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a professional public relations counseling and service firm
affording corporate, institutional and governmental clients the \
unique advantages of a multidiscipline approach to modern inter-

pretive and communication needs.

The firm's principals and founders are young, black, informed, and
intense. Their combined talents, eratnine and more than thirty
years total experience create of them a synectic group; individuals,
each outstanding in his respective expertise, applying maximum in-
sight and creativity to the solution of problems and the pursuit

of opportunities presented the firm's clients.

Today's organization, whether engaged in private enterprise, education,
or political administration, both affects and is affected by many
publics. Delineating these publics, interpreting them accurately

and formulating relevant, effective responses to their diverse in-
terests is the province of the professional. And it's here that WRIGHT
JACKSON BROWN WILLIAMS STEPHENS & BOND excels in three vital elements

‘' essential to any successful public relations program.

First, a profound understanding.
Through research, ideation and the ability to respond empathically to
the client's need and the public's demand equally, the firm brings an

extraordinary degree of perceptivity to bear on each assignment.

Second, knowledgeable planning.
At this point the disparate backgrounds of the principals coalesce
into the firm's forte. Out of legal, entrepreneurial, political,
social, public and corporate experience come reliable counsel and
substantial design for action. Imaginative plans that are at the
same time practical, bold and congruent with the client's intent

can best be formulated by working in concert with his own staff.

Third, precise execution.

Knowing what to do isn't enough. Modern public relations requires

a thorough knowledge of who can do it, and how. In this regard,

a complete service. The firm maintains close relationships with
other organizations which furnish such important supportive services
as advertising, creative writing and graphic design, business and

educational research, and relations with governmental agencies.

Achieving well-defined goals is the result of an agressive, compre-,
hensive program. Toward this end, the firm invites inquires concern-


. Corporate public relations counsel and service

- Educational and non-profit institutional public relations
. Governmental relations

- Public relations for political organizations and campaigns

- Personal, corporate or institutional publicity programs

. Internal and employee communications
. Sensitivity training and counseling on race relations
. Communication techniques for the black community
Counseling for the small business x

Coordination of meetings, conventions, and related activities
(tours, socials, etc.)

- News conferences and media tours

. Preparation of booklets, brochures, press kits and related materials


Trained in psychology, public relations and journalism at Morehouse
College, University of Iowa and Syracuse University

Director of Public Relations, Voorhees College

Assistant Director of Public Relations, Atlanta Falcons

Staff Representative, Public Relations Department, The Coca-Cola Company

Member, Public Relations Society of America

Member, National Association of Market Developers

Member, Atlanta Press Club

Member, Board of Directors, Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce

President, Board of Directors, Ralph C. Robinson Boys Club

Member, Board of Directors, Metro Atlanta Boys Club

Outstanding Young Men of America, 1968

Outstanding Personalities of the South, 1969


Trained in economics, business administration, banking and public
relations at Talledega College, LaSalle University and American
Institute of Banking

Dean of Men, Morris College

i, 8

Member, Morris College Public Relations Committee
Administrative Assistant, Special Services, C&S National Bank
Accounting Staff, General Electric Credit Corporation

Member, Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce

Member, Young Men on the Go


Trained in social sciences and law at Clark College

Howard University School of Law

Community Services Director, Atlanta Urban League

Cobrdinato®; Community Relations, National Alliance of Businessmen
Instructor, Business Law, Clark College

Henben <Caoveia House of Representatives

Member, Board of Directors, Grady Homes Boys and Girls Clubs
Member, Board of Directors, Day Care Association of Atlanta
Member, Board of Directors, All-Citizens Registration Committee
Member, Board of Directors, Active Voters League

Member, Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce

Member, Young Men on the Go


_ Trained in political science, speech and drama, law at Florida A&M
University and North Carolina College School of Law

Executive Campaign Assistant, United States Senatorial Candidate

Family Relocation Advisor, Department of Urban Renewal and Economic
Development, Rochester, New York

Customer Relations Consultant, P.F, Collier Company

Project on Inter-Group Relations, Official


National Association of Housing and Renewal, Official
Member, Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce

Member, Young Men on the Go


Trained in psychology, education counseling and guidance and administration
at Morehouse College, Atlanta University and Springfield College

Assistant General Executive, Butler Street Y.M.C.A.

Public Information Specialist, U.S. Army

Reporter and Newsroom Assistant, WSB Radio, Atlanta

Member, National Public Relaciones Council

Member’, Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce

Member, Mass Media Committee, Georgia Presbytery-United Presbyterian Church
in the U.S.A.

Member, Good Government Atlanta

Member, Better Schools Atlanta

Member, Board of Directors, Bedford-Pine Boys Club

Member, National Association of Y.M.C.A. Directors


Trained in English and research at Morehouse College and Metropolitan
Applied Research Center, New York

Managing Editor, Atlanta Inquirer

Member, Georgia House of Representatives

Research Associate, Voter Education Project, Southern Regional Council

Member, Board of Hisectone. Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation
Member, National Advisory Committee, Small Business Administration
Member, Young Men on the Go

Works published in LIFE, Ramparts, Negro Digest and other local and

national publications

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