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August 18, 1969 CITY HALL ATLANTA, GA. 30303

Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404


R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant
MRS, ANN M. MOSES, Executive Secretary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison

Mr. Charles L. Davis
Director of Finance
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Charles:

The Urban Corps Program this summer has been very significant. The publicity
that it has brought the city has been favorable; it has provided students with a
feeling of involvement in the city organization and, hopefully, it has provided them
with a real learning experience. Further, it has provided the city with badly
needed new manpower resources at relatively little cost. It is hoped that the
experience will make it possible to recruit young people into municipal government

Under the present program, the interns will leave service on August 22, 1969,
Provisions have been made to continue the central staff to September 5, 1969 to
tie up loose ends and take care of all outstanding problems that might arise on
final payrolls, etc, Further, provisions have been made to continue at least one
enrollee on a part time basis through the fall to take care of outstanding bills to
colleges, agencies, and others as well as to clear up any outstanding payroll

We have had extended conferences with Sam Williams, Dave Whelan, Inmond Deen,
and others of the Urban Corps Staff on Friday, August 16, 19€9 for the purpose of
analyzing the financial status of the summer project. As best that we can determine
at this point, the project will expend a total of $171,500. On the other side of the
ledger, $176,597 in receivables can be documented. The only problem is that,
except for the $52, 605 contribution by the city, only $28,000 in cash has actually
been received to date. The majority of the uncollected amounts are from the
College Work Study Program from which $67,000 is anticipated, and all of which
is secured by contract. The bills have gone out on this program just recently and
there has not been any significant collections at this point. It is impossible to
determine at this point whether or not this amount will come through without

The total source of funds for the Urban Corps Project breaks down as follows:


Charles L. Davis

Page 2
August 18, 1969


City of Atlanta $ 52,605
Contributions 28, 690
Agency Contracts 28, 302
CWSP Agreements 67,000

$ 176,597

present Urban Corps staff feels very strongly that a fall program should be

implemented. It is our feeling, however, that we should recognize the value of
the Urban Corps Project by funding a Director and small central staff to function



fall in accordance with these responsibilities:

Plan a permanent Urban Corps Program for 1970 which will include close
contact with local Colleges and Universities, the U.S. and State Departments
of Education; preparing a complete budget and presenting it to the city in the
normal budget process, |

Prepare a complete and documented assessment and evaluation of the summer
program, (To be used among other things for justifying the financial resources
required to undertake the 1970 program),

Insure that the 1959 Summer Program is completed by seeing that all revenue
is collected that is due from Agencies, Colleges, and other contributors that
have made commitments and making sure that all other problems connected
with the 1969 Program are handled.

We estimate that this central staff will cost no more than $10, 000 broken down
as follows:


1 Director @ $900 $ 2,700.00
1 Assistant @ $650 1,950.00
1 Stenographer @ $400 1,200.00
2 Part Time Students 1,000.00
Operating Expenses 2,000.00
Contingencies 1,150.00

$ 10, 000. 00

resolution that was adopted by the Finance Committee earlier this year

establishing the Urban Corps did not provide for any contribution from the Water
Department or the Airport for the Urban Corps project even though both of these

Mr. Charles L. Davis
Page 3
August 18, 1969

Departments utilized enrollees this summer. It is recommended, therefore, that’
the above amount be transferred from these department's for this purpose. The
Airport Revenue Fund has an amount already appropriated for this purpose,

We very much hope that the receivables that have been established for the Urban
Corps Project will materialize and that the present summer program will cost
the city no more than the $52, 605 that was appropriated for this purpose. We wale
continue to monitor the program very closely to insure that this is the case.

We wish to emphasize that because we do not recommend that a full enrollee
Urban Corps Program be implemented this fall, this is no indication that we do
not support completely the idea represented by this effort. The concept of
in-service learning has been espoused by the federal department of Health,
Education and Welfare and by local colleges. The benefit and worth of the
project are clear and we feel that it is one that the City of Atlanta should support
and be involved in. We simply feel that after the rush of the summer program,
we should assess and evaluate the effort, insure the financial solvency of the
operation, plan a new program taking into the account the problems of the one
just completed, and present the city a expanded and perhaps more effective program
for 1970.

Very truly yours,
DSi:je p Sweat

ec: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Alderman Milton G. Farris

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