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Waban Cari

"TOP FORTY" - Interns Meeting

August 4, 1959 - 3pm

Attendance: 32 Interns out of the invited 40



To indoctrinate interns who will be in the City of Atlanta to
prepare them to inform students and faculty on their campus
regarding the Urban Corps. Also, it was hoped that the ''Top

40'' students could present some good organizational ideas for
the fall prograra.

Sarn Williams presented the History of the Urban Corps
from its beginning in New York and on.

The interns were told the purpose of the three seminars,

how this special group was chosen and why they were

Don Eberly, of the Atlanta Service-Learning Conference,
spoke on the value of the service-learning aspect as it

related to the Urban Corps and to the summer experience of
the intern.

A few questions were asked to all:the interns in order to
get some good ideas:

Example: What should be the purpose and goal of
the Urban Corps? F

Example of answere: One intern felt that the "learning"
part of the program should be dropped-he felt
that you automatically learn when you serve.
Another intern felt that the goals of the program
cannot be structured-it was such an individual
matter-and that if you structured the goals, you
would naturally look for students who "fit the mold."

V. Suggestions for change

1, Make all financing the same for all levels. This summer

there were many students of different levels making diff-
erent amounts and doing the exact same thing.

Expand the Urban Corps-it was too small to make

significant impact. /


. 4 A .
Expose the interns more to each other which would
make each intern aware of where other interns are-and

could possibly develop into interns using each other's
services and help.

Send a list of all interns to each intern and their agency.

Have interns on each campus screen other interns for
participation in the program.

Orient more Urban Corps jobs to outside administrative
city departments.

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