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THIS AGREEMENT entered into this cay Or,
1969, by and between the CITY OF ATLANTA, a municipal corporation,
(Model Cities Program), hereinafter referred to as the "CDA", and
‘Model Cities Mass Convention, Incorporated, a non-profit corporation,
of the City/County of Atlanta/Fulton State of Georgia, hereinafter

referred to as the "Agency".


WHEREAS, the CDA on the 20th day of May 1969 ee
a Grant under Title 1 of the Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan
Development Act of 1966 from the Office of U. S. Department of
Housing and Urban Development, hereinafter referred to as HUD, said

grant designated as HUD Grant No. ME-10-001: and

WHEREAS, pursuant to said grant the CDA is undertaking

certain activities, and

WHEREAS, the CDA desires to engage the Agency to render

certain assistance in such undertakings,

NOW, THEREFORE, for valuable consideration and mutual

promises exchanged between the parties hereto it is agreed as


1. The Agency shall, ina satisfactory and proper

manner as determined by the CDA, perform the
following services;


RE-001C Model Cities Mass
Convention, Inc. 87,380 72,000

To provide a vehicle through which Model Neighborhood
Residents will have a voice in determining the future of the

Model Neighborhood.

A. CDA and Agency Agree:


Payment shall be on a monthly reimbursement basis
upon CDA's receipt of a report of combined cost
control and statement of accountability from the
agency (forms to be provided).

Payment under this contract is limited to the

below designated. project, together with the total
costs stated, and in accordance with the respective
project's budget which are a part of their respective

exhibit herein.



RE-O01C Model Cities Mass
Convention, Inc. 87,380 72,000



It is expressly understood and agreed that in no

event shall the total compensation for a project

exceed the maximum sum indicated above.

This contractual agreement may be renewed or re-

negotiated upon receipt of funds from federal or

local sources on a year-to-year basis.


Any change in the scope of services of the Agency

to be performed hereunder, including any increase

or decrease in the amount of the Agency's compensa~

tion, must have prior approval from the CDA and
must be incorporated in written amendments to this
contract. Likewise any change in scope of services

of CDA, which is mutually agreed upon by and between

CDA and Agency, shall be incorporated in written
amendments to this contract. If the Agency incurs
expenses in excess of the amount allowable under

this contract, the amount of the over-expenditure

must be absorbed by the Agency. However, this does

not preclude the Agency from requesting a modification
of this contract when it becomes evident that the
Agency's efforts must be expanded to adequately serve
program participants.

Termination of Contract.

Les through any cause, the Agency shall fail to ful-
FilL ts timely and proper manner his obligations under
this contract, or if the Agency shall violate any

of the covenants, agreements, or stipulations of this
contract, or if the grant from HUD under which this
contract is made is terminated by HUD, the’ CDA .shall
thereupon have the right to terminate this contract
by giving written notice to the Agency of such
termination and specifying the effective date thereof.

In the event of termination, all property and finished

or unfinished documents, data, studies, and reports

purchased or plapared by the Agency under this contract
shall, at the option of the CDA, become its property
and the agency shall be entitled to compensation for
any reimbursable expenses necessarily incurred in

satisfactory performance of the contract.

If the CDA withholds payment, it shall advise the
agency and specify the actionsthat must be taken,

in case of suspension, as a condition precedent

to the resumption of payments, The agency will

remit any unexpended balance of payments on account
of grant as well as such other portions of such
payments previously received as determined by the
CDA to be due the CDA. The action of the CDA in -
accepting any such amount shall not constitute a
waiver of any claim which the CDA may otherwise have
arising out of this agreement.

igeval wepdnaae:

The Agency's expenses charged for travel shall not
exceed those which would be allowed under the rules
of the United States Government governing official
travel by its employees.

Covenant Against Contingent Fees.

The Agency warrants that no person or selling agency
OY othex Organization has been employed or retained

to solicit or secure this contract upon an agreement

or understanding for a commission, percentage,

brokerage, or contingent fee. For breach or violation
of this warranty, the CDA shall have the right to
annul’ this contract without liability or, at its
discretion, to deduct from the compensation, or other-
wise recover, the full amount of such commission,

percentage, brokerage or contingent fee.




Compliance with Local and Federal Rules, Requlations

and Laws.

The Agency shall comply with all applicable laws,
ordinances and codes of the state and local governments.
Shift of Funds.

Funas may be shifted between line items of a single
project without prior approval only to the extent

that such action is not a result of significant

change in an approved program and so long as it does |
nok exceed 10% of the line item total from which the
funds are being removed or to which added. A report
of fund shifts will be made to the CDA fiscal officer
within three work days after its effective date. Any
shifts of funds between projects or other changes must
be approved in advance of obligations.

Financial Statement.

Subject to receipt of funds from HUD, the CDA shall
make payment under this contract in accordance with
‘the following method, such payment to be made upon
presentation of a requisition for payment by the |
agency. The Gheettesie for payment shall indicate
the ai dbostkion SE the amount requested by reference
to the categories of expenses as detailed in
respective budget. .

The Agency will furnish the CDA a financial statement
each month indicating the expenditure of CDA's funds

for that month. This statement is to reach: the CDA

not later than the 5th of the month following the

month the expenditure was made. (Forms and instructions
will be provided).

The agency will furnish the CDA a statement submitted
by the appropriate financial officer stating that he

accepts the responsibility for providing financial

services adequate to insure the establishment and

maintenance of an accounting system with adequate
internal control.

Books of Account and Records.

The agency shall maintain a general ledger in which

to sea a summarization of all accounting trans-
actions relating to the projects listed herein, and

to classify such transactions according to the acccunts
prescribed in the project budget categories. In
addition, the agency shall maintain a cash receipt

and disbursement register in which receipt of funds

and disbursement of funds will be documented. Funds
disbursed by the agency shall be made by pre-numbered
checks used in numerical sequence and must be supported
by appropriate documentation, such as payroll, invoices
contracts, travel payment, etc., evidencing the nature
and propriety of each payment, and showing the approval
of the chief fiscal officer or other amthorized
official of the agency.

Fidelity Bonding Requirements.

Prior to the disbursement of funds to the Agency

the CDA shall receive a statement from the Agency's
chief fiscal orficer or insurer assuring that all
persons handling funds received or disbursed under
this contract are covered by fidelity insurance

in an amount consistent with sound fiscal practice
and with the coverage deemed:necessary by the CDA

for its own employees. (Additional information,

if needed, will be supplied by CDA).

Maintenance of Records.

The agency shall maintain such records and accounts,
including property, personnel, and financial records,
as are :deemed necessary by the CDA or HUD to assure
a proper accounting for all project funds. These
records will be made available for audit purposes to
the CDA, HUD or the Comptroller General of the

United States or any authorized representative, anc
will be retained for three years after the expiration
of this contract.

Non-expendable property.

All non-expnedable property acquired for the program

will revert to the CDA unless otherwise provided for,

such non-expendable property being property which

will not be consumed or lose its identity, and which
cost $100 or more per unit and is expected to have

a Sheful life of one year or more. All such property
acquired by the agency will be listed on a property
record inventory by description, model and serial
number, date of acquisition, cost of acquisition and
identified as new or used. An vpdated signed copy of
this inventory will be provided the fiscal officer

of the CDA each month following a physical inventory.







The agency agrees that the CDA may carry out monitoring
and evaluation activities as determined necessary by
the CDA or HUD.


None of the work or services covered by this contract
shall be subcontracted without the prior written approval
of the CDA. Any work or services subcontracted here-
under shall be specified by written contract or agree-
ment and shall be subject to each provision of this
contract. .

Micaet Hawssiting of Funds.

The agency shall designate a commercial bank as the
depository for the receipt of funds. The CDA shall,
after assuring itself ofthe propriety and accuracy

of the account, deposit all funds. which are made
available to the agency directly into the designated
bank account. In cases where funds are made available
on an advanced basis, the agency shall require the
commercial bank to secure fully all funds on deposit
in excess of is amount insured by Federal or State

This agreement is subject to and incorporates the
attached Part II, Model Cities Administration
Supplementary General Conditions Governing Contract
with operating agencies and contractors.

The agency agrees to assist the CDA in complying with
all of the "Conditions Governing Grants under Title I,
Sections 105 and 107 of the Demonstration Cities

and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966."

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the CDA and Agency have executed this

agreement as of the date first above written.


(Title) City Clerk Mayor


Model Neighborhood Program



Associate City Attorney

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