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Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.
City Hall August 30, 1969
Atlanta, Ga.

RE: Model Cities Program
Dear Mayor Allen:

I am taking the liberty of writing to you at the suggestion of
Governor Ellis Arnall to whom I wrote recently in connection
with an item appearing in "Fleet Owner, July, 1969" concerning
the 1Ocent shuttle bus service for the model cities area.

I am enclosing an extra copy of this letter for Mr. Johnny
Johnson, whom I understand is Director of Atlanta's Model
Cities program and I am also sending a copy to Governor Arnall.

In my Washington office I have the good fortune to represent the
City of San Juan, where last November they elected a very energetic
young lawyer, Carlos Romero Barcelo as Mayor. He is 36 years
of age, a graduate of Yale University in 1953, and of the
University of Puerto Rico Law School 1956. He inherited a very
difficult situation with respect to his Model Cities program
which had been commenced under the preceeding administration
Which had failed to take care of many essential items. The
program was in jepoardy when Mayor Romero took over but as of
several weeks ago, he was assured by former Mayor Hyde of Fresno,
now at HUD, that the program is going through satisfactorily.

Coincidentally, the Federal Implementation Grant for San Juan
is $7.1 million whereas I notice Atlanta's Model Cities Program
is budgeted at $7.2 million.

The principal reason for this inquiry to you, and through you to
Director Johnny Johnson, is that San Juan has a very difficult
transportation problem and the plan worked out in your city with
respect to 10 cent shuttle bus service throughout the 3,000 acre
model cities area might well be a Godsend.

It is interesting to me to note that a mutual friend of Governor
Arnall and mine, the late Wallace R. Burke, formerly of the
Interstate Commerce Commission, suggested an almost identical
plan to Mayor Romero in my presence in San Juan on 31 March,1969.

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. August 30, 1969

If it is not an imposition, and if Mr. Johnson, could send me

data which would help me advise Mayor Romero along these lines,
I would be indebted.

Very truly yours,
GMS, Jeuder/
Matthew J. Faerber

c.c. Hon. Ellis Arnall
Fulton Federal Building
Atlanta, Ga. 30303
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