities being established with adequate participation .
of the area citizenry.
11:15-12:30 Small group seminars, Elect chairmen and recorders, Zach
group establish priorities, CDA group meets, Chairmen report briefly.

CDA attempts to establish priorities acceptable to total Board,



September 13

8:30-9:45 CDA Reoard neets Special Area Consvitant,.

9:))5-10:30 MA and Consultant,

9:1:5-19:30 Non-MNA and Consultant,

Two-Lold purpose: 7

1. Each group elect chairman and recorder.

26 Bach group discuss the role of the total CDA Board and "Subtantive
Impost" with specific reference to (a) physical problems; (0)
economic problems; (c) social problems, (Use Video if available)

10:30-10:h5 Coffee Break,

10:;5-12 :18 Simulation Exercise--Hypothetical Problem presented to CDA
participants, Short skit developed for purposes of dramatizing a specific
rroblem arising within the Model Area,

11:15-12:30 Small group discussion of problem ‘and solutions. CDA Board
meets as unit. Brief reports from recorders, An Anaya of the problem
by total group and an.acceptance or rejection of the five solutions--a

consensus of the group is formed in terms of articulating a decision by

the total group. (taped)


Septeniber 20
8:30-0:25 CDA Board anaie Special kee Consulbant,
9 sha 230 NMA and Consultant, 2
9:],0-10:30 Non-MNA and Consultant.
Two-fold purposes
1. Election of shit cme and recorder.
oe Group discussion implement the discussion of the CDA to the three
specific areas as seen by the two groups~-city government, nei:shbor-
hood, and Model City Staff.
10:30-10:):5 Coffee Break.
| 10:)5-11:15 Simlation Exercise,
Yxercise-pictorial will present .a problem (5) which will involve a high
decree of polarization of three areas of interest groups~~governnental
officials, neithborhood organization, and Model: City Staff,
11:15-12:30 Small group (5) discussion with leader and recorder, An
analysis of the problem(s) ana alternatives available to the total CDA
group as seen by the small group. Report of five chairmen: An analysis
by the CDA group as a committee of the whole--What is acceptable in terms

of a decision to the pictorial problem,



Sepiember 27
8:30-9:18 CDA Board meets Special Area Consultant,
9;);5419:30 NMA and Consultant. -
93):5-10:30 Non-NMA and Consultant.
Wach group mects: a
1. To elect chairman and recorder,
2s To discuss specific questions arising out of the consultant's
presentation with an emphasis on the uniqueness of interactions
as applicable to each group.
10:30-10:L5 Coffee Break,
10:hS-11:15 Siimilation Exercise. -

Pictorial eresentation of problems which set the stage for problem-solving

in the area of technical assistance,

11:16-12:30 Five groups discuss and formulate ‘action program based on

technical assistance. CDA Board meets as a group. Five chairmen report

to CDA Board, Discussion of conclusion by total Board,


October |):

8:30-0:))— CDA Board meets Special Area Consultant,

2).6210:30 NA Board members and Consultant.



::5-10:30 Non-MNA Roard members and Consultant.

“de Riect leader..and raceenen,

2. Implementation of discussion by consultant with emphasis on

relationship and coordination. |

10:30-10:);5 Coffee Break,
10:45~-11:15 Simlation Activity. Pictorial presentation of a hypothetical
case of the inability of a board to make a decision because of an inadequate
corrdination and information structure within Bhs total organization,
(another Meaney es) within the Model Neighborhood Area)
11:15-12:30 Small digestion groups, Elect chairman and recorder, Tape
discussion groups. Purpose of group is to analysis the problem presented
in the eimitated experience and attempt to select alternate solutions in
terms of a value determinent, Comparison of solutions by group presentation,

A solution of a better solution by the CDA Board,

October 11
8:30-9:15 CDA Board and Consultant,
9:'6.70:30 NMA and Consultant.
9:1)5-10:30 Non-Members and Consultant,
1. election of Leader,
2. Gokesmation of Consultant's theme in terms ot:
(1) Sensitivity to needs of all members of the CNA Board,
(2) An examination of the group's responsibility in setting group
foils and making progress.
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break,
10:15-11:1© Simvlation Exercise, Selected group portraying a group of repre-

sentative young people of the Model Neighborhood Area Theme of sirmlation
exercise is a direct confrontation between one segment of the MNA and the CDA
Board, Implications for authoritari.on decision-makin; and participatory
decision-makinz are pictorially portrayed tb the group,

11:15-12:30 Small group discussion, Election of sroup leader and recorder,
‘rn analysis of the types of decision-making as portrayed with an attempt to
stricture a more seceptabé process for arriving at a decision, Tape. CDA
eroup report to the CNA group by chairmen, The CDA, acting as a unit, is
pressured to, formulate definitive goals for the group with negative stirulation
“being constantly provided by external force--Consultant or member of the Model

Cities Team, Reaction of group in terms of cohesiveness as a decision-makinz

body. Video tape,

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