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(P, O, BOX 175)
847- 0034
Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta 0 Ga.
847- 1112
August 30 , 1969
RE: Model Cities Program
Dear Mayor Allen:
I am taking the liberty of writing to you at the suggestion of
Gove rnor Bllis Arnall to whom I wrote recerltly in connection
with an item appearing in "Fleet Owner , July , 1969" concerning
the l0cent shuttle bus service for the model cities area .
I am enclosing an e x tra copy of this letter for Mr. Johnny
Johnson , whom I under stand is Director of Atlanta ' s Model
Citie s progr am and I am also sendi ng a copy to Governor Ar nall .
In my Washington office I have the good fortune to represent the
City of San Juan, where last November they elected a very ener getic
y oung l awye r, Car los Romer o Barcelo a s Mayor .
He is 36 year s
o f a g e, a g ra duate o f Yale Univer sit y i n 1953 , and o f the
University of Puer to Ri c o Law School 1956 . He inherited a very
difficult situation with r espect to his Model Cities pr ogr am
which had been commenced under the precee ding administration
wh ich had f a i l ed to take car e of many e ssen t i al i tems . The
p r o gr am was in jepoar dy when Mayor Romer o t ook over but a s of
several weeks ag o , h e was a s sur ed by f o r mer Mayor Hyde o f Fr esno ,
now a t HUD , t h a t the p r o gr am i s go i ng thr o ugh s atisfac tori ly .
Coincidental ly , t h e Federal I mple men t a t i o n Gr a n t f o r Sa n Juan
is $7 . 1 mil lion wh e r eas I n o tic e At l ant a's Mode l Ci t ies Progr a m
is b udg e ted a t $7 . 2 mi l l i on .
The principal reason for th is i nq uir y to you , a nd t hrough you t o
Dir ector Johnny Johnson , i s that San Juan has a ver y difficult
t ran spor t a tion pr oblem and the plan wor ked o ut i n your city with
re s pect t o 1 0 c ent shuttle b us s ervic e thr oughout the 3, 000 a cre
model cities area might well b e a Godsend.
It is interesting to me to note that a mutual friend of Governor
Arnall and mine, the late Wa l lace Ro Bu rke, fo rmer l y of the
Interstate Commerce Commi s sion 6 sugge sted a n almost identical
plan to Mayor Romero in my prese?ce in San Juan on 31 March,19690
Mayor Ivan Allan , Jr.
August 30 r 1969
If it is not an imposition, and if Mr o Johnson 1 could send me
data which would help me advise Mayor Romero along these lines 1
I would be indebted.
Very truly yours ,
Hon. Ellis Arnall
Fulton Federal Building
Atlanta , Ga. 30303
CoC o

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