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Tuesday, April 15, 1969
10:00 a.m.

The monthly meeting of the Model Neighborhood Executive Board was
held on Tuesday, April 15, 1969 at 10:00 a.m. in Committee Room #2,_
City Hall.

The following members were present:

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Chairman
Mrs. Mattie Ansley

Alderman E. Gregory Griggs
Alderman Everett Millican

Mr. J. D. Newberry

Dr. C. Miles Smith

Mr. Bill C. Wainwright

Mr. J. C. Whitely


Mr. Sam Caldwell

Mr. Clarence Coleman
Deacon Lewis Peters
Representative John Hood
Mrs. Martha Weems

Mr. Walter Mitchell

Other city department heads, agency representatives and the press
were also present.

The Chairman, Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., called the meeting to order.
He then entertained a motion for the adoption of the March 11 Minutes.
It was so moved and unanimously approved without correction.


Mr. Millican reported on the results of the meeting with Mr. Moody
of Model Neighborhood, Inc. He said that Mr. Moody's organization
would like to request $3,000 additional funds from the Model Cities
Program to continue their operations. Mr. Millican said that he
did not wish to maké any recommendations for action at this time .


There was no report of the Mass Convention Steering Committee aie
to the absence of Deacon Peters.

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Mr. Johnson informed the Board that the contract between the
Atlanta Model Cities Program and the U. S. Department of Housing
and Urban Development had not been executed. The Nixon Adminis-
tration has decided not to enter into any agreements until they
decide what the new focus of the Model Cities Program will be.
Agency contracts’are being negotiated during this interim period.
Most of the contracts have been accepted and will be ready for
execution as soon as the Federal contract is tendered.

Mr. Johnson discussed the booklet. of Project Descriptions which
was given to all Board members. The booklet gave a breakdown

of projects by project numbers, a brief description of the scope
of the project, the agency implementing the project, the total
cost of the project, and the amount of supplemental funds involved
in the project.

Mayor Allen felt that there was a need for an evaluation committee
to review all of the projects contained in the Program to deter-
mine the capabilities of the agencies to implement a particular
project, to determine if the funds are being spentiin the proper
manner, and to see if the necessary personnel would be available.
Mr. Millican moved that a committee of three to five people be
appointed to serve as an Evaluation Committee to ret¥iew all of

the projects contained in the Model Cities Program. The motion
was seconded and unanimously approved.

As part of the Director's Report, three members of the staff gave
detailed presentation on specific projects contained in the program.

Mr. Jim Shimkus, Director of Social Development, gave a presenta-
tion on the unique features of the Day Care Program. He pointed

out the critical need for the program and showed how it related to
many of the other components of the program. He referred to a

chart which listed the objectives of the Day Care program, the
agencies involved in implementing the program and how they are related,
and the function of the Advisory Board. The Day Care Program is
divided into three phases: Day Care Centers, Block Centers, and
Family Day Care Homes. ‘The major emphasis of the program will be

to get the parents involved and trained in child care and development.

Mr. Jim Wright, Director of Physical Development, discussed the
Intra-Neighborhood Bus System and the proposed Housing Center. This
bus is designed to facilitate east-west travel within the Model
Neighborhood Area and outside of the area. The project will be
implemented by the Atlanta Trangit System. Mr. William Nix of the
transit company made comments on the services that will be provided
in this project. The Housing Center will be established to relate
the various housing programs to residents and provide services not
provided by other housing programs. 1

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Mr. O. D. Fulp, Employment Planner, presented the various projects
and activities in the Employment Component. He point out that

the Employment Program was geared toward individualized service,
toward bridging the gap between existing agencies and toward going
outside the conventional methods of delivering employment guidance
and training to those seeking employment. The employment program
will provide outreach service get the people into the employment
offices and referral services to get them to the jobs available.

A general discussion period followed each presentation to further
explain and clarify any issues or questions pertaining to the

Mr. Johnson then introduced the new members to the Model Cities
Staff. They are:

Mr. Jim Culp Mr. Bayard "Mac" Irwin
Economic Development Planner Research Speci alist
Mr. James L. Hicks Mr. Booker T. Howell
Program Specialist Program Coordinator

Economic Development Division


There was no new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.


Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Chairman
Model Neighborhood Executibe Board


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