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September 18, 1969


To: Ken Millwood
From: George Berry

Subject: Urban Corps Contributions

I have read your memorandum of September 17, 1969, and I am
forwarding it on to Mr. Charles L. Davis, Director of Finance,
so that he can make his comments known.

It would be my feeling that you should be consistent as to where
your financial affairs are handled, So far as I know, you have
had complete fkexibility on where and how to spend the contri-
butions that have been made to the Urban Corps. In addition,

a petty cash fund has been created to provide you with even
more flexibility on small unforeseen expenditures. It is
entirely possible and feasible, for example, for us to
expeditiously and efficiently pay part-time clerical help through
the City system. My recommendation, therefore, is that you
continue to deposit all contributions with the City and continue
to work within this framework for making whatever expeditures
you deem appropriate with these contributed funds.


ec: Mr. Charles L. Davis

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