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December 18, 1969
Mr. Maynard Jackson
Vice- Mayor Elect
HS Forsyth Street, N. W.
Atlan ta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mr. Jackson:
As you know, the Atlanta Urban Corps is a student program
now operating throu gh the Mayor's office. The program is
designed to offer students an avenue f or constructive community service while expanding the relevance of their colle ge education. The program has operated successfully since
June, but is now acing a very uncertain future.
The Atlanta Urban Corps is being caught in the squeeze of
the change of City Administrations. For six and one-half
months, (since June 16, 1969), the City of Atlanta allocated
76,000 for the operation of the Urban Corps. This money
helped p ay the compensation of City interns p lus administra t ion c osts. In tota l , the pro gram involved 300 students i n
196 9. We we re a s ked to pl an and document an expanded and
imp roved p rogram f or f iscal year 1 9 70. Of a total budge t
of $650 ,00 0, the Ci t y was asked to allocat e 139,000 fo r
admi n istra tion and City interns. The total p ro gram was de signed to include 660 students, of whi ch 220 will work f or
Ci t y dep artments. Mr. Milton Farris has deci ded to allocate
40, 00 0 to pay both ma tching costs and administr a tion. The
matching c osts al one wi ll amoun t to some $38 , 000, if our plans
develop as they should . Obv iously, t h is wil l le ave l it t le to
operate an effective prog r am .
Unfortunately, Mr. Farris is v iewi ng t he program on l y i n dol lar terms . I fee l he has overlooked s ome i mportant conside r ations conce rning the Urban Cor ps. He has fai led t o gr asp the
importance of a meaningfu l re l ationship between the needs of
t he City and the potent ials of the student community . It is
wasteful to disregard the motivations, energies and abilities
of the area students . We have p l ans and procedures to produce
an effective 1970 program to bui l d upon the documented success
of our 1969 effQrts. However, this serious budget cut, which
represents only 28.5% of our original requ st and merely 6\ 9 f
t he total progr m cost , threatens to destroy the possibiliti
of the Urban Corps .
�Mr. Maynard Jackson
December 18, 1969
Page 2
In real terms, the Urban Corps needs at least $50,000 for
program administration. I am asking for your personal
intervention before the budget is passed to correct this
situation. Mr. Dan Sweat will be glad to discuss the program with you, and is able to illustrate the benefits of
the Atlanta Urban Corps. Of course , I am available and
we lcome the opportunity to discuss the matter with you at
any time .
Sincerely ,
Ken Millwood

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