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Imre Kovaes
19 Orchard Place
New Haven, Connecticut 06511

August 15, 1969

Mr. Sam Williams

Atlanta Urban Corps

30 Courtland Street, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Williams:

Nr. Tappan Wilder, the Director of the Yale Internship Program
in Urban Studies, tells me tnat he recommended my name to you
for the positton of Director of the Atlanta Urban Corps and
that he sent you my resume.

As outlined in your letter to Mr. Fleishman, the Atlanta Urban
Corps seems to be a success with high potential for even greater
success and greater service to the community. JI would like to
express my strong interest tin the program and desire to work
with it.

At present I am the Assistant Minister at the North Haven Congre-
gational Church. During the past year I have been responsible for
developing an urban ministry program, relating the church to ™m
inner city target neighborhood in New Haven. The program has
included getting groups in the church involved in service oppor-
tunities in the city and educating the youth through a program

of encounters with different aspects of urban life. In addition,
part of the program was to educate suburbanites in the complex-
ities of the metropolitan area in which they live through a day
long educational seminar which I helped develop. At present,

I am training a group of people who will take responsibility

for the urban ministry using the assistant minister as a resource

Another proup in the church which I am training is a group of
six couples. I recruited the couples for an intensive weekend
training conference last fall. This group is developing a
comprehensive re-evaluation of the church and a plan for the
restructuring of the church for service to the community.

An additional responsibility which I have assumed this summer

is being Resident Director of the Yale Summer Programs. This
position involves administering and coordinating the non-academic
program for over five hundred students. A major responsibility

of the position ts the general @re and welfare of the students.
This involves daily contact with a large number of students who

Imre Kovacs
19 Orchard Place
New Haven, Connecticut 06511

Mre Sam Williams page 2

range from college and high school students studying foreign
languages, to black college students doing intensive graduate
Preparatory work, to graduate students on research grants.

My vocational mal is to be ina position where it would be
possible fo use the resources of the structures of society and
direct them toward solving the problems of the city. JI am
particularly interested in the Urban Corps because tt has as
its goal directing the resources of the academic structures in
Atlanta toward the needs of the community.

I believe that I have abilities which would especially suit me
for working with the Urban Corps. First, I have had experience
in both the academic and urban communities, not only as a
student and resident, but also in positions of responsibility
demanding administrative ability. Second, I believe that one
of my strongest abilities lies in the area of planning and
administering. JI have had training and experience in planning
and model building processes, and possess the ability to direct
and coordinate individuals and groups.

My resume does not include any references. Below are the names
of two men whom I believe can give youa fair evaluation of my
work and abilities.

Mr. Joseph Downey

Director of Community Services Division
Community Progress Incorporated

270 Orange Street

New Haven, Connecticut 06511

Rev. Arthur Higgins

Minister of Church ond Soctety

Connecticut Conference of United Church of Christ
20 Drazen Drive

North Haven, Connecticut 06473

I look forward to hearing from you.


\) (Wire kK vad

Imre Kovacs


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