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The Atlanta Fire Department continues to make progress
toward restoration of normal fire protection.

The number of fire stations, with fully manned apparatus
in service, ee increased to 25 out of a total of 32 stations.

67 "Recruits have been assigned to stations for in-service
training and duty under the leadership of experienced firemen and
fire officers,

Total employees in the department number 357 with 313 of
this number performing fire fighting duties,

The on-duty shift strength now averages 175 fire fighting
personnel by virtue of extended work hours.

The number of false alarms and fire calls is approximately
the same as for the same period last year.

I am requesting all the citizens of Atlanta to practice
good fire prevention measures in their homes, businesses, churches, and
schools. A check-off list is being released to the news media for

self-inspection of your premises which, if conscientiously adhered to,

can prevent fires and preserve property.

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