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220 Garfield Place
Brooklyn, New York 11215
Editorial Assistant - World Scope Encyclopedia, New York City, August , 1959,
io January, 1960, general editing of articles submitted for printing in encyclopedia
Editor - Freelance, January , 1960, to August, 1960, research and editing of
theses in political science and history; bibliographical research for magazine articles
Editor - Anderson Map Company, New York City , April, 1960 , to August, 1960,
research for isometric map of New York City, developing location and
significance of historical sites, ethnic neighborhoods and places of interest
Teacher - New York City Board of Education, October, 1960, to January, 1966,
teaching el ementary school one year at P. S. 144 in Harlem; teaching English
and Social Studies three years in junior high school in Greenwich Village;
faculty advisor to student newspaper and magazine; faculty advisor to General
Organi zation
Urban Planner - Nassau County Planning Commission , January, 1966, to January,
1968, site planning for Mitchel Field; study of office construction and white
collar employment; assignment by County Executive to work with Metropolitan Regional Council in New York City resulting in revival of the council of
governments through revitalization of programs in transportation, jet noise,
air pollution, water pollution, recreation, solid waste disposal, etc.; preparation and submission of first HUD application for planning funds.
Assistant Director - Metropolitan Council, January, 1966 to present, general
administration, organization, budgeting, program development and writing;
direct responsibility for regional program areas in narcotics addiction,
law enforcement, student internship; work with mayors and chief county
elected officials in tri-state metropolitan area towards goal of regional
cooperation and local participation in regional planning and decision-making
Brooklyn College, Government and History, B. A., 1958
Harvard University, Government, Summer, 1956
University of Pennsylvania, History, M.A., 1961
New York University, Urban Planning, 60 credits, M. U. P . ;
Werner-He gemann Scholzi.rship, 1963-64; 1964-65
University of Pennsylvania , M . A . thesis about assimilation of immigrants in New
York City , considering housing, education, group affiliations, employment ,
governmental participation
New York University , M. U. P. thesis concerned with goals, problems and
accomplishments of neighborhood conservation programs
U. S. A .
Perry L . Norton, Professor of Planning
Graduate School of Public Administration
New York University
Four Washington Square North
New York, New York
Hon. Lawrence F. Kramer
City Hall
Paterson, New Jersey
Hon. Charles E. Pound
Department of Parks and Recreation
County Office Building
White Plains, New York
Marital Status: Single

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