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Friday, September 9, 1966

Fire Chief Hildebrand reports thismmorning that two additional
fire stations have been placed in service bringing the total now in
operation to 21 out of 32. This has been accomplished by placing
existing Fire Department personnel on overtime and by adding 10
additional men to the Fire Department complement. The 10 men

added Thursday now give us a total of 254 Firemen.

We were fortunate in having only 12 alarms during the night
and none was of major import. Two firefighting units were required
. to move some 50 bales of damaged cotton from a cotton warehouse
fire at 1088 Murphy Avenue. The City Construction Department was
requested to assist by sending mechanized equipment to expedite the
moving of the cotton bales and promptly responded to lend a hand to

the Firemen.

The Chief further reports that a total of 493 Firefighters

have now been suspended for failure to obey his order to report for


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