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By-Laws Meeting
August 19, 69

Atlanta Urban Corps, Inc.

At Offices of Nall, Miller, Cadenhead & Denis

Present: Dennis Webb, Attorney
For the Urban Corps: te
Hugh Saxon
Dave Wheian
Sam Williams

Mr. Webb explained the exemption certificate issued to Atlanta Urban
Corps, Inc. by Internal Revenue. We can choose our own fiscal year but
must file IRS annual report five months (5) after start of operation. (If
January is first of fiscal year, file in May, if June then in October).

To revise By-Laws, look at old By-Laws and see revision methods.

Mr. Webb suggested that we get big money backers on Board of Trustees
to help Atlanta Urban Corps, Inc. get funds for payroll coffers. He also
suggested borrowing payroll money and get a firm to underwrite the interest


The general conclusion of the meeting were: Atlanta Urban Corps, Inc.
now has tax exemption certified by 1.R.S,.; the Board of Trustees is a legal
body, even though the Urban Corps is not operating under its re sponsibility;
the Board of Trustees can amend the By-Laws by "a majority vote of those
in attendance at any properly-called meeting"; the new director should
rejuvinate the membership committee, convene the Trestees, get the By-Laws
revised and let the Trustees, help solve some of the problems the Urban
Corps has, whether they be financial, administrative, dealing with colleges
or governmental agencies.

Mr. Webb has the corporation papers, charter and exemption certificate
in his file.

Sam Williams
Atlanta Urban Corps
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