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are covered by fidelity insurance in an amount consistent
with sound fiscal practice and with the coverage deemed
necessary by the CDA for its own employees. (Additional
information, if needed, will be supplied by CDA).
Maintenance of Records.

The agency shall maintain such records and accounts,
including property, personnel, and financial records, as
are deemed necessary by the CDA or HUD to assure a
proper accounting for all project Sumas These records
will be made available for audit purposes to the CDA,
HUD or the Comptroller General of the United States or
any ot ee representative, and will be retained for
three years after the expiration of this contract.
Non-exspendable Property.

All non-expendable property acquired for the program
will revert to the CDA unless otherwisé provided for,
such non-expendable property being property which will
not be consumed or lose its identity, and which cost
$100 or more per unit and is expected to have a useful
life of one year or more. All such property acquired by
the agency will be listed on a property record inventory
by peuceiheiod, model and serial number, date of acquisition,
cost of acquisition and identified as new or used. An
updated signed copy of this inventory will be provided
the Program Management Department of the CDA each month

following a physical: inventory.


The agency agrees that the CDA may Garry out monitoring
and evaluation activities as determined necessary by

the CDA or HUD.


None of the work or services covered by this contract
shall be subcontracted without the prior written approval
of the CDA. Any work or services subcontracted hereunder
shall be specified by written contract or agreement and

shall be subject to each provision of this contract.

Direct Depositing of Funds.
The agency shall designate a commercial bank as the

depository for the receipt of funds. The CDA shall,

after assuring itself of the propriety and accuracy of

the account, deposit all funds which are made available

to the agency directly into the designated bank Gasunes

In cases where funds are made available on an savsnced
basis, the agency shall require the commercial bank to
secure fully all funds on deposit in excess of the

amount insured by kederal or State Agency.

This agreement is subject to and incorporates the

attached Part-II, Model Cities Administration Supplementary
General Conditions Goveming Contracts with operating
agencies and seikcactore:

The agency agrees to assist the CDA in complying with all
of the "Conditions Governing Grants under Title I, Sections
“105 and 107 of the Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan

Development Act. of 1966."

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the CDA and Agency have executed this

agreement as of the date first above written.


cCLty Mayor



Model Neighborhood Program


Associate City Attorney

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