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The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Saturday declared
its support of an ex ension of the Atlanta city limit s to include all or part of the
North Fulton County area of Sandy Springs .
In a r esolution setting out its position, the Board said it is apparent that the
inclusion of Sandy Spr ings as par t of the city would be of mutual benefit to that
community and t he City of Atlanta.
The Board said such a move should be based on a favorable expression on
the par t of the residents involved . It recommended that the residents of Sandy
Springs be given t he oppor t unity in a refer endum during 1966 to express their
preference on whe her t heir area should become part of the city.
The Boa r d rs esolution was announced by Pollard Turman, outgo_ing president
of t he Atlanta Chamber.
The Chambe r Board urged that Sandy Spr ings citizens consider all aspects
of the question, par icula r ly t he advantages to be gained by residents of the area,
a nd tha t they accep he oppor tunity to join the city . "Undue delay in giving this
matter borough and complete consideration would be detrimental to the best
interest of bot h h e Sandy Springs area and the City of Atlanta," the Board added.
Cited in t he resolution as a dvantages to Sa ndy Springs residents by joining
the city were a n impr oved l evel of ur ban services , such as sewers , sanitation
services , a nd fir e pr otection; a ddition of kinder gartens to the public schools;
parks and r ecr eat iona l facilities , and others . ·
Additionally , t he Board sa id, Sandy Springs re sidents would be able to
participate in t he affair s of the city , around which m a ny of their activities and
int erests a r e center e d, by voting on officials and programs undertaken by the
city .
The actual increase in cost to residents for impr oved services and other
a dvantages would be moder a te , the Boa rd said. Although the ad valorem taxes
on homes would be higher , this would be partially offset by reduced service
charges and lower fi r e insurance rates , once fir e p r otection facilities had been
upgraded to City of Atla nta s tandards .
Ba sed on t he la test a vailable information, the Boar d found that the owner
of a typi cal s ingle --fami y frame residence , with a value of $20 , 000 and located
on a 100- foo t lot , would pa y only a.bout $38 . 00 mor e annually . Taxes a nd service
c ha r ge s would be about $64 " 00 highe r but fi r e insur ance r ates some $26 . 0 0 lower .
December 31 1965

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