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Morris Bron College

Atlantx, Georgia 30314


August 13, 1969

Mr. Inmond L. Deen, Jr.
Director of Finance
Atlanta Urban Corps

30 Courtland Street, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Deen:

Please find enclosed our check for $1,276.16 which represents the
80% federal share for Morris Brown College CWSP students through
June 23, 1969. We note that Chester McElroy worked 46 hours within
one week, We can only pay for 40 hours, which means that our 80%

is computed on $1,595.20 rather than the $1,608.40 which is the total
of the payroll submitted by you.


(Mrsz) I.

Student Financial Aid Director

Enclosure-Check $1,276.16

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