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Septermmber 29, 1969


To: Charles L. Davis
From: Dan E. Sweat, Jr.

Subject: Urban Corps Enrollees for Fall

As a result of the action of the Finance Committee appropriating $12, 000 for
administrative costs, the Urban Corps is progressing on its assigned task
of operating an abbreviated program this fall and planning a larger program
for this coming year for presentation to the City this fall during the regular
budget process.

They have canvassed City Departments and have determined that ten
departments and/or agencies have requested enrollees for this fall. The
attached schedule sets forth requests from the ten departments for 24
enrollees, Note that since the list was typed, the Water Department has
reduced its request to 1 full-time enrollee rather than the 2 fuli-time and
three part-time that are on the list,

This is to request that you take whatever action is necessary to present
this question to the proper authorities to get a decision on whether this
amount of funds can be utilized for this purpose and then take the necessary
action to make such funds available to the Urban Corps who will then
authorize the expenditure to the Southern Regional Education Board who
will act as paymaster this fall. It is the understanding of the Urban Corps
that presently appropriated salary funde of the benefiting departments can
be utilized for this purpose,

We have reviewed the requests of the Departments for these enrollees, and
they appear to be reasonable.


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