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Box 9, Folder 2, Document 39

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October 14 , 1969
To :
Mr . Ken Millwood
Dan E . Sw at, Jr .
Subject :
Space for 1970 Urban Corps Program
I have your memo ugg sting the use of the room behind your present
quarters at the auditorium £or the additional space required if you:r
1970 progr mi pproved .
I agre that this looks like the best approach and will take it up with
the committe e of the Board of Aldermen re pon ible for the operation
of the building. However , I think it would b . a good idea while you
re d v loping your coming year's prog1"am to dev lop some information
on lt rnate sp ce. You ar aware that the pre mt sp ce is not ide 1
with the parking restrictions and 1 ck of ir conditioning . . I would
suggest that you inv stig te prices on priv tely own d r ntal pace .
Also, you might ch ck with the Atlanta Hou ing Authority to determine
if they h ve anything in urban r . new 1 area that might b used
temporarily. The Atlanta. Board of Education might b
nother ourc .
It wUl mak our r qu t to the Aldetmanic Committ
look b tt r if
we -are · bl to
y that we have inv tig ted alt ~tiv ·
nd thia is th roost
fea ible solution.

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