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Tuesday, May 13, 1969
Washington, D.C.
Department of Health, Education,
and Welfare
Office of Education
No. 91- pt. II-
(d) "Commissioner" means the U.S.
incurring an unduly heavy burden of
Commissioner of Education ' or his
indebtedness; and
(4) Broaden the range of worthwhile designee.
(e) -" Cooperative educat ion" means a
Chapter I-Office of Education, De- job opportunities for qualified students
partment of Health, Education, and in employment for the institution itself full-time course of study in an instituor for public or private nonprofit organi- tion, under which all students in the
zations, especially those engaged in institution, or a major subdivision
PART 175-COLLEGE WORK-STUDY health, education, welfare, and · related thereof, may a.lternate periods of fulltime attendance with periods of r elated
public service activities.
full-time employment, upon the compleCha,pt,er I of Title 45 of the Code of § 175.2 Definitions.
tion of which course of study a degree
F ederal Regu]aitions is hereby amended
or other certificate is normally awarded.
(a) "Act" means Title IV, Part C of
by ,a,dding a new part, Part 175.
(f) "Eligible instltution" or "instituthe Higher Education Act of 1965, as
Federal financia l a,ssista,nce maide amended (Public Law 89-329, 79 Stat. tion" means an institution of higher
education or an area vocational school
avaifa1ble pursuant to the regulations set 1219) .
(as herein defined ), except that n o instifort h below is 5l!bject to the regulations
tut ion of the United States shall be
in 45 CFR Pa rt 80, issued by the Secrethose
tary of Healt h , Educa,tion, and Welfa're,
eligible to enter into an institution al
and approved by the President to effec- institution which are necessary for the a greement with the Commissioner .
(g) "Family" means parents or other
tuaite •the provisions of section 601 of the
Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Public Law Work-Study Program- conducted pur- indi:viduals (except foster parents) who
stand in loco parentis.
88-352) .
only to the extent that the items of cost
(h ) "Fiscal year" m eans th e F ederal
are attributable to that portion of such fiscal year commencing on the first day
Purpose and ob jectives.
program in which studen ts are working of July and ending on t h e 30th day of
Allotment of F ederal f u nds to States. for public or private n onprofit organiza - t h e following June.
tions other than the institution itself,
P rog.ram eligibUlty. 175.4
(i) "Full- time
attendance" means
Ehl.gibility and select ion of student including such items as salaries of staff, compliance by a full- time studen t with
p a.rtidpan ts.
communications, supplies and p rinting, the p olicies and regulations regarding
Limitations on t he number of hours and travel ; but exclusive of overhead ,
atten dance in effect at the institution in
of employmen t.
other indirect costs, and equipm ent .
which h e is enrolled.
Use of funds.
Cc) "Area vocational sc.llobl" means;
( j ) "Full-time student " means a stuLimitations on F ederal share of stu175.8
dent compensation.
(1 )
A specialized h igh school used dent who is pursuing any combination
Minimum wage r ate.
175 .9
exclusively or principally for the provi- of courses, research, or special studies
175.10 Nature and source of institutional sion of vocational education to persons
(wh~ther or not for credit) which, acs hare of st udent compensat ion.
who are available for full-time study in cording to th e standards and practices
prepara tion for entering the labor mar- of th e institution in which the student
175.12 Coordination of stu dent financial
ket , or
is enrolled, is considered full- time study.
a ld pr ~.
(k) " Good standing" means t he eligi(2) The department of a h igh school
175.13 Ins tit u t ional agreemen t and a pplica tion for funds.
exclusively or principally used for pro- bility of a student to continue in full175.14 Criteria for approval of applications.
viding vocational education in no less time attendance in accordance with th e
176.15 Payment a nd r eallocation of gr_a nt
th an five different occupational fields to standar ds and practices of the instituf u nds.
tion in which he is enrolled.
pr ocedures, r ecords, a nd p ersons who ar e available for f ull- time
176.16 Fiscal
(1) "Institution of higher education"
study in preparation for en tering t he
r ep orts.
m eans an educational institution in any
176.17 Preceding provisions n ot exh au stive la bor market, or
of jurisdiction of the Commis(3) A t echnical or vocational school State which meets the requirements of
sioner .
used exclusively or principally for the section 435(b ) of the Act. The t erm
provision of vocation al education to "educational institution" limits the scope
A U THORrrY : The provisions of t his P art 175
issued under 82 Stat. 1014, 2 0 U.S .C. 10 11, persons who have com pleted or left high of this definition to establishments where
Public Law 89- 329, Higher Ed uca tion Act of school and who are available for full- t eaching is conducted and which h ave
1966, as amended , Title IV, P a re c.
time study in preparation for ent ering an iden tity of their own.
Cm ) "Institutional agreement" means
the la bor m arket , or
§ 175.l
Purpose and objectives.
(4) The department or division of a t he written agreement between an eligi(a) The pw1)ose of the- College Work- junior college or community college or ble institt1tion and t h e Commissioner,
Study Progr am is to stimulate and university which provides vocational edu- which provides for the conduct of a
promote the part- time employment of cation in no less than five different oc- Work-Study Progr am and which meets
studen ts, particularly those from low- cupational fields, under the supervision t h e conditions of section 444 of the Act.
income families, who are in need of the of the State board , leading to immediate
(n) "Low-income family" m eans a
earnings from such employment in ortler employment but not leading to a ba c- family whose basic n eeds exceed its
to pursue courses of study at eligible calaur eate degr ee,
m eans to satisfy them primarily because
its annu al income is less than the miniif
m um amount determined, according to
(b) This purpose will be prom oted
standards promulgated by the Commisthrough the development of student
employment programs designed t o meet and approved by t he S tate Board, and sioner from time to time, to be necessary
if, in the case of a school, department , to maintain a decent standard of living.
the following objectives :
or division described in stibparagraph
(o) "National of the United States"
Cl ) Encourage eligible institutions to
expand their efforts t o enroll needy stu- (3) or (4) of this paragraph, it admits means (1) a citizen of the United States,
dents, p articularly those f rom low- as regular students both persons who or (2) a person who though not a citizen
have completed high school and persons of the United States owes permanent alincome families ;
who have left high school. The term legiance to the United States. (8. U.S .C.A.
(2) Increase the proportion of eligible "State
Board" as used in this definition
high school gr aduates who continue means the State board for vocational 1101Ca) (22)) .
(p) "Part-time employment" means
t heir education in eligible institutions;
education design at ed or created pursuant
(3) Provide fin ancial a id for eligible t o section 5 of the Smith-Hughes Act hourly employment of a student under
students through combining the earn- (that is the Act approved Feb. 23, 1917 the Work-Study Program in accordance
with the limits established in § 175.6.
in gs from part -time employment with
other forms of financial assistance to (39 Stat. 929, ch. 114; 20 U.S .C. 11- 15, Work performed as a prerequisite to a
en able students to meet th eir educa- 16-28 )) to secure t o the State the bene- degree or a certificate will not be considered employment except for not more
tiona-1 expenses without the necessity of fits of that Act.
t han ·120 da ys of work perfor med during
any full-time work period of an organ ized cooperative education program.
(q ) "Period of non -r egula r enrollm ent" m eans a summer vacation period
or an eqUivalent period such as the fulltime work period of an organized cooperative edu cation progr am during which
the student is enrolled in one or more
cla sses.
Cr ) "P eriod of regular enr_ollment"
means any period of time d uring which
a particular studen t is norm a lly expected
by his institution t o be pursuing a course
of full -t ime studies, a ccording to the
usual standards and practices of the
instit u t ion.
Cs ) "P rivate n onprofit" (as applied to
any school, institution, organization or
agency ) m eans a school, institution , or ganization or agency, no par t of whose
earnings inures or lawfuly m ay inure
directly or indirectly to t he benefi t of
any private member, shareholder, or
other individual.
Ct ) "Public or ganization" includes a
school, agency, or ganization or institution of the United States.
Cu ) "State" means, in addit ion to the
several S tates of the Union, the Dist r ict
of Columbia, the Commonwealth of
Puert o R ico, G uam, American S amoa,
the Trust T erritory of the P acific I slands , and the Virgin Isla nds.
§ 175.3
Allotm.ent of Federal f unds to
(a) Initial allotments: From sums a pprop1iated to ca rry out this part for a
fiscal year , not to exceed 2 per centum
shall be allotted by the Commissioner
among Puerto Rico, G uam, American
S amoa, the Trust Territory of the P a ci.fie
Islands, and the Virgin Islands accor d ing to their respective needs f or assistance under this part. In addition to such
sum, an amount shall be reserved t o pr ovide work- study assistance t o students
who reside in, but attend eligible institu tions outside of, American Sa moa or the
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands .
The amount so reserved shall be allott ed
to eligible institutions and shall be available only for the purpose of providing
work-study assistance to such students.
The remainder of the sums shall be
allotted among the remaining States as
provided in paragraph (b) of this section. For the purpases of computing this
allotment, the Commissioner will use in formation for the most recent year for
which satisfactory data are available to
(b) Of the sums being allotted under
this paragraph:
(1) One-third shall be allotted -by the
Commissioner among the States so that
the allotment to each State under this
clause will be an amount which bears
the same ratio to such one-third as the
number of persons enrolled on a fulltime basis in institutions of higher education in such State bears to the total
number of persons enrolled on a fulltime basis in institutions of higher education in all the States;
<2> One-third shall be allotted by the
Commissioner among the States so that
the a llotmen t to each S ta t e under this
cla use will be an amount which bears
the same ratio to such one- third as t he
number of high school gra duates <as defined in section 103(d)-( 3) of the Higher
Ed ucation Facilities Act of 1963) of such
State bears t o the total number of such
high school gra duates of all the States ;
(3) One-thir d shall be allotted by the
Commissioner among the Sta tes so tha t
the allotm ent to each S tate under this
clause will be an amount wh ich bears
the sam e ratio to such one-third a s the
n umber of related children under 18
years of a ge living in ·families with ann ual incomes of less than $3,000 in such
State bear s to the number of related children under 18 years of age living in families with a nnual incomes of less tha n
$3,000 in all the Sta tes .
Cc ) R eallotment: The amount of any
State's a llotment which h as not been
granted t o a n institution at the end of
the fiscal year for-which a ppropriated
shall be r eallotted by the Commissioner
in such a manner as h e determines will
best assist in achieving the purposes of
the Act. Amounts r eallotted under this
p ar agraph shall be available for m akin g
grants until the close of t he fiscal year
n ext succeeding the fisca l year for which
appropria ted.
§ 175.4
Program eligibility.
(a ) G en era l . Work-Study Progra ms
operated under an instit ut ional agr eement for the part - t ime em ploym ent of
students m ay involve work for the inst itution itself or wor k for a p ublic or private ·nonprofit organiza t ion in any S t a te.
(1) S uch p rograms :
(i) M ust n ot result in the disp la cement of employed workers or impair existing contracts for services ;
(ii) Must not involve the construction ,
operation, or m aintenance of so much of
any facility as is used or is to be used
for sectar ian instruct ion or as a place
of religious worship.
(2) The work provided under such programs Ci ) m ust n ot involve any partisan
or n onpartisan political a ctivity a ssociated with a candidate, or con tending
faction or group, in an election for public
or party office, and (ii) m ust be governed
by such conditions of employment , including compensat ion , as will be appr opriate and reasonable in light of such
factors as t ype of work performed, geographical region, proficiency of the employee, and any a pplicable F ederal, State,
or local legislation.
(b) Work f or t.he inst i t ution i t se lf. To
be eligible for Feder al fin ancial pa rticipation, work fo r the institution itself (including any nonprofit entity which is
under the control of the govemLr1g boa r d
of the institution) m ust result in an expansion or broadening of the instit ution's
student employment programs.
(c) Work for a public or private nonprofit or gani.zation. To be eligible for
Federal financia l participation , work for
a public or private nonprofit organization
other than t he institut ion must Cl) be in
the public interest (d evoted to the gen eral., national or community welfare
r a ther than tha t of a p articula r interest
or ·group) , and (2) be evidenced by a
written agreement conta ining t h e con ditions of such work between the institution
and the organization. The institut ion is
r esponsible for ensuring that any ar r an gem ents be with a reliable or ganization with professional direction and staff,
and that the work performed by each stud ent will be properly supervised, a nd
consistent with the purposes of the Act .
( d ) Work in the publi c i n ter est. In no
event sh all work be considered to be in
the p u blic interest wh ere Cl) it is work
for which the political support or affiliation of the student is a prerequisite or
consideration fo r employment, (2) it is
wor k to be performed for an elected official other t h an as part of the regular a dm inistration of F ederal, S tate or local
government or (3) it is work which is
p rima rily for the ben efit of the m embers
of a limited membership organization
(such as a credit union, fra t ernal order,
or a cooperative) , r a ther than the public.
§ 175.5
Eligibility and selection of student participants.
(a) Eligibi li ty. A student is eligible for
p a rt-time employment under the WorkS tudy Progra m only during p eriods in
which he m eets all of the following
conditions :
(1) Is a nation al of the Un ited S tat es,
or is in the United Sta t es for oth er than
a tem porary purpose and intends t o become a permanen t r esident thereof , 01·
is a perman ent resident of the Tr ust
T er ritory of the P acific I slands ;
(2) Is in n eed of the earn in gs fro m
such employm ent in order to pursue a
course of study at the institution;
(3) I s capa ble, in the opinion of the
institution, of m ain tainin g good stand ing in such course of study while employed under this program; a nd
( 4) H as been accep ted for enrollment
as a full -tim e student at th e institu tion
or, in the case of a student alrea dy en r olled in a n d attending the institu tion ,
is in good st anding and in f ull-time att enda nce there, either as a n under gra duate, gradua te or professional student .
Cb) Eligibili t y of students attending
area ,vocational schools. A student enrolled in an area vocation al school is
eligible for erp.ployment under the College Work -Study P rogram only if h e
meets t h e following conditions in addition to the provisions described in para graph Ca) of this section :
Cl ) H as a certificat e of gradua tion
f rom a school providing secon dary education or the r ecognized equivalent of
such a certificate, and
(2) Is pursuin g a p rogram of education or training wh ich requires a t least
6 m on ths to c omplete and is designed
to prepare the student for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.
Cc) D et er min ation of need. In determining whether, and to wh at extent, a
'Studen t is in need of the earnings from
employment, t h e institu tion shall, at
least a nnually, (1) determine what income, a ssets, and oth er resources (including other forms of aid ) are available to the student for the t ime period
under consideration; (2) calculate according to standards published from time
to time by the Commissioner what portion of the income, assets, and resources
of the student's family may reasonably
be expected to be made available to the
student; and (3) determine the cost
reasonably necessary- for the student's
attendance at the institution, including
any special needs and obligations which
directly affect the student's financial
ability to attend the institution on a
full-time basis. A student shall be considered to be in need to the extent that
such costs of attendance exceed the sum
of the amounts determined to be available to the studen€ and the amounts, if
any, which may reasonably be expected
to be made available to him by his family.
(d) Selection of students. In the selection of students for employment under
the Work-Study Program, an institution
shall give preference to students from
low-income families.
(e) Availability of st udent employment. Each institution shall make em-
ployment under the Work-Study Program, or equivalent employment offered
or arranged for by the institution, reasonably available (to the extent of available funds) to all eligible studen ts in the
institution in n eed thereof.
R ecord of approval or di sapproval.
Each institution shall maintain records
which reflect the approval or disapproval
of all or part of each student's application for employment under the program
and which identify the institutional officer who made each such determination.
§ 175.6
Limitatio ns on the number of
hours o f employment.
(a) During periods of regular enrollment, when classes in which a student
is enrolled are in session, he shall be
limited to working no more than an average of 15 hours per week under the program, averaged· over the semester or
other time period on the basis of which
the institution in which he is enrolled
awards academic credits. Work performed during any week when the student is on vacation shall not exceed 40
hours and shall not be counted as contributing toward the average of 15 hours
per week established in the preceding
(b) Du1ing periods of nonregular enrollment, when classes in which a student is enrolled are in session he may be
employed under the program for as many
as 40 hours per week or such lesser number of hours p er week as the institution
m ay determine in accordance with its
own standards and practices and considering (1) the extent of the student's
financial n eed and (2) the h arm or pot ential harm of a particular combinat ion of hours of work and hours of study
on a given student's h ealth or academic
(c) During p eriods n ot covered under
paragraph s (a) and (b) of this section,
a student may work up to 40 h ours per
week under the program.
submitted pursuant to this part may be
used only (1) to pay the Federal share
of compensation to eligible students employed in eligible Work-Study Programs,
and (2) to meet administrative expenses,
as defined in§ 175.2 Cb). The amount for
such administrative expenses may not
exceed 5 percent of that portion of the
Federal payments used for compensation
of students in work for public or private
nonprofit organizations other than the
institution itself.
(b) Interest, if any, earned on Federal funds shall be remitted to the Commissioner in accordance with instructions
issued by him.
§ 175.10
Nature and source of institutional share of student compensation.
(a) An institution may use any source
available to it to pay its share of the
compensation paid to students employed
under the Work-Study Program.
Cb ) No_ institution shall solicit or
permit any public or private nonprofit
organization with which it has an arrangement pursuant to § 175.4 (c) to
solicit from a student or any other person any fee, ·commission, or compensation of any kind, or the granting of a gift
or gratuity of any kind, as a consideration or a prerequisite for the employment of any particular student under the
§ 175.8 , Limitations on Federal share of program.
student compensation.
§ 175.11
Maintenance of level of e x penditures.
Ca) The Federal share of the comp ensation of students employed in any
Work-Study Progr am under an institutional agreement shall not exceed 80
percent of such compensation for parttime employment, except that in unusual
cases a Federal share in excess of 80
percent may be approved by the Commissioner, but only and to the extent
that he determines, pursuant to such objective criteria as m ay be established in
regulations, that a Federal share in excess of 80 p ercent is required to a chieve
the purposes of this part.
Cb) The Federal share of compensation for part-time employment shall be
calculated on the basis of the hourly rate
paid the student for actual time on the
job but such calculation shall not include
any compensation paid which is in excess of such maximum hourly wage rate
as may from time to time be set by the
Commissioner, or any costs of the employer's contribution to Social Security,
workmen's compensation, retirement, or
any other welfare or insurance programs
which m ay be paid by the employer on
account of a student employed under the
Work-Study Program.
§ 175.9
In each fiscal year during which the
institutional agreement remains in
effect, the institution shall expend (from
sources other than payments of Federal
grants under this part) for the employment of its students (whether or not in
employment eligible for assistance under
this part) an amount that is . not less
than the institution's average annual expenditures for such employment during
the three fiscal yearn preceding the fiscal
year f or which the institutional agreement is in effect.
§ 175.12
Coordination o f student finan cial aid programs.
In order to carry out the purpose of
the Work-Study Program, the institution shall provide for the coordination
of this program with other programs of
student financial aid, including the National Defense Student Loan and Educational Opportunity Grants P rograms
where the institution also participates
in such programs. Responsibilit y for t h e
gen er al conduct of the operation of the
Work-Study Program shall be assign ed
to an institutional official who h as other
student financial aid r esponsibility.
Minimum wage rate .
The minimum rat e of compensation
for a student employed under the Work. Study Progr am shall be
(a) $1.15 an hour for work p erformed
thr ough J anuacy 31, 1969;
(b ) $1.30 an hour for work performed
from Februa ry 1, 1969, through January 31, 1970;
Cc) $1.45 an hour for work performed
from February 1, 1970, through J anuary 31, 1971 ; and
(d) $1.60 an hour for work performed
thereaft er;
(e) Or such higher minimum wage as
may be required under any applicable
Feder al, State, or local legislation; except that the Commissioner m ay approve
a lower r ate of com pensation in cases
(1 ) wh ere a lower m inimum wage for
such emplbyees h as been established by
t he Secretary of La bor, un der the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act,
or (2) wher e exceptional circumstances
warra.nt a lower rat e and,_where the ap§ 175.7 U se of funds.
proval of a lower rate is not precluded
(a) Federal funds m ade available on by law an d is consistent wit h and prothe basis of an app roved application motive of the purposes of this part.
§ 175.13 In stitutional a g reement and application for f unds.
(a) Applica tions for Federal funds
under this part sha.11 be a pproved only if
there is in efl'ect an institutional agreemen t . Such agreement shall be executed
by an official of the institution wh o is
legally authorized to commit the institution.
Cb) Applicaltions for F ederal funds
m ust be submitted to the Commission er
by an authorized official of-the institu tion in such form and at such t ime as
the Commission er may prescribe.
§ 175.14 C1·iteria for approval of institutional a pplications.
· In order t o achieve equitable distribu -
tion of assistance a s required by section
446 of the Act, institutional applications
for the allocation of funds under this
program shall b e reviewed and approved,
in whole or in part, on the basis of, but
not limited t o, the following criteria:
(a) Whether the institution employs
under the program a large p roportion
of students f rom low-income families in
relation to the total number of n eedy
students employed under the program ;
(b ) Wheth er provision has been made
for effective administration of the program, including effective coordination
with · institutional and ot her Federal
programs of student financial aid ;
(c} Whether public a nd private nonprofit organizations, especially those engaged in health, education, welfare, and
rela t ed public service activities h ave
been included ;
(d ) Whether t h e institution has demonstrated a strong commitment t o enr oll
stu dents fr om low-income families, as
evidenced by Cl ) specialized recruitment
and admission, such as that provided
througli the programs of Talent Search
or Upward Bound, (2) remedial instruction, (3) specialized counseling, and (4)
any other relevant factors;
Ce ) The anticipated number of students t o be employed under this pr ogram as compa red to the institution 's
anticipated enrollment;
( f) The an ticipated average compensation of Work-Study students in rela t ion .t o the institution's average educational costs ;
Cg ) The instit ution's utilization of
Work-Study Progra m funds, if any, allocated in previous years ; and
Ch) The ins titution's total request for
Federal st udent financial aid funds (including Educa tional Opportunit y Grants
a nd Na tiqn al Defense St udent Loans)
in relation t o t he average cost of education at t he institution and t he institution's anticipated enrollment .
available for use by the institution dura subsequent grant period or be made
available for use by other eligible
(c ) No w aiver. Neither approval of a ny
a pplication nor any payment of funds to
a n institution shall be deemed to waive
the right or duty of t he Commissioner to
withhold funds by r eason of failure of
the institution to observe, before or after
such a dministr ative action, any F ederal
requirement .
§ 175.16
Fiscal proce dures, records, and
(a) F iscal procedur es. (1) The insti-
t ution sh all administer the Work-St udy
Program in s'ijch a m a nner as to provide
for an adequa t e system of intern al cont rols. Wherever practical, t he various a dministr ative responsibilities shall be divided so as to pr even t the handling of
all aspects of t he pr ogram by a single
(2) If a fiscal agent is utilized by the
institution, its func tion must be limited
solely t o t he perform ance of ministerial
acts. The responsibilities of the institut ion to m ake determinations relative to
the eligibility of students for employment under t h e program can not be
(3) P a yments t o students sh all be
m ade at least once a mon t h . The institution is responsible for ensuring t h at
students are paid the full a mount of
wages earned under the program,
wh eth er the work is for the institution
§ 17 5.15 Paymen t and realloca tion of itself or for a public or private nongrant funds.
pr ofit organization.
(a) Payment of f unds. F unds will be
Cb) Records. The institution shall
made available in advance on t he basis maintain, on a current basis, adequate
of substantiated need and periodic fiscal records which reflect· all tra nsactions
reports submitted by the institution.
with r espect to the progra m, and shall
establish a nd m ain tain such gen eral le.d( b) Reall.ocation · of unused F ederal
funds. Any funds which are available to ger control accounts an d r ela ted subsidan institution but not used, or which t he iary accounts as are prescribed by the
institution agrees will not be used, by t h e Commissioner . Such records shall:
end of the period for which such f unds
(1) Meet a t the minimum standwere made available shall, in t he discre- a rds prescribed by the Commissioner as
tion of the Commissioner, either remain set forth in the most recent official Col-
lege Work-Study Ma nual an d other official guidelines that m ay be issued from
time to time;
(2) Be ma intained in such a m anner
as to separately identify all pr ogram
transactions from ot h er institutional
funds and activities ; a nd
(3) Be maintained in such a m anner
as to be readily audita,ble. All records
pertaining t o activity durin g a given fiscal year , including a,pplications of studen ts for employment un der th e WorkStudy Progr am during th at fiscal year,
shall be r etained for a period of 5 years
following t h e end of the fiscal year, or
until audited by a representative of the
Commissioner, which ever is earlier. R ecords involved in a ny claim or expenditure questioned by th e Commissioner , or
on audit, sh all be retained until necessary adjustments have been reviewed
a nd approved by the Commissioner .
Cc) R eports. Institutions sh all submit
such r eports and information as the
Commission er m ay reasonably r equire in
connection with the administra tion of
the Work-S tudy J;>rogram a nd shall comply with such procedures as h e m ay find
necessary t o ensure t h e correctness and
verification of such r eports.
§ 175.1 7
Precedin g provisions n o t exhaus tive of jurisdiction o f the Commissioner.
No pr ovision of this part n ow or h ereafter prom ulgated sh all be deemed exhaustive of t he jurisdiction of the
Commissioner under the Act. The provisions of this part may be m odified or
further regulations may be issu ed hereafter as circumstances m ay warrant .
Dated: April 10, 1969 .
U.S. Commissi oner of Education.
Approved : May 7, 1969.
Secretary of Health,
Education, and W elfar e.
Doc. 69- 5667; Filed, M a y 12, 1969; 1
8 :45 a.m. J
,, .

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