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Atlanta Urban Corps
30 Courtland Sireet, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303



As the program of the Urban Corps develops, an increased
personnel is necessary. The people we have working on the
administrative staff are a group of interesting men and women
from various backgrounds; together they are coordinating the
many aspects of the Urban Corps. Let us introduce them to you!

Betty Lue Underwood and Marjorina Langford will both be
working in the administrative offices as secretaries. Betty Lue is a
junior at Morris Brown College and is from Barnesville, Georgia.
Marjorina is a freshman at Georgia State College and is from our
own Atlanta. Both of these girls are Urban Corps interns, financed
by the College Work Study Program.

Dianne Lovejoy, a senior at Price High School, will work with us
as an intern with the Neighborhood Youth Corps, She has worked
with E.0.A., and will be our receptionist for the summer.

The Education and Evaluation team is made up of Resna

ammer, Education Director, Maggie Gerber and Dawn White,
both Education Coordinators. Resna received her BA from Bennett

two years and then as a selection coordinator. She is married and
living in Atlanta with husband Jeffrey and 10 month old baby,
Rachel. Maggie is at present a candidate for herPh.D. at Emory
and received her BA from the University of Denver and her MA
from Boston University. She has worked as co-director for the
American Friends Service Committee and has taught both at Clark

by ) College, and then served in the Peace Corps first as a volunteer for

i at Northern Michigan University. She and her husband Leslie

ive here in Atlanta. Dawn received her BA at St. Francis College,
Indiana, and is now working on her MA at Atlanta University. She
is originally from Ceylon, but her family has been living in Detroit
for the past nine years. She has worked with E.0.A. both in
Atlanta and in Indiana and taught for a short time at a parochial
school in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Coordinating our staff are Sam Williams and his assistant Dianne
Wilson. Sam, a former student body president at Georgia Tech, was
director of President Nixon’s task force on youth in federal
government during the past year working in both Washington, D.C.
and New York. Dianne, who received her BA from Spelman and
has done work toward her M.A. at Atlanta University, is in charge
of all special programs. She served in Kenya for one year in a

_ program of the World Council of Churches in Harlem, N.Y. as a
church program director.

Another of our busy, hardworking staff members is Sue Zander
whose position as Executive Assistant makes her an important
“information source.’ Sue received her B.A. from George Peabody
College in Nashville, Tenn., and has worked with E.0.A. here in
Atlanta as a personnel assistant since 1964. ‘

The Urban Corps financial program is being handled by Steve
Mwamba, payroll coordinator, and Inman Deen, physical director.
Steve, originally from Zambia, Africa, has been in the U.S. for the
past four years attending first the University of Nebraska and then
Georgia State, majoring in finance. He and his wife Ivy and
daughter Suzgyo live here in Atlanta. Inman comes to our program
from Tulane University where he has just finished his first year of
law school, He has worked in the Fulton County Juvenile Court as
a probation officer for the past three years. Inman and his wife
Mary will return to Tulane in September.

The job of keeping the Urban Corps before the public goes to
Ken Millwood and Tara Swartsel. Together they will be publishing
the newsletter and contacting radio, television and newspapers.

" Ken;-who is is from Marietta, has just graduated from the University

— Of Georgia where he ma ited in journalism, He plans to go to the

~__ Business~ School at Geotaia to obtain his M.A. Tara, who has just
es ——
* \- te Win

graduated with a B.A. in Art from Agnes Scott College in Decatur,

7aG: wean Wor Thing Wie the davelopment of the Urban Corps siice
this past winter.


On Tuesday, June 3, forty-five agency supervisors who will be
supervising Urban Corps interns met at the Urban Corps office. Mr.
Dan Sweat, City Deputy Administrator, was on hand to make
introductory remarks. A film, “Action Summer’ from the National
Urban Corps office in New York, was shown to help the
supervisors visualize the kind of work that their student interns can
carry out this summer. Explanations of several operational areas of
the Urban Corps followed: Steve Mwamba discussed the intricacies
of the payroll procedure to be used throughout the summer; Dave
Whelan explained legal procedures, contracts and special
arrangements t to be carried out by the Urbam Corps and the
agencies; and” d_ Resna—Hammer Gave~a~short description—of the
particular-areas. of - the Urban Corps) program. As SanyWilliams sald
after the meeting, You-know,;-we-ve been dealing wjth paper work)
fo: so long heré-in-the-office; meeting with these supervisors: tod
brought the program to life again for us — we are working with
people! The success of the Urban Corps really does depend as’
much on these supervisors as it does on the interns. The enthusiasm
exhibited by the supervisors gave our staff areal shot in the arm.”


On Monday, June 9, fourteen student interns met with the
Urban Corps staff for an orientation program. The same film which
had been shown to their supervisors at the meeting on June 3 was
presented to the interns in the sky room of the old city
auditorium. Following the film, Dave Whelan, Resna Hammer and
Steve Mwamba explained such aspects of the Urban Corps summer
program as payroll, education evaluation, and intern placement. As
Dave pointed out to this group of interns who are to begin work
this week the first interns to be “on the job’ theirs is a
responsible position. We are working with people — our student
interns are, in fact, the Urban Corps.


The bare, football field-sized echo chamber that our office once
was is now beginning to look like a new place. With the addition of
partitions the large room on the 2nd floor of the old city
auditorium now is divided into five smaller offices with a large
center room and a movable partition which allows for the addition
of a sixth office space which can be adapted to various sized
meetings. Office equipment has been provided by several of our
special friends, among them the Atlanta Police Department and the
city Purchasing Department. The Police Department has given us
thirty cushioned straight chairs to be used in large meetings while
the Purchasing Department has provided a filing cabinet and many
“emergency supplies’ — a special thanks goes to Mr. Al Randall of
that department.

We have also found that Mr. Dan Sweat, City Deputy
Administrator, can run a mimeograph machine and “‘tote’’ a load
ot paper — because he helped us do it — and we thank him!!!

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