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July 15, 1969


The Model Cities Executive Board Review Committee met Tuesday,
July 15, at 10:00 a.m. in City Hall, Committee Room #2.

fhe following members were present:

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Chairman
Mes. Mattie Ansley

Mr. John Hood

Algderinan Everett Millican

Mr. Walter Mitchell

Mr. J. BD. Newberry

Rr. C. Miles Smith

Mr. Bill C. Wainwright

Mrs. Martha Weems

The Chairman, Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. presided over the meeting.
The following projects were discussed and approved:

Project Numbers Agency Amount

HR-OOSN Urban East Housing $ 119,000

HE~-O19N Atlante Association of 9,000

Mental Retardation

HE~-OLILN Planned Parenthood, Ine. 5,000

It was moved and seconded that action on the following projects be
withheld until further investigation can be made. The Chairman
appointed Dr. ยข. Miles Smith to head a committee to look into the
Health Component and te report at the next meeting. Mr. Hood and
Mc. Newherry were appointed to the Committee. The projects involved

HE-GO2N Better Health, Ine. LL3, 000
HE-009N 100,000
HE-O1LAIN 5,000

HE-OO7N 4,000

Mr. Wainwright moved that the two (2) deletions recommended by

the staff be approved. Mis. Weems seconded the motion. The
deletions were:

HE-OO8N Health Screening $ 45,000
HE-O18SN Mental Health Planner 20,000
A discussion was opened concerning Project Expand. After a

brief discussion, Mrs. Ansley moved to temporarily delete Project

Expand so the balance of the ECA projects can be sent back to the
Board of Aldermen. The motion was seconded and approved.

The meeting was adjourned.


Mayor ivan Allen, Jr., Chairman
Model Cities Executive Board

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