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POST OFFICE BOX 20767 ® ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30320 ® 767-9701

December 27, 1968

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City of Atlanta

City Hall - Second Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mayor:

I appreciate very much your time and your kind ear in listening to a dream of mine and
Ray's and other people trying to do something on a model city that would be worthwhile
for everyone and that might be the type city that would give the people the opportunity
to do better things in life by giving them the environment and the challenge which they
greatly need. I am positive that from a standpoint of building, designing, planning,
and producing a city of this type, that I could do it. My problem is the same old prob-
lem I know has haunted and faced you throughou your great public office and that is how
do you get the politicians to agree to zone and let you accomplish this in a certain area
and also how to get the necessary employment transportation and money to do the job. I
feel so strong if there were some way we could cut through the red tape and in some way
receive a grant from the Government to do this job, and if it could be done by someone
with experience in this business, such as myself, we could save the Government millions
of dollars as well as be done in such a manner that it could truly be a model city for
everyone to look up to,

I readily realize that it cannot answer every need for everyone and that it could not
provide the necessary requirements to meet all of the minor regulations which the Gov-
ernment insist on in public housing, however, I think that if it could be done the way
that I would like to do it, it would give the people twice as much for their money as
they are now getting out of the Government if the Government 100% subsidized it, It is
my belief that if this could be done, shortly we would be producing assets in humanbeings
instead of liabilities. TI also feel that if we could clear out the area in the inner
core area of Atlanta that our blight area could give people the same opportunity to move
into the city then selling this back to private industry to develop into better housing
that we could soon balance our inner core area with the higher income group as well as
our low income group,

Maybe all of this is just a dream, however, we feel that if we are going to have a strong
city and a strong nation, somebody is going to have to take the bull by the horns and do
some of these things rather than sitting around and allowing politicians to control whole
counties to prevent such as this happening. I know how strongly you feel about this and

I am a great admirer of yours for what you have done for the City of Atlanta, I am hoping
that you will really think strongly about continuing on as our Mayor and not resigning.

December 27, 1968 -2- Mayor Ivan Allen

I would also like for you to think about tying the model city in with the airport
even if we had to take the option separate and apart from the airport property.
In my opinion, this would make the automatic employment and the upgrading of the
people that we need,

Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year,

Sincere regards,


De eek a aR.

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c.c. Mr. Richard Freeman
First National Bank Building
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Ray Moore


1601 W. Peachtree Street, N,E.
Atlanta, Georgia

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