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WHEREAS, the Model Cities Program was instituted for
the purpose of improving the educational, social, empicyment,
and housing of citizens in low-income areas; and,

WHEREAS, one of the prime purposes of this program is
to improve employment opportunities of citizens living within the
Model Cities area; and,

WHEREAS, the City of Atlanta has received the first year's
Srant amounting to more than 7 million dollars and this money will
be used for many and varied projects; and,

WHEREAS, these prejects will be put out under contract
by the City of Atlanta upon recommendation of several groups,
including individuals within the area, Model Cities Mass Convention,
Model Cities staff, the Model Cities Review Board and the Model
Cities Executive Committee, with final approval by the Board of
Aldermen; and,

WHEREAS, it is extremely desirable that as many jobs
as possible covered by such contracts should be given to residents
of the Model Cities area in furtherance of the purposes of the Act
creating Model Cities, consonant with the proper use of funds to

be expended under the Program by the City of Atlanta;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the personnel policies and

practices of the Model Cities Program and its contracting agencies
shall provide that in all work wade possible by or resulting from
the grant agreement above referred to, affirmative action be taken
t® insure that residents of the model neighborhood area are given

maximum opportunity for training and employment, as hereinafter set

forth, consonant with the proper use of funds to be expended under

the Program by the City of Atianta:

1. The Model Cities Program and its contracting agencies shall
conjunctively or individually devise systems using all recegnized
means of communications for those neighborhoods to adequately

inform the area residents of all available positions funded by the
Modei Cities Program, that information as to quaiifications, rate

of pay, where to apply, and closing dates shall be included, and
that, if reasonably possible, an application office be located
within the Model Cities area;

2, A minimum of ten (10) days shall be allowed for receiving
applications from Model Cities residents following the full initiation
of the areawide information system;

3. The Model Cities Program and its contracting agencies be en-
couraged to develop comprehensive systems for progressively training
and upgrading workers at all levels through such proven methods

at New Careers, job ladders, etc,, and that these systems sheuld
include subsidized formal education at the secondary, technical,
and/or college leveis; and,

4, This Board shall give top consideration to providing additional
Funding for agencies and programs emphasizing the development of
Model Cities area residents for positions being created by Model

Cities programming;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the proposed personnel pro-
cedures and practices of ail contracting agencies shall be submitted
as part of their program proposals and shall become a part of the

final contract, grant, or agreement, upon the approval of this Board,

and that agencies with programs already under contract shall be

strongly urged to establish procedures and practices in line with
these guidelines within the existing programs, and that their willing-
ness and/or ability to de so will be a major criteria in determining
the renewal of existing contracts, grants, or agreements, under

this program;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution be
furnished to all existing contracting agencies, end to all agencies
or organizations which indicate interest in seeking Model Cities

contracts, grants, or agreements,

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