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Tuesday, July 1, 1969
10:00 a.m.

The monthly meeting of the Model Neighborhood Executive Board was
held on Tuesday, July 1, 1969 at 10:00 a.m. in Committee Room #2,
City Hall.

The following members were present:

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Chairman
Mrs. Mattie Ansley —

Mr. Clarence Coleman

Mr. John Hood

Alderman E. Gregory Griggs
Alderman G. Everett Millican
Mr. Walter Mitchell

Deacon Lewis Peters

Mr. J. D. Newberry

Dr. C. Miles Smith

Mrs. Martha Weems

Mr. Bill Wainwright

Mr. Joe Whitely


Mr. Sam Caldwell

Other City officials, representatives from neighborhood organizations,
and the press were also present.

The Chairman, Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., called the meeting to order.
He then entertained a motion for the adoption of the June 10 Minutes.
It was so moved and unanimously approved without correction.


Deacon Peters distributed copies of the Minutes of the Model Cities
Mass Convention which met on June 15 and he stated that he was very
impressed with the participation of the residents since the program
moved into implementation. Mc. Wainwright moved that the Minutes
of the June 15 meeting be accepted by the Board. The motion was
seconded and unanimously approved.


Mr. Coleman read and distributed copies of the resolution prepared
by the Special Employment Committee. The resolution established
guidelines for the Model Cities Program and contracting agencies

to follow in their employment practices. The resolution spelled

out a program that assures Model Cities jobs will go to Model Neigh-
borhood residents. Mr. Millican stated that he felt the require-
ments listed in the resolution would tie the hands of the contrac-
ting agencies in filling positions. He specifically questioned the
proposal that Model Cities residents be give a base "resident pre-
ference” of 10 points or ten per cent and that all firms or agencies
contracting to do projects in the Model Cities area be bound by
policies set by the Board. Mr. Millican stated that he had prepared
another resolution that was a little less strict in its requirements
and that he had conferred with the City Attorney on its merits.

Mr. Coleman then moved that the Board adopt and approve his resolu-
tion and refer: it to the City Attorney for legal interpretation.
Mrs. Ansley seconded the motion. Mr. Whitley brought out the fact
that Mr. Millican had the right to read his resolution to the Board
as a minority report. Mr. Millican said that he preferred not to
read his resolution as a minority report. After further discussion
on whether to approve the resolution or to just accept it as infor-
mation, Mr. Coleman reworded his motion. He moved that the Board
refer the resolution to the City Attorney for a ruling; if it is

a legal document that it becomes a policy of the Board, if not,

that it be referred back to the Board. The motion was seconded by
Mr. Hood and approved by the Board.

Mr. Coleman then submitted a resolution that called for the
creation of a new position on the Model Cities Staff of Resident
Employment Opportunity Coordinator, whose responsibility shall be
to implement the employment policies of the Board and assure com-
pliance of the agencies or organizations contracted by the program.
Copies of the resolution were distributed to all Board members.

Mr. Millican moved that the resolution be referred to the Personnel
Committee for their review. The motion was seconded and approved.
Mr. Coleman asked that the committee report at the next meeting.


Copies of the recommendations from the Review Committee were distri-
buted to all Board members. Mrs. Weems moved that the recommenda-~
tions be accepted. The motion was seconded. Mr. Hood asked that

a brief discription be given of all projects that were approved by
the Committee, Mr. Johnson proceeded to give a discription of the
projects as they were listed in the recommendation

A discussion was opened by Mr. Whitley concerning Project S5-049N,
Project Expand, which gives Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
$140,000 to set-up and staff a Neighborhood Service Center in Grant
Park and Adair Park. Mr. Whitely stated that a majority of the

residents of Grant Park did not want an BOA Service Center in the
area. Deacon Peters said that only a small segment of the residents
did not want the EOA Center and that the others felt that there was
a real need for the center. Mr.Newberry, speaking for Adair Park,
said that he feels that the project was needed by the people and
should not be deleted Mr. Whitley then moved that Project Expand
be deleted from the Program. The motion failed due to the lack of
a second. Dr. Smith then moved to approve the four projects listed
to be carried out by EOA. The motion was seconded and approved by
the Board. The four. projects are: SS-028N, Neighborhood Consumer
Program; SS-O49N, Project Expand; TR-001C, Specialized Passenger
Van Service; EM-024N, Resident Emergency Assistance Fund to Job

It was moved and seconded and unanimously approved that Project.
SsS-009C, Crisis Oriented Counseling, be approved.

Mr. Wainwright moved that Project SS~033N, Multi-Day Care Services,
be approved. Mr. Mitchell seconded the motion. Mr. Coleman then
asked for a report on the status of the Southside Day Care Associa-
tion. Mr. Shimkus reported that the Model Cities Program was very
much interested in relating to the Southside Day Care Association
in a funding position, and that a proposal had been received from
their staff which was being review for funding in next year's pro-
gram. Mr. Coleman asked if it were still possible to fund a part
of the Southside facility this year. Mr. Shimkus answered yes.

Mr. Coleman then asked that the Review Committee review the South-
side proposal and report on it at the next meeting. A vote was then
taken on the motion to approve the Multi~Day Care Services to be
implemented by the Senior Citizens Services of Metropolitan Atlanta.
It was unamiously approved.

It was then moved and seconded and unanimousiy approved that Project
SS-011C, Homemaker Services; Project SS-026N, Legal Education and
Project SS-27N Model Home Management, be approved.

It was moved and seconded that the two projects to be implemented

by Model Neighborhood, Inc., be approved. Deacon Peters said that
the Steering Committee met to discuss Model Neighborhood, Inc., and
recommends that Model Neighborhood, Inc., not be approved to receive
the $35,000 in Model Cities funds. The Mayor then stated for the
record that he does not think Mr. Moody is qualified to carry out

the projects. He said that he questioned the validity of Mr. Moody's
ability to carry out the projects because of his past employment
record with the city. For these reasons, the Mayor feels that he
cannot endorse the projects’ implementation by Model Neighborhood
Inc. Dr. Smith said that since Mr. Moody has obtained technical
people to assist him, that he strongly endorses the projects. Alder-
man,Griggs said that he was reluctant to trust the Board of Model
Neighborhood, Inc. with that amount of money because of their in-
ability to get together. M+. Mitchell said he was reluctant because
of the Mayor's statement and suggested that the Board postpone
action on the projects until the next meeting. Dr. Smith asked for

a soll call vote so that the people will know how the Board feels.
Further discussion followed with other Board members expressing
their views. Mr. Hood then offered a substitute motion to the
original motion that Model Neighborhood, Ine., projects be tablec
until the next regular meeting in order to dive them time to
reorganize and restructure their program. Mrs. Weems seconded the
motion, The motion carried with 8 voting for approval and 3 opposing.
Mr. Wainwright stated that someone should give MNI direction as to
what the Board expects. Mr. Millican suggested that MNI prepare a
written statement showing what they are going to do with the money.
Mr. Newberry said that he would like to know who the experts are
on the MNI staff. The Mayor said that the Reveiw Committee would
meet to discuss the projects with the Board of Directors of MNT.

A discussion then followed on the expansion of the Review Committee
to include the entire board. Mr. Mitchell moved that the personnel
of the Review Committee be the same as the personnel of the Execu-
tive Board. The motion was seconded. Mr. Johnson cautioned the
Board that the Review Committee should be prepared to meet weekly

or bi-weekly. Dr. Smith brought out the fact that a quorum will

be necessary before any official action can be taken. Mr. Hood

then offered a substitute motion that the Review Committee be expanced
by two members and that they be community residents. Deacon Peters
seconded the motion. After a discussion on the merits of expanding
the Reveiw Committee by two members or expanding it to include

the entire board, Mr. Hood withdrew his motion and a vote was taken
on the previous motion. The motion was carried with one {l)opposing.

Mr. Griggs moved that the balance of the projects recommended by the
Review Committee be approved. The motion was seconded and approved
by the Board. The other projects are: EM-O19N, Staffing Centrat
Facility and Mechanism of Service; BM-023N, Direct Medical Main-
tenance; EM-O15N, Resident Work Attitude Change; EM-O001C, Model
Cities Mass Convention, Inc.; RC-003N, Purchase Vacant Land fer Biock
Parks and Playlots, RC-O0O5N, Mobile Recreation Centers.


Me. Whitely said that because of the meeting being held a week earlv,
he was not prepared to give his report on relocation; but he wouid
give in in the August meeting.


Mr. James L. Wright, Jr., Director of Physical Development gave a
report on the relocation activity outside of the Urban Renewal Area.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 p.m.

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C. Johnson, Director

Mayor Tvan Allen, dr., Caisas
el Neighborhood Ex<cut

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