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Atlanta Urban Corps,
Inc .
Purpose and Functions
The Atlanta Urban Corps, Inc. s:hall. have ass its purpose the development of
programs for the constructive involvement of college students in: various phases and
forms of public service activ itie s within the greate r- A t~anta area, in association with
Federal, state and local gov ernments, the busines-s - and academic communities, and
such other organizations and individuals whose inter.est s complim.ent the aforesaid
The Atlanta Urban Corps., Inc·. , s-h all~endeav or: to~stimulate .interest and
support in such programs, shall develop appropriate sources ' of:funding .and shall,
either directly or in cooperation with. other.. agencies. and. organizations, administer
such programs as shall be consistent with . the. aforem e ntioned ..purpose.
The principle office of the corpuration in- the State of.Georgia sha ll .b e loc a t e d
in the City of Atlanta, County of Fulton.
T.he c.or.por:ation shall:have such. other offices,
either w ithin or without the State of G e orgia as- the Hoard oLilirectors . may d e termine
or as the affairs of the co r po rati on may require fr om· time to time .
The corporation shall ha:v e and. c:ontinuo.usl y mai ntai n in the State of Georgia
a registered offic e and a r egis te r ·ed agent whose office is. identical.with such regis te r e d
offi ce .
The r e g i ster e d offic e m ay be,. but. n e e ci not b e , . identicaL with. the p rincipal
office in t he S tate of G eo r gia,. a nd the a ddr .e:.S'S: of_ the: r .e g,is tere d :..offi ce may be chan g ed
from time t o time b y the B oar d of D c t o r s •.
S ection L
Adviso ry C oun c il
Powers .
AII p-ow e r-sc at.· the- Atlanta- Ur·b a rr- C-o rps i Inc ; , and the
e xerci se of s u ch p,ow. ers shall he. vested in an .Advisory C:.ounci l ,. . e ,x :cept as aothe r wise
provided in these By-laws or by the provisions of the Charter of the Atlanta Urban
Corps, Inc., or the laws of the State of Georgia.
It will be the sole quty of the
Advisory Council to determine the community needs in regard to Atlanta Urban
Corps ,: Irie.•: ,. and. to reflect :same in establishing the overall policy direction of the
Section 2.
Members -of Advisory-Council.
The.Advisory Council shall be
composed .of 32 .members, _ each· to. be of either ex officio or elected status.
(a):. Ex Officio ~embers.. :.. Tliose members of the advisory Council by virtue
of .their.:offic.e shall .be:
The .E x ecutive Director of the Atlanta Urban Corps, Inc.
Tlie.Mayor oLthe City of Atlanta
Tlie·.Regional Directors of the Peace Corps, VISTA, and
Teachers Corps
eJ;The. Dir e ctor, · (or . his design ated r e pr e s e ntative ) of SREB ·t.;J'·-J::;:.(b): Erecte d M e mb e rs.
(total numb e r in each c a t egory)
Student Repres e ntative (6)
The student members of the Advisory
counc·il .sha ll b e chos e n from thoe e students who have spe nt a minimum
of: one- t e rm in the A tla nta Urba n Corps, Inc. prog r a m.
The y sha ll b e
stude.nt.s . of.Atlanta ·ar e a colleges, no more than one student sha ll be
chos:e:n f r om a ny one colle g e .
A eademi<: Repr esentat ives ( 5 ) - F ive c ollege Presid ent s ( or t heir
d e signat e d re:p re senta t i v es ) shall b e chos e n from c olle g e s in t he
Atlanta area.
Governmental_Represent a tives ( 5) - Five governmental representatives
shall be chosen fr o m within t h e framework of city government and shall
be: -crunp-os.e.d oLone ·eity ·administrator from the Mayor I s Staff, two city
department he a ds (from _d e p a rtments utilizing Urban Corps
interns), and t w o members of the Bo a rd of Alder1nen.
Agency Repr e s e ntative ( 5)
Five agency representatives from
the private agencies utilizing the larg1t number of Urban Corps
interns· in the Summer Program most recently completed.
No more
than :one representative from any one agency.
Community R e pr e s e nta tive (5)
Five members shall be chosen
fr:om··.the Professional and Business sectors of the Atlanta Community.
Ne> two Community Representatives shall have primary affiliation with
the . same organization.
Section 3.
Electlon of Members..
Members shall be electe d by the Advisory ·
c rounc.ii. in .power at the time of the election.
An affirmative vote of t w o-thirds of the
Advisory Council shall b e required for election.
S e ction 4.
T e rms • .
(aY E x Officio Members . are permanent memb e rs of the Advisory Council
(b):.. E r ected members.
Student representatives and Agency repres e ntatives
shall .serve a term of one year.
All other electe d members will serve a term of
t w o :year.s.- AlL elect e d members may be selected for successive terms.
S e ction 5.
T e rmination.
The Advisory Council by affirmative vote of 2/ 3
of :al L of the memb er s of the council, may suspend or e x pel a member for cause after
a n :app r op riate. hea rin g, and, by a majority vote of those p r esent at any r egula rly
cons.titut e d- m e eting , _ m ay t e r minate the membershi p of any m e mbe r w ho b e co me s
ineligible for memb er s h ip.
S e ction .6 •. _vacancies . =.Any vac a n cy on the A d v i sory C o uncil for any re a son
shall be tentatively filled by app_o intment of t h e Chairman of the Advisory CounciL
A :.r e pr esentative the are a whose representation is reduced by the v acan cy, -s'\.....,,.__._._
~ ---"
The .appointment shall be. for the unex pired term of the vacated position and shall
become final upon the majority vote of those present at a regularly c~mstituted
meeting .of the Council.
All .members of the Council shall be advised in writing
of ±he appointment within. 3 0. days of said appointment.
Section 7;
The A divsory Council shall beet bi-annually once in
the :£fr st week in April, . and . again in the fir st week in November, for the purpose
of:elections and for. the transaction of such other business as may come before the
m-eeting. by-laws shall serve as notice of regular meetings.
m ·an :·of .the A.dv:is.o :ry Council .has the power to call special meetings.
Only the ChairIn doing so,
he :must give 10 days prior. notice in writing and must inform the Chairman of the
B:oard .of Directors and the .E xe cutive Director as to his actions in advance of the
notification by 3 .days~
Any petition bearing the signatures of 25% of the Advisory
Gouncil.sha lLcompelLthe Chairman to call a meeting with the due process of
notific a tion.
S e ction 8.
A majority of the met1;1bership of the Advisory Council
shall :Constitute a quorum for . the transaction of business at any meeting.
A majority
of:'a :.quorum is sufficient to a ct. unless specified herein. However, a majority of thos e
ppesant. when a .i s · not pr e sent may adjourn the meeting from time to time
with.due process of notific a tion until a quorum is reached.
S e cti on 9._ Voting Rfghts and Prox y.
Each member s hall b e entitle d to one
votewn :e ach m atte.r. :submitted to a vote of the members.
In case of a tie, the i ssue
shalLhe :defeated.: Any mem.b er entitled to vote may vote by proxy executed in writing
by the member or. by his duly. authoriz ed designa te.
All proxies will be valid until
the tluly:. constituted m eeting.
Section 10.
Each member of the Advisory Council will serve
without. ·compens ation·for reimburs ement for authorized expenses incurred
within the scope of the business of the corporation.
Section 1.
Board of Directors
Powers of Boa rd of Directors. The Board of Directors shall
during times as the Advisory Council is not conve ned, e x ercise all the leg a l powers
oL said Council with the e x ception of amending the Charter or By-laws of Atlanta
Urban Corps, Irie. ·, disposing of the property of Atlanta prban Corps, Inc.
e x cept
in:the regular course- ofbusin:ess, or dissolving the Atlanta Urban Corps, Inc.
Specificially ,- the Board· of Directors shall appoint the E x ecutive Director of the
A-tl:anta ·U-rban Corps, , Inc., confirm his staff appointments, confirm the budget
proposal of the E x ecutive Director and organize and conduct fund raising efforts.
It :shall also delegate to the duly appointed E x ecutive Director the operational control
of ±he Atla nta Urban Corps, Inc.
The Executive Director shall be appointed for a term
of i me year ·with the r i ght to success i on .
S e ction 2 .
M e mb e rship.
The Bo a rd of Directors shall be composed of members
of ±he Advisory Council in the following fashion:
T w o members from Student Representatives
O fi. e each from the representafives of Government, Agencies, Community
and Hig~er Education.
O n e member from the E x Officio members of the Advisory Council
T lie E x ecutive Dir e ctor of Atlanta U r ban Corps , I n c., (who shall not
a lao b e t he E x Officio rep resentative)
Tlie T rea s urer of the cor poration w ho shall b e t he Atlanta U r b an C o rp s ,
Irie., Dfrecto r of F i nanc e, w ho shall n o t b e a m emb er of the Advis o ry
Council and who s hall b e a n o n-vot ing member of the Board of Director s .
Section 3. · Election.
The Board. of Directors s h a ll be elected by a majority
of :a ·-quorum in a duly constituted meeting of the Advisory Council.
(The E xe cutive
�6 Director and Treasurer are ex officio memb e rs and are not voted upon.)
Section 4.
Members of the Boa rd of Directors shall serve a
term· which coinsides with their term on the Advisory Council.
Each member has the
right to successive terms.
S e ction 5.
Termination. T lie Boa rd of Directors by affirmative vote of
zt 3 ~of- ·all .the m e mbers
of the a ~ftoil, may syspend or e x pel a member for cause
after :-an appropriate hear ing, and, _by a majority vote of "those present at any
reg1:1la.rl y constituted meeting, may terminate the membership of any member
wh o ~becomes i n e lig ible_for m e mbership.
Section 6.
V a cancies.
Any vacancy on the Board of Directors for any reason
shallbe tenta tively filled by appointment of the Chairman of the Board of Director s of
a z..r e p!esenta tive fro m the a r ea whos e r e pr e s e nt ati ~
is r e duc e d by the v a c a ncy.
appointment ·shall b e for the unex pir e d term of the vacated position and shall become
final :upon ·the m a jority vote of thos e pr e s e nt at a re g ularly constitute d m e e t ing of the
K oa rd ~.
Al L me mbe rs of the Board shall b e a dvi se d in w riting of the appointme nt
w ithin: 30 days -of said appointment. ·
S e ction ·7 .- M eet i n ga.
T lie Boa rd of.D i r e ctor s sha ll m e e t qua rterly a t the
f ollowin g t ime s : · we ek of Mar c h
1st Week of June
4th :Week of. September
1st: Week of. D ecember
These meetings will .be to- re-e-valuate the financial situation of the Atlanta Urban
Cl>rp~,- .Inc.: , conduct ·elections, and transact any such business that may come before
the meeting.
Only the Chairman of the Board may call a special meeting,
In doing
se; he is =requir_ed ta giv.e one week ( 7 days) prior notice in writing to all the members
of the Board of Directors.
Prior to this notification (by three days) he must
inform the Executive Director of the called special meeting.
Any petition bearing
the. names of one-third of the members of the Board of Directors will compell
the. Chairman to call a special meeting with due process of notification.
Section 8. Quorum.
A quorum shall consist of two-thirds (2/3) of the
membership of the Board with a majority of quorum being sufficient to act unless
ot-he-r_wise. specified herein.
However, a majority of those present when
a quorum
is. noLpresent may adjourn the meeting from time to time, with due process of
notification, until a quorum is reached.
Se·ction 9.
Voting and Proxy..
Each member shall be entitled to one vote
orr :each matter presented to the Board, with the exception of the Treasurer, who
shalLbe a non-voting member.
Any Board Member erttitled to vote may vote by
~by his duly authorized designate.
p;oxy: executed in writing by the member ,Y1-
shalLb e valid · until the time of the next duly constituted meeting.
Section 10.
Each member of the Board of Directors will
serve without C'Ompensation except for reirp.burs e ment for authorized expenses
incurr.ed . within. the scope of the business of the corporation.
Officers and Committees
S e ction 1.
Chairman of Advisory Council. The chairman of the Advisory
C<iu..-ricil ' official head of said Council and shall be elected by a majority
of.:a ,q uorum·~of. Cciuncil • . He shall serve a term corresponding to his term on said
Sectio n 2. :.. Chair_man of the Boa r d of Directors.
The Chairman of The
Board of Directors shall be offocial head of said Board a nd shall be elected by a
maj:o r.:ity: of:quorum of the Board.
He shall be a memb er of the Board and shall serve
a term corresponding to his term on said Board.
Section 3.
Executive Director.
The Executive Director shall serve in the capacity
of the. President of the corporation and shall be invested with the authority to execute
the operational control of the Sorporation.
thirds vote of the Board of Directors.
He shall be chosen and elected by a two-
He need not be <!- member of eitrer the sAdvisory
Council. or. the Board of Directors, but shall fill the ex offcioposition on both bodies
upon :election.. He . shall have a term of one ye a r and have the right of succession.
Section 4 • . Assistant Director.
The Assistant Director shall serve in the
cap9-c.ity. of.Secr.etary to the corporation and shall be invested with such powers and
duties ca s deemed necessary by the Executive Director.
He shall be appointed by the
E x ecutive Director and approved by a majority of a quorum of the Board of Directors.
need not be a member of either the Advisory Council_p/the Board of Directors.
He -.sha ll
serve a t e rm of one ye a r with the r i ght of succession.
S e ction 5.
Director of Finance.
The Director of Finance shall serve as
the -treasurer of the corporation and shall be invested with such powers and duties
as d eemed n e c essary by the Executive Dir e-ctor.
H e sha ll be appointed by the
E x ecutive Dir.e ctor and approved by the Board of Directors.
He shall be a non- voting .of. the Board of Directors but n ee d not b e a m e mber of the Advisory Council.
He .shall
serve a t erm of one y ear and h as the rig ht of succession.
S e ction 6. Removal. . Any officer may be removed by the authority impowered
to :appoint or. :e lect him whenever such authority in its judgement fe els the b e st interests
of the corporation w ould be served ther eby.
Section ·7.- Compen s ation.
The Advisory Council and the Board of Directors
shall se r ve without compensation except .for reimbursements specified her ein.
Executive Director, Assistant Direc tor, and Financ e Director (the President, Sec -
retary, and Treasurer, respectively) shall be compensated as specified in the
annual budget as approved by the Board of Directors.
Section 8.
Both the Advisory Coun cil and the Board of
Directors shall have the. right to appoint any committee deemed necessary to
conduct the business of the . body in.question.
The necessity, members, and
chairme n ..of ~a ny and all. committe es shall be determined by a majority of
a c..q uorum_of.the body. forming the committee.
The removal of any committee,
in:·.whole .or .in .part,· shall follow the removal procedur e of its parent body~
ARTICLE:.VI.•. F owers of the Corporation.
S e ction 1.
Grants or Gifts.
T lie corporation shall be empowered to
r :e ceiv·e grants sand gifts,. by will ·. or in any other manner, in a n y form of property,
in:·.tr ust ·or .othe r w is e , wheree v e r situ a t e d, to c a rry out any of its purpos e s .
o. ~~·.. ~~
such. g µ.ts .and grants shall be administered by the Treasurer as a,ppointe Ei by the
Bnard .of Hir e c t ors i n a ny fa shion d e eme d n e c e ss a ry (un less prior ag r eem ent with
b :en-e f a ctor . is i n c onflictj to c a r r y ou.t s pec ific purpos es of A tlant a Urb an Cor p s , Inc . ;}
S e ction 2 .
U s e of Assets •. All prope rty and income of the corporation shall
h :e( u se d .exclusive ly f or ·the purpos e s s e t oq.t in t h e Charter , a n d no p a rt the r e of
s halLbe .use d .fo r .t h e b enefit of a ny pe r s on who m soe v er except i n a manner con sistent
with.-.such· purposes.
S e c tion 3 .
G eneral P ower s.
The cor po rat i on s h a ll h ave the power t o re t ain
alLg!ant s and gi.fts in the o riginal form in which they were received unless otherwise
required by-the t erms .thereof; .to b uy, s e ll, exc hange o r otherwis e d eal i n stocks,
bonds , securities, real estate and any other form of property at public or private
sale; to _invest ·and reinvest. any of its funds or property belonging to it a t any tjme
in such securities and other property, real or personal, regardless of whether such
investments ·are .legal investments .for trust funds under the laws
of Georgia or any
other state and to borrow money and secure the payment thereof by mortgate,
pledge, deed or other instrument or lien upon all or any part of the property
of the corporation •. All of the foregoing powers may be exercised without order
of court or other authority and are invested in the Exec·utive Director (President)
with .the approval.of the Board of Directors.
Section 4.
Statutory Powers..
The corporation shall be vested with all
of the. rights, powers, and privileges which may be necessary or proper to achieve
the purposes in the charter subject to the provision hereof; and the corporation
shalLhave all.of the powers and privileges enumerated in #22-1827 and #22-1828
of the Georgia Code, as amended, together with such other powers and privileges
as ::may· now or hereafter be given to corporations by law.
Section 1.
Amrpendments to By-laws
Power to A mend.
power to. amend by-laws.
Only the Advisory Council shall have the
Amendments shall require a vote of a majority of
the. memb-ers of the Advisory Council.
Liquidation or Dissolution
Se·ction 1. . Power to Liquidate or Dissolve. .
Only the Advisory Council may
liq.uidate· or. dissolve the Atlanta Urban Corps, Inc., and may do so only on a 2/ 3 .
vot·e. -oLthose- present at a properly constituted and quorumed meeting.
Section 2.
Distribution of Assets.
The Advisory Council shall decide, by way
of:a 2/3 vote of these present at the same meeting whent dissolution is decided, upon
the ·distribution of as sets.
Said distribution will be only to a non-profit organization( s)
whic h has as its . purpose service and/ or education.
The specific recipient( s) will
be those deemed most worthy by the Advisory Council at the time of liquidation.
Know"G all men that these present that we, the undersigned, b~ing
all .members of the Advisory Council of the Atlanta Urba n Corps, Inc., hereby
assent .to .the .foregoing By-laws and adopt them as the By-laws of said
Iii:·witness whereof, . we have hereunto subscribed our names this

day of .
, 19
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --'----•-
Know all men by these presents, that the undersigned Secretary of the
Corp_oration known as the Atlanta Urban Corp.s 9
Inc., does hereby certify that
the·. above and foregoing By-laws were duly adopted by the members of said
Advis0ry Council of said corpor a tion, as the By-laws of said corporation, on

day of ----------------------, 19------,
that-.they· do .now constitute the by-law s of said .corporation.
Atlanta Urban Corps, Inc.

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