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Model Cities Mass Convention
Pryor Street School
July 20, 1969

The Model Cities Mass Convention met in its regular session, on the
above date at the designated time and place. The meeting was called to
order by the Chairman, Deacon Lewis Peters; the invocation was given
by Mr. N. A. Scott III. Upon the adoption. of the proposed agenda, the
meeting was put in progress. The minutes of the previous meeting were
read by the Secretary, Mrs. C. B. Wright. They were read
with one suggested change by the city attorney. (The suggestion is
attached). The secretary motioned that the suggestion of name change
be accepted as read, it was seconded by Dr. Cox, motion carried.

Deacon Peters made a plea for greater community participation.
Model Cities Staff Report:
Mrs. Xernona Clayton

A one stop service building is being built.

News letters will be sent every Wednesday.

All committees need to be made stronger. Help from the
communities is needed.

See that your community is represented in all meetings.
Thanks for cooperation that has been given.

2 ® 2

wud WNP

A-preliminary report of Credentials Committee was given by the Chairman,
Rev. Calvin Houston.

Grant Park 32
Pittsburgh ai
Mechanicsville at
Adair Park 10
Summerhill 9
Peoplestown _4


Steering Committee

Dr. Charles McClain Reviewed the minutes of the Steering Committee.
Constitution and By-Laws:

Mr. Willis Weems read the Constitution and By-Laws No Discussion or
vote was taken.


At this point the city attorney, Jim Pilcher was asked to speak, he stated
he would read a statement and Dr. McClain would put it in the form of a
motion (Statement Attached). Motion: That the Chairman and secretary

and the Steering Committee of Atlanta Model Cities Mass Convention

Inc. be authorized to execute a contract with the Model Neighborhood
Program of the City of Atlanta to receive the funds in the approximate

Sum of $135 Thousand ($727 63 ) This motion was seconded by Dr.
Cox motion carried.

Mr. Allison (William) Executive of EOA was asked to give a description of
O.E.0O. funds, after a lengthy discussion the name EOA not to e de-
leated from the contract was carried 27 to 23.

Mr. C. Craig motioned that the secretary of Model Cities give an
attendance report of each Steering Committee member to the Mass
Convention, seconded by Mr. Whitley motioned carried. (motion attached)

Mr. Howard Kline a candidate for the Board of Education was introduced
by Mr. Craig.

Mx. Craig asked for law and order in our communities the percent of Lk
juvinile delinquency was too high and suggested that the citizens
must want lew and order in the community.

Final report of the Credentials Committee -- Rev. C. Hustan
Grant Park 38
Pittsburgh 23
Adair Park 11
Mechanicsville 11
S Summerhill 9
Peoplestown 5
Total 97

The following persons were requested by Deacon Peters to meet on
Tuesday to work on a work proposal and would be paid $35.00 for each

Mrs. Mattie Ansley Mrs. Rosa Burney
Mrs. Martha Weems, Mrs. Beatrice Garland
Mr. Calvin Craig Dr. Cox

Mrs. Lacey principal of Pryor Street School was introduced, she gave
a very warm welcome and words of commendation.

There being no more business the meeting adjourned.

Deacon Lewis Peters

Dr. Chas. McClain

Mrs. C. B. Wright, Sec.
Mrs. Rosa Burney Asst. Sec.



That the Model Cities Mass Convention Secretary at each Mass Convention
give a report as to the attendance at Steering Committee meeting by

the elected members of this body.


"That the chairman and secretary of Atlanta Model Cities Mass Convention
Inc. be authorized to execute a contract with the Model Neighborhood
Program of the City of Atlanta to receive funds in the approximately
sum of $83,000 for citizen participation in the Model Cities Program."

That the corporation serve asagent of the Mass Convention until the

completion of corporate formalities.

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